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Why connecting is important in Grant Writing?


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Title: Why connecting is important in Grant Writing?

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  • An important part of grant writing is making a
    connection or link with the person or team who
    will be evaluating all the grant proposals and
    determine who will win the funding.

  • Grant writers can best connect with the reader by
    being true to themselves and writing in their own
  • The Grant Writer Sydney use a grant proposal to
    share information and ideas that are meaningful
    to themselves.
  • They truly care about the project or program they
    are applying for grant funding for.

  • It is obvious that not only does the grant writer
    need to form a connection with the funding body
    but so does the applicant organisation.
  • This is where it becomes imperative that the
    vision, goals, objectives and mission of the
    applicant organisation fit with those of the
    funding body.

  • It can be tempting to the not-for-profit
    organisation to apply for any form of grant
    funding that they come across, but it is
    important to ensure being successful in one grant
    application doesnt require them to shift their
    own focus or mission.
  • The Grant Writer Sydney must follow all
    guidelines and criterion provided by the funder
    in the grant invitation.

  • The grant writer needs to find a way for the
    grant application to stand out from the rest of
    the applications.
  • They need to tell a compelling story, grab the
    attention of the evaluators, and keep their
  • Grant Writers Sydney write in a way that
    communicates and articulates the grant submission
    clearly and compellingly.

  • When the grant writer is invested in the success
    of the grant proposal and they sincerely
    recognise the requirements of the applicant they
    are able to write a more convincing and engaging
  • It is important the grant writer communicates and
    connects with the reader and persuades the
    evaluator that the applicant organisation has the
    capability and capacity to deliver the intended
    project or program and manage the grant funds

  • The grant writer as a professional is always
    engaged in continuous learning process gaining
    knowledge and various industries with each grant
    proposal they complete.
  • They can then use this knowledge in subsequent

  • The Grant Writer connects with the reader when
    highlighting the applicant organisation project
    or program.
  • The grant writer ensures they have carefully read
    and understood the request for application and
    identified the specific requirements and
    expectations of the funding body then prove
    without any doubt that the applying organisation
    can deliver on their project or program outcomes
    and goals and can provide a better result than
    everyone else who is competing for the grant.

  • A connected grant writer provides continuity and
    consistency throughout the application.
  • They dont chop and change between writing in the
    first and third person so that it makes sense and
    flows smoothly for the reader.

  • Grant writing is an extremely competitive field.
  • There are usually a multitude of applications
    received for every grant that is available, so it
    is essential for the grant writer to polish their
    skills and develop the best conceivable grant
    application for either their client or their
  • The connected grant writer definitively
    demonstrates that there is a match between the
    project or program and the funding aims of the

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