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Questions to Ask Your Bridal Makeup Artist - 123WeddingCards


We hope these eleven questions will help you finalize a suitable makeup artist that will carve out the best version of you on your wedding day. A wedding is a lifetime event that deserves this much effort from an adorable bride-to-be like you! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Questions to Ask Your Bridal Makeup Artist - 123WeddingCards

Questions to Ask Your Bridal Makeup Artist -
  • Who guises up as the most stunning at a wedding?
  • Of course Bride! 
  • She is the one who is eyed by everyone. And why
    not from her exquisite outfit to her
    fascinating looks, she is the one who is adored
    and appraised for her impeccable beauty.
  • Well, thanks to the makeup artist who refined her
    look with their expert skill set. However,
    finding the right makeup artist is not as easy as
    it seems.
  • If you are a bride-to-be or know someone, who is
    yet to finalize her bridal makeup artist, this
    article is for you! Unless you are not sure what
    you want, you are far away from making your D-day
    special as a bride.
  • More Tips - Head to toe Bridal Beauty Routine for
    a more beautiful you.

Here are the 11 questions to ask your bridal
makeup artist before finalizing one
  • 1. Are you available on my D-Day?
  • This is the first and foremost question every
    bride-to-be must ensure to proceed further. If
    the artist is not available on a required day,
    there is no point to enquire further. In this
    case, look for other makeup artists.
  • 2. What are your standard bridal packages?
  • Budget is the second most important consideration
    in finalizing your makeup artist. If the artist
    is beyond your budget, no point to discuss it
    further. But if he/she seems affordable, look for
    the services which are included in their offered
  • Makeup, hair styling, and dress styling are the
    three major services that are offered by most
    bridal makeup artists. Also, enquire if they
    offer special bridal packages for pre-bridal
    services. If yes! It could be an economical deal
    for you.

3. Can you work on-site and do in need to travel?
  • Often makeup artists do not mind traveling to
    your venue. But, heavy wedding seasons can hamper
    their flexibility for travel. If your makeup
    artist has a professional team and has the
    previous booking, working on-site for you is out
    of the question. 
  • When you travel, make sure you have enough time
    in your schedule to manage to and fro. Expect to
    invest more time when you visit the studio.

  • 4. Do you have a portfolio?
  • An experienced makeup artist has extensive work
    to show. In this era of social media, look for
    their Instagram profile to have a glimpse of
    their previous work. That will give a fair idea
    about their skillset and specialization. If
    possible, enquire if they have some bridal
    booking before your D-Day. If yes, look for the
    opportunity to observe their work live.
  • 5. Do you have any client references?
  • Relying solely on their social media and photo
    albums is not adequate. You would ask for their
    client references to know better about their work
    and professionalism. Ask your makeup artist for
    some client references which they have recently
    worked on to get unbiased views on their work.

6. What products are a bridal makeup artist going
to use for makeup?
  • If you are allergic to products/ingredients, it
    is crucial to enquire about the brands that your
    bridal makeup artist is going to use. Enquire if
    the artist will arrange all the products their
    own or expect you to set out some from your end.
    Often you are asked to set out for hair
    accessories that suitable match your wedding
  • 7. Do you offer any trial?
  • To ensure that everything goes smooth and perfect
    on your D-Day, you may request your bridal makeup
    artist to show up for a trial. That is the right
    opportunity to explain your expectations. It also
    gives a good glimpse of your artist's proficiency
    in meeting up your thoughts and hopes. Also, it
    helps in assessing the total time required to get
    ready on your wedding day an important

8. Do they have a team of assistants?
  • If you have a destination wedding, only a team of
    artists can attend guests along with you as a
    Bride. It is highly recommended to go for an
    artist with a professional team that can work on
    the rest of your party. It also helps in
    minimizing the time to get ready for everyone.  
  • 9. Do you have any backup?
  • As the future is uncertain, this question is
    major to ask. In case if the makeup artist falls
    ill or has some other emergencies, do they have
    any backup plan for this? That is important to
    avoid any last-minute hassle. He/She should be
    able to arrange another make-up artist to handle
    such an emergency.
  • 10. What are their payment terms?
  • Besides having an idea about their total package
    cost, it is equally important to know their
    payment terms and price-breakup for the various
    services. You may ask them to provide you with a
    list of services. Make a comparative analysis
    with other makeup artist's quotes if required. 

