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Key Points to Keep in Mind Before Leh Ladakh Motorcycle Trip


Planning for Leh Ladakh Motorcycle Trip? If you are, then this ppt will help you so much. Brahmand Tour is introducing Key Points to keep in your Mind before the Leh Ladakh Motorcycle Trip. See this and make things clear before your Leh Ladakh Motorcycle trip. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Key Points to Keep in Mind Before Leh Ladakh Motorcycle Trip

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Choose The Right Bike
  • You'll be traveling through the toughest of
    roads, you can't afford to compromise on the
    quality of the bike so choose one wisely. Pay
    close attention to the features of the bike and
    make sure it's in a good condition. We recommend
    - Royal Enfield 350C or An Enfield Bullet

Decide The Best Routes
  • There are two different routes to Leh one from
    Manali and the other from Srinagar. Manali to Leh
    trip is around 476 km, whereas Srinagar to Leh is
    around 434 km. However, the most preferred route
    is the Manali route, which passes through
    dangerous terrains and also some of the highest
    motorable passes in the world.

Things You've Got To Keep Handy And Easily
  • Carry with you an
  • first aid kit
  • extra puncture kit
  • accelerator cables
  • clutch cables, tubes
  • fuses
  • air pump.

Food Supplies
  • you should essentially keep extra food supplies
    like chips, biscuits, glucose and other small
    food items. Keep these food supplies in an easily
    accessible pocket on your backpack as these items
    should be easily accessible when hungry. We
    recommend - Carry a couple of chocolate bars,
    small packet of chips, easy to make noodles or
    oats and maybe protein chocolate bars as well for

Carry some extra petrol
  • 10-20 Litres of extra petrol is what we recommend
    as it's a pretty long journey and looking for
    petrol on the way is definitely not a wise option
    to go for. Petrol stations are pretty far from
    Ladakh so make sure your bike tanks are filled
    adequately to ensure a hassle-free journey.

Stay Hydrated- Drink a lot of water, eat properly
  • One advice you'll always get before leaving for
    your trip is Stay hydrated! If you want to avoid
    the hassle of looking for places to buy the water
    bottle from, then just keep a reusable one which
    you can also strap on your backpack. Lightweight,
    leak-proof, filtered water bottle would be a
    great option. The filter in your bottle is
    necessary as it removes harmful bacteria like E.
    Coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium oocysts and
    many other waterborne contaminants.

Carry motorcycle spare parts and if possible
learn some basic things about fixing your bike.
  • A spare bike key, spare bungee cords, spare fuse,
    extra chain lock, spare clutch, and accelerator
    cable, chain lube, if tube tire then one spare
    tube, engine oil to top up and a spare headlight

Wear protective gear For Safety
  • Remember to have your safety gear ready for the
    trip - helmets, knee and elbow guards,
    weatherproof gloves, shoes and proper riding
    jacket, reflective clothing, sunglasses to save
    your eyes from UV rays.

Carry Essential Documents
  • Don't forget to carry your original Driving
    license and PUC along with bike papers, valid
    insurance, and registration.
  • After reaching Leh, make sure your Inner Line
    Permits (ILP) are in order. For this, you need to
    go to the DC office in Leh and obtain the permits

Sleeping Should Be Avoided At Higher Altitudes
  • One should definitely avoid sleeping at higher
    altitudes as oxygen levels decrease in the air
    which affects the functioning of our brain. It is
    recommended that after spending a day at any
    higher altitude, one should move down to lower
    altitude in the evening. Hypoxia has adverse
    effects on body weight, muscle structure and
    exercise capacity, mental functioning, and sleep

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