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Best Firewall Solutions for Business in 2021


Security has always been on top for businesses whether we talk about a small business or a large enterprise. The data relating to business stored in the systems is very crucial and no one wants to lose it because of less security. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Firewall Solutions for Business in 2021

Best Firewall Solutions for Business in 2021
Security has always been on top for businesses
whether we talk about a small business or a
large enterprise. The data relating to business
stored in the systems is very crucial and no one
wants to lose it because of less security.
  • Devices at the workplace connected with the
    internet network hold a maximum risk of damage
    of data and security breach. Hackers, viruses,
    and other malware can get into your system and
    can have the access to your data easily through
    the internet.
  • How to stop them?
  • Next gen firewall protection is one solution for
    these security issues. It
  • provides protection to your computers as well as
    to the networks that are connected with the
  • What is firewall?
  • A firewall device is hardware or software that
    protects your computer and network connections
    with them. It protects your data that can be
    accessed by hackers by filtering the traffic. A
    firewall acts as the gateway security between
    the user and the internet network.
  • The next gen firewall is one of the best
    protection you can get to stand against the
    internet threats such as hackers, Trojans,
    viruses, and other malware. Cyber attacks can be
    very harmful to your computer system and the
    data stored in it.
  • Types of Firewall devices
  • There are different types of firewalls that are
    available for the different security
    requirements of the businesses.
  • Packet-filtering Firewalls
  • This firewall device is the most basic type that
    is used to creating a barrier at the router.
    This type of firewall builds for checking the
    source and destination IPs without entering
    packet details.
  • Circuit-level Gateways
  • This firewall device works by checking
    transmission control protocol and ensure that
    the packet is from the legal source.

  • Stateful Inspection Firewalls
  • This firewall is the combination of packet
    filtering and circuit-level gateway methods to
    provide a higher level of security.
  • Application-level Gateways (a.k.a. proxy
  • Proxy firewall works preventing direct connection
    to a computer for an outside network and
    provides a gateway from one network to another
    for specific applications you use.
  • Next-gen Firewalls
  • As the internet threats increased over time, now
    businesses started
  • demanding a better and advanced security method.
    Next-gen firewall comes with high-end security
    measuring and protection capabilities for
    higher-risk profiles.
  • Software Firewalls
  • It is software installed on the system without
    having any hardware device. Software firewall
    provides some basic protection like anti-virus
    as a firewall and application to cover all the
    other things.
  • Hardware Firewalls
  • It is a hardware device firewall that filters the
    data packets before they appear on the servers.
  • Best Firewall Solutions for Business in 2021
  • Here is the Best Firewall Solutions for Business
    in 2021 you can use for your work and save your
    system and data from cyber attacks.
  • 1) Sonicwall NSSP 12800 Firewall
  • Sonicwall firewall device in Dubai has come up
    with this technology that offers real-time deep
    memory inspection and reassembly-free deep

  • packet inspection. It helps in stop zero-day and
    unknown malware in your network track.
  • It also offers-
  • world-class threat intelligence
  • custom fits for all network needs (no matter how
  • has on-premises centralized management
  • High speed performance
  • Fortinet 40F Firewall Device
  • Fortinet 40F Firewall is one of the latest
    firewall devices with jaw- dropping features
    like it can reach maximum throughput speed up to
    5GB per second, faster than many other firewalls.
    Its processer is built for securing SD-WAN
    capabilities purposes.
  • Fortinet 40F Firewall has intelligent application
    steering and VPN capabilities that are fully
    scalable. It also offers advanced networking
    capabilities that provide better security to your
    system data stored in it.
  • Sonicwall TZ300 Firewall
  • Sonicwall TZ300 firewall is an integrated
    security solution that works
  • perfectly for mid-sized organizations. It comes
    with high speed threat prevention and software
    with lots of networking and wireless features. It
    is a very good firewall security device that you
    can add to your network and system security to
    prevent hacking or other internet threat.
  • Apart from flexible and integrated security
    functionality, Sonicwall TZ300 has superior
    threat prevention features that perform
    amazingly. Sonicwall offers security with the
    combination of cloud-based and on- box
    technology to provide extremely high security to
    businesses. These

  • are some benefits you will get if Sonicwall TZ300
    would be your firewall device-
  • Easy to setup and manage
  • Superior quality threat protection
  • Flexible security solution
  • Sophos XG Firewall 105
  • Now detect and respond to the internet threats on
    your network with
  • the Sophos XG 105 firewall device that exposes
    hidden risks like visibility into risky users,
    unknown applications, advanced threats, and much
  • Sophos XG firewall helps in blocking unknown
    threats that can drive through your internet
    network and damage your system or can spy on
    your work process. It has advanced technology
    that can bring you protection against ransomware
    and advanced threats present on the network.
    Features that Sophos XG 105 provides with its
    fully-featured advanced web application
  • Advanced threat protection
  • Cloud sandboxing
  • AI-powered threat analysis
  • Email protection
  • Website and application control
  • Dell Sonicwall Firewall Device
  • Any business or enterprise that needs enterprise
    grade network protection from cyber threats can
    go for the Dell Sonicwall firewall. It

  • will ideally suit any of the security protection
    requirements for a business.
  • It provides broader protection with advanced
    security measures that includes cloud-based
    anti-malariated-spyware, intrusion prevention
    system, URL filtering, and much more at an
    affordable cost. These are some benefits you
    will get if you go with the Sonicwall firewall
    device in Dubai-
  • Enterprise grade network protection
  • Deep packet inspection of all traffic
  • integrated wireless controller for the wireless
  • Genx System provide protection to your network
  • Now when you know the best options you have to
    protect your system and network from the
    internet threats that can get access to your data
    or can spy on your work, go and get one for
  • Genx system offers a wide range of Next gen
    firewalls in Dubai to provide security
    prevention to businesses with different network
    security requirements. We have high-end quality
    firewall hardware for the business of best
    brands that include Sophos, Sonicwall, Fortinet,
    and others at
  • Genx System
  • Website https// Tel
  • Email
  • Address Office 510/511, Le Solarium Building,
    Nadd Hessa Street, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai,
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