  • 11. What are your refund policies?
  • Emergencies can happen to anyone. You cannot
    consider yourself as an exception. The best is to
    be prepared to handle such circumstances in the
    best possible way. Hence, if by chance you
    require to cancel with your makeup artist, you
    must have a fair idea about their refund
    policies. Most of the artists ask for 50 advance
    of booking and another 50 at the venue.
  • Once you get satisfactory answers to all the
    questions listed above, you are assured to be
    with the right make-up artist. Together, you will
    surely make your wedding day unforgettable. 
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do you start a conversation with a makeup
  • It is important that your makeup artist is
    comfortable with you and understands your exact
    requirements to get desirable results for your
    D-day. You can start with a warm conversation
    about yourself and her. Gradually, you can
    discuss the event, your preferred look, and some
    visual aids to make yourself precise and clear.
    Share your make-up routine and also mention the
    makeup allergies (if any). Keep the communication
    open with appropriate dialect to move forward on
    a positive note. 
  • How do I tell my makeup artist what I want?
  • Unless you will be precise and clear about your
    expected looks, things will be difficult for you
    and your makeup artist as well. Sharing your
    routine will help your makeup artist to
    understand the things in which you are
    particular. Try to show them your preferred look
    for an event by way of visual aids. Mention the
    elements which you dislike.

  • Things To Keep in Mind Before Selecting Bridal
    Makeup Artist
  • Makeup is one of the essential elements that make
    a bride more special. It makes everyone looks at
    you. And you do not want to spoil your special
    day. Therefore, to help you avoid making the
    wrong decisions and all the last minutes delays
    and chaos, we are here with a list of some
    important factors that you should keep in mind
    before you hire a bridal makeup artist for
  • Do Thorough Research  The selection of a correct
    bridal makeup artist is a tricky task. You do not
    want to give your face in the hands of someone
    whose make skills are questionable. If you desire
    to make a correct decision then do not miss doing
    thoroughly. Do detailed research about the bridal
    makeup artists and their services. It will
    bolster your confidence that you have chosen the
    right makeup artist.
  • Pre-Booking is Life Saver  As soon as you have
    your wedding day fixed, book your wedding makeup
    artist. During a wedding season, it is not
    possible to easily get a good make-up artist.
    Therefore, after your research as you finalize
    the one, book him or her for your D-Day. In this
    way, you could also learn about a complete idea
    of your package.
  • Meet Greet  Try to set up a meeting with your
    bridal makeup artist. It is major to meet them in
    person as it will allow you to understand their
    vision and talent in person. 
  • Clear Doubts  You need to meet, and once you
    reach your bridal makeup artist, clear all your
    doubts and discuss with them all kinds of things
    such as the type of looks you want to don on your
    nuptial day, the hairstyle you prefer to carry,
    and the style that suits your wedding theme. It
    is also the time you could ask your wedding
    artists if they can recreate some magazine and
    celebrity-inspired looks.
  • Inquire for The Services  There are many bridal
    makeup artists, who include multiple services in
    their package. So, ask your chosen one about what
    all services will they include in your makeup
    package. We suggest you go for the makeup artist
    who starts telling about their services from
  • Conclusion
  • Finding a reliable bridal makeup artist is a
    daunting task. However, with adequate knowledge,
    you can surely find one for your wedding day. 
  • We hope these eleven questions will help you
    finalize a suitable makeup artist that will carve
    out the best version of you on your wedding day.
  • A wedding is a lifetime event that deserves this
    much effort from an adorable bride-to-be like you!

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