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Future of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing


The future of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing is undoubtedly said to be heading towards omnipresence. It brings a range of benefits. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Future of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Future of Artificial Intelligence in Digital

Artificial IntelligenceIntroduction
  • The analysis of computer systems that attempt to
    simulate and apply human intelligence.
  • A machine's capacity to mimic intelligent human
  • With continuous advancement, Artificial
    Intelligence definitely has a vital role to play
    in Digital Marketing.
  • Future of Artificial Intelligence will be wow
    factor for digital marketer.
  • It will be increasingly used for bettering the
    Digital Marketing strategies.
  • Provide useful customer insights for the sake of
    companies in the future.

Relation between Artificial Intelligence and
Digital Marketing
  • Today, a number of successful brands deploy it
    for their marketing endeavors like Spotify and
  • Amazon makes use of AI for displaying only the
    relevant products to its shoppers. Factors such
    as previous searches, views and purchases are
    taken into consideration for the same.
  • This raises the chances of a shopper going for an
    initial purchase or transforms into a repeat
  • Artificial Intelligence for Digital Marketing has
    now become a reality, and it brings along a
    complete range of options and benefits.

Future Of Artificial Intelligence In Digital
  •  Check out how Artificial Intelligence in Digital
    Marketing would look like in the near future-
  • Search will get smarter
  • Recognition and Analysis
  • Messaging personalization using Artificial

Search will get smarter
  • Online search has seen various AI and Machine
    Learning specific developments in the past few
  • One application of Machine Learning used for
    search is the customization of search results and
    the results page based on the learnings from past
    experiences and user expectations.
  • Google has turned out to be a leader in this
    regard with some cool applications for
    information retrieval.
  • BERT technology from Google is capable of
    processing a word taking into consideration the
    context of rest of the terms within a sentence,
    instead of one-by-one in order. 
  • BERT likewise  makes it possible for an
    individual to train an own state-of-the-art
    question answering system.

Recognition and Analysis
  • It becomes easy to maximize the collection of
    user information, understand the users needs and
    acquire precise insights for target customers
    such that companies are able to decide on an
    optimum marketing strategy. 
  • The thing to understand over here is that any
    kind of information which is behavioral is bound
    to be the source of AI analysis.
  • With such collected data at their disposal,
    marketers will be able to analyze the needs of a
    potential customer with ease, and design the AI
    used so as to increase the sales. 
  • Visualizing the customer journey and offering the
    right kind of solution becomes feasible.
  • Thus the shopping experience becomes smooth and
    easy, thus assisting the customer to carry out
    checkout with suggestions that are a better
    reflection of them and their habits. 

Messaging personalization using AI
  • Various AdTech based firms are behind the use of
    Artificial Intelligence to discover the right
    kind of audience for writing better ads compared
    to humans and eventually bring about a rise in
    the conversion rates and target audience
  • There are various AI specific developments as far
    as areas such as creating landing pages and
    dynamic ads is concerned, for the personalization
    of marketing messages on the go.
  • AI can also be applied in case of content
    creation. In this case, for identifying the
    personalization logic, individual specific
    content curation, deploying techniques.

Reasons why AI is transforming the future of
Digital Marketing
  • Tone and voice recognition becomes possible
  • Clarity comes into play
  • Conversation in a natural manner
  • Autonomous marketing is possible 
  • IoT leverage 
  • The future of Artificial Intelligence in Digital
    Marketing thus can be undoubtedly said to be
    heading towards omnipresence. Now thats a good
    thing from the Digital Marketing perspective as

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