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Tax Form 2290 | Heavy Vehicle Use Tax | IRS 2290 Phone Number

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Title: Tax Form 2290 | Heavy Vehicle Use Tax | IRS 2290 Phone Number

IRS Form 2290 HVUT Online Filing Specifications
Have you purchased a heavy highway motor vehicle?
Does the motor vehicle gross weight is more than
55,000 pounds? You need to file Form 2290 HVUT
when you use a heavy highway motor truck weighing
more than 55,000 pounds on the highways.
  • Who Needs To File Form 2290?
  • Form 2290 must be filed and heavy vehicle use tax
    must be paid by anyone who
  • Owns a truck or vehicle with an estimated weight
    of 55,000 pounds or more must file Form 2290 and
    pay the HVUT tax.
  • Single-member LLC must file Form 2290 heavy
    Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return.
  • Corporations and organizations are subjected to
    form 2290 HVUT.
  • Partnerships must also pay Form 2290 heavy
    Highway Vehicle Use Tax return.
  • Charitable organizations, non-profit
    organizations or educational organizations fall
    under the organizations listed above and must
    file HVUT Form 2290.

Form 2290 HVUT E-Filing Significance E-filing
Form 2290 HVUT provides a simple and affordable
processing of your HVUT. Given below are some of
the reasons that make you e-filing the right
choice for your business Step-By-Step
Guidance Filing Form 2290 electronically provides
wizard that guides users step-by-step to complete
and submit error free form to the IRS. Schedule 1
Within 5 Minutes E-filing is an automated process
which allows quick submission of Form 2290 to the
IRS system. You can get the IRS digital
watermarked schedule 1 within 5 minutes. Guided
E-File Correction Sometimes e-files are rejected
due to name and EIN mismatch with the information
in the IRS system or invalid bank routing number.
Users are immediately notified through email
about rejection when filed electronically.
E-filing provides you the reason for rejection
and they can follow the onscreen instructions to
correct and resubmit the forms. VIN Correction A
Vehicle Identification Number is a unique serial
number used to identify motor vehicles. Users
occasionally make mistakes in entering VIN due to
the combinations of letters and numbers in the
VIN format. E-filing provides service to correct
improperly entered VIN and submit amendment. Tax
Calculator Tax calculation procedure used to
calculate taxes on the vehicles based on the
gross taxable weight. E-filing provides an
internal tax calculator that helps to figure out
the exact tax return that youve to pay to the
Requirements To File IRS Form 2290 Online Filing
heavy duty toll online is simple and efficient
and you need these VIN For Form 2290 Vehicle
Identification Number is a unique identifying
code of your vehicle. The VIN functions as a
fingerprint of a motor vehicle, this is because
no two vehicles in service will have the same
VIN. The VIN consists of 17 characters that
include both numbers and capital letters and acts
as a unique identifier for that vehicle or
truck. The VIN can be used for registrations, pay
heavy highway toll online, thefts and warranty
claims, track recalls and insurance coverage.
This VIN is very important when filing HVUT 2290
form and paying heavy highway toll online.
  • EIN To Pay Form 2290 Online
  • The EIN is also known as Federal Tax
    Identification Number. It is a unique nine-digit
    number that is assigned by the IRS to US based
    business. The EIN is usually used for the purpose
    of identification of that business and for filing
    heavyweight vehicle tax form. When the EIN is
    used for identification and not for employment
    toll reporting.
  • Taxable Gross Weight To Pay Form 2290 Online
  • The taxable gross weight plays a dominant role
    when filing HVUT tax form. Therefore, an extra
    attention must be paid when calculating and
    filing the taxable gross weight for filing form
    2290 HVUT. The taxable gross weight is the total
  • The real unloaded weight of the truck fully
    fitted for operation.
  • Unloaded weight of any semi-trailer that is fully
    fitted and used in conjunction with the truck.
  • The weight of the maximum load that can be
    carried customarily on the vehicle.

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