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Web application development company


Looking for a best web application development company in USA? We build scalable, secure & intuitive web applications by outsourcing development services to Ongraph Technologies. Get in touch with us today. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Web application development company

Welcome in OnGraph Technologies
What is programming Languages
  • A programming language is a formal language that
    is used by programmers (developers) to
    communicate with computers. It is a set of
    instructions written in any specific language (
    C, C, Java, Python) to perform a specific task.
  • A programming language is mainly used to develop
    web mobile applications.

What is web application development?
  • Web application is an application software for
    the creation of application programs that run
    on a web server to the users device over the
    Internet. Most cases of Web applications include
    shopping carts, online forms, spreadsheets, photo
    video editing, and testing the web application
    - in most cases, iteratively with users. A
    majority of web applications can be written in
    JavaScript, HTML5 and Cascading Style Sheets
    (CSS), now there are tons of web application
    development companies that are willing to build a
    web app for any kind of business.

Best Programming Languages in 2021
  • JavaScript.
  • JavaScript is a scripting or programming language
    that is used both on the client-side and
    server-side that allows you to make web pages
    interactive. that is used for web development, in
    web applications, for game development, and etc.

3. Python
  • Python is a general-purpose coding language, with
    Django. it can be used for other types of
    programming and software development except web
    development. that is
  • generally used to develop scalable web
  • like- Instagram, Pinterest are all built-in

  • JAVA is the most widely used programming language
    including those involving big data and Android
    development. It is also commonly used for
    desktop computing, other mobile computing, games,
    and numerical computing
  • It is used for developing Android Apps
  • Helps you to create Enterprise Software
  • Wide range of Mobile java Applications
  • Scientific Computing Applications
  • Use for Big Data Analytics
  • Java Programming of Hardware devices

4. HTML and CSS.
  • HTML is the code that is used to structure a web
    page. It consists mainly of matching pairs of
    bracket tags, enclosing sections of
    human-meaningful text.
  • CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets.CSS is
    independent of HTML and can be used with any
    XML-based markup language.
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