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Recent Trends in Mechanical Engineering - MITAOE


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Title: Recent Trends in Mechanical Engineering - MITAOE

Recent Trends in Mechanical Engineering
  • Traditionally, mechanical engineers have to deal
    with many concepts such as kinematics, mechanics,
    thermodynamics, structural analysis, robotics,
    and fluid mechanics. These concepts are applied
    while designing the most advanced manufacturing
    units, different motor vehicles, aircraft, and
    aerospace parts.

  • Mechanical engineers are also responsible for
    testing, maintaining, and manufacturing of
    various engines, heating, and cooling systems,
    power plant equipment, and other simple and
    complex machinery. It is always considered a
    trending field, and we will discuss the recent
    trends in mechanical engineering in this blog.

The market scenario of mechanical engineering
  • The job market for mechanical engineers is
    ever-growing. Even the unprecedented global
    economic crisis cannot eliminate the demand for
    these professionals in the Indian job market.
    Although some branches of mechanical engineering
    lost their importance during the collapse, the
    overall situation was much better compared to
    other professions.

Why is it the right profession for me?
  • There is a great demand for skilled mechanical
    engineers in different industries. They need
    expertise in traditional manufacturing industries
    such as automobiles, aviation, shipping, power
    plants, and machinery manufacturing. There are
    also urgent requirements for mechanical engineer
    consultants with management skills and technical

Recent trends in mechanical engineering
  • In this new digital era, mechanical engineers are
    discovering several new technologies that will
    bring unprecedented advancements to the world
  • Nanotechnology
  • Nanotechnology has become an umbrella term that
    covers many different application areas,
    including mechanical engineering. Today,
    nanotechnology is at the forefront of many
    mechanical engineering projects in fluid
    mechanics, robotics, combustion, biomedicine,
    measurement, heat transfer, etc. It is one of the
    recent trends in mechanical engineering.

Sustainable development
  • The term refers to the design and construction of
    ecologically sustainable objects, buildings, and
    environments. The world is now aware of the
    depleting natural resources. People are
    continually searching for new methods of
    sustainable development.

  • In this scenario, mechanical engineers can
    engineer resources in such a way that it meets
    the current and future needs of humankind. This
    will not damage the resources of the earth
    either. Mechanical engineers must now find and
    develop renewable resources to promote
    sustainable development.

3D Printing
  • 3D printing is often referred to as a process
    that involves a series of complex procedures in
    which CAD (Computer-aided design) software is
    used to create object models. Mechanical
    engineers are responsible for designing 3D
    printed objects that help improve the quality of
    life. For instance, it helps humans who need
    artificial limbs or blind people who read braille

Internet of Things (IoT)
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of
    interconnected computing devices or machines that
    have been implemented to provide a unique
    identifier (UID). Data can be transmitted through
    the network without human-to-human or
    human-computer interaction. Humans with heart
    monitor implants, animals with biochip
    transponders, and cars with built-in sensors are
    a part of the Internet of Things. The devices are
    assigned IP addresses that can transmit data over
    the network.

  • Several other trends are
  • Bio-engineering.
  • Combustion
  • Fluid mechanics and propulsion.
  • Mechanics and vibrations.
  • E-vehicles.
  • transfer

  • The Mechanical Engineering department is the best
    at MIT Academy of Engineering (MITAOE). It is
    considered among the top engineering colleges in
    Pune. MITAOE is regarded as one of the leading
    mechanical engineering colleges because it
    focuses on mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics,
    materials science, structural analysis, and

  • Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT) is the
    first private Engineering Institute to be
    established in the city of Pune, Maharashtra. It
    is one of the premier institutes for Indian and
    international students offering Undergraduate and
    Postgraduate courses in Engineering, Management,
    Medicine, Pharmacy, Design, and so on.
  • MIT Academy of Engineering (MITAOE), Alandi,
    Pune, was established in 1999 under MAEER by the
    honorable Prof. Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad, Founder
    and Executive President of MIT Group..

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