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Health benefits of biodegradable sanitary napkins


Biodegradable sanitary napkins are a niche product that is growing in the market with each passing year. Nowadays, several brands have started offering a line of compostable and biodegradable sanitary products. Within no time organic menstrual pads have gained immense popularity with the enormous benefits they serve. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Health benefits of biodegradable sanitary napkins

Health Benefits Of Biodegradable Sanitary Napkins

Allow Your Skin To Breathe Freely
Breathability is one of the essential parts of
female hygiene during menstruation. With
synthetic sanitary pads, breathability always
remains the top concern. Organic menstrual
napkins are made of breathable layers that allow
air circulation and allows the sensitive vaginal
skin to breathe freely. Biodegradable or organic
menstrual pads remain soft and supple on the
skin, thus keeping skin protected from any
irritation and allergic reactions.
Highly Absorbent
Sanitary napkins that keep you dry the whole day
long is always the priority of females.
Biodegradable sanitary pads are highly
absorbent as they constitute layers of absorbent
cellulose that locks the menstrual waste and
prevents wetness thereby keeping you dry for many
hours. ADL sheet used in compostable cotton
sanitary napkins protects leakage by distributing
the menstrual waste evenly without letting it
clot. Highly absorbent sanitary pads make it easy
to carry daily chores with the same flow of
Prevent Irritation, Rashes Allergies
Skin irritation remains a common concern while
using synthetic pads as it constitutes of
synthetic materials and harmful substances like
dioxin. It can further result in causing several
diseases in women like UTI, RTI, Infertility,
Cervical Cancer, Rashes Eczema. Biodegradable
menstrual napkins composite of organic layers
that remain supple and comfortable on the
skin. 100 Biodegradable sanitary products are
free from harmful chemicals toxins, fragrances
bleaches that are harsh on sensitive skin thus
preventing irritation, rashes allergies.
Comfortable on skin
Organic cotton pads remain comfortable and soft
on sensitive skin during the menstruation flow.
Biodegradable sanitary pads are made of 100
natural fibers, unlike synthetic ones that
consist of plastic or other elements with just a
portion of cotton lumps.
Maintains PH level
Prolonged use of synthetic pads results in
various diseases and infections as it comes in
direct contact with the vaginal skin.
Biodegradable sanitary napkins maintain a PH
level that reduces the risk of fungal and
bacterial infections thus preventing diseases.
Recommended By Doctors
Gynecologists generally recommend organic
sanitary products to ensure the health, hygiene,
and well being during the years of menstruation.
Safe For Environment
Wrapping and dumping organic menstrual pads keep
the environment safe. Organic sanitary napkins
are eco-friendly alternatives and come with
biodegradable packaging that makes disposal easy
and hassle-free without polluting the
Prevents Soil Fertility
Synthetic napkins take up to 500-800 years to
biodegrade completely thus resulting in leaching
into the soil and polluting it. Biodegradable
sanitary products are free from synthetic fibers
and chemical substances that decompose within a
few months without polluting the environment and
making the soil unfertile.
Organic menstrual products are an animal-friendly
alternative that makes a huge impact on wildlife.
Gulping any organic fiber does not choke any bird
or animal
Looking For Organic Sanitary Products?
Norra is a product by women and for women, that
dignifies women of all ages. Norra is one of the
top serving brands in India that offer 100
organic sanitary napkins panty liners to ease
menstrual discomforts.
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