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Beginner English Classes | Adam’s English


Adam's English offers the most effective communicative ESL opportunities for beginner English students. Our skilled tutors assist students with present simple, past simple, present continuous, comparatives, superlatives, prepositions, modals, and other aspects of basic English. So, if you want to be a part of beginner English lessons, please contact us. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Beginner English Classes | Adam’s English

Beginner English Lessons
Five Easy English Tips For Every Beginner
  • According to a survey conducted, babies speak
    their first word after their first birthday and
    till the time of next birthday they learn at
    least a hundred words, at the age of four they
    start speaking like us adults. You will follow
    that same pattern while learning beginner English
    lessons. We can say that the first step of every
    journey is the hardest, but once you get used to
    the basics, it becomes an easy job. We understand
    that finding the vital lessons is not that
    simple that is why Adam's English provides you
    with the most experienced and professional
    language tutors of all time. We cover all the
    essential topics and create the most suitable
    plan for you. Let's take a look at five crucial
    tips for beginners.

How to learn the skill faster?
  • Learn 100 plus words
  • Do not repeat the common mistake of learning new
    words without a plan. What do people do? They
    hear some words and try to remember them, but the
    result is zero after a few hours. You must have
    faced the situation where you forgot the words
    you wanted to speak. Our goal is to teach you
    long-term lessons consider learning words that
    act as both nouns and verbs and have multiple
    meanings that is the first thing we teach in
    beginner English lessons. 
  • First things first
  • Remind yourself of the first things you see after
    opening your eyes in the morning. The bathroom is
    probably the first place you will visit after
    waking up from the bed try to learn the names of
    the objects like shower, water, brush, and tap.
    These small things will play an essential role in
    your journey of learning English.

How to learn the skill faster?
  • Lesson on English numbers
  • You might not know English counting's are
    relatively easy to learn and effective for your
    accent. As the number's meaning remains constant
    and does not change for any country and culture,
    you will never forget them. Of course, it will be
    hard for a person to memorize all the numbers
    instantly try to learn ten digits at a time each
    day. Our beginner English lessons will help you
    learn how to read the lips while talking to
  • Try to learn like a baby.
  • As we were mentioning above, learning a language
    like a baby is the only possible way. Do you
    remember learning your native language or
    teaching it to some newborn baby? Then you would
    have noticed that babies focus on the feelings,
    not the words. This is how they express and
    communicate before learning a comment you will
    repeat the same. Try to read the movement of the

How to learn the skill faster?
  • How to pronounce difficult words?
  • You may learn the easy words faster, but the
    difficult ones are daunting. Consider reaching
    out to Adam's English. Our experienced and vital
    tutors will teach you every difficult word easily.

  • If you belong to a non-English company and want
    to learn the language as soon as possible,
    consider beginner English lessons. Our experts
    will provide the best classes and help you with
    learning more than 100 words in a day.
  • For more information, contact Adam's English.

Thank you
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