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FaidePro vs Urbanclap vs Housejoy: Alternatives of Home Service Provider


We recommend utilizing the services provided by home service providers to make your life hassle free. Here we have listed the 3 most common home service providers to help you pick the best for your needs. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: FaidePro vs Urbanclap vs Housejoy: Alternatives of Home Service Provider

FaidePro vs Urbanclap vs Housejoy Alternatives
of Home Service Provider
  • Website www.faidepro.com
  • Address 417- Accurate Square, Tagore Road,
    Rajkot, India - 360002
  • E- Mail faidepro_at_gmail.com
  • Mobile No 919510395794

  • The world today has changed us. We have a very
    fast lifestyle, less time with friends and family
    and the most time in front of a screen. And why
    not, the world is full of extreme competition. We
    all want to spend a day pleasantly relaxing away.
  • Away from all the stress that we get from our
    work and the hectic schedule we have to follow in
    order to survive. But when we want an off from
    all this work, we end up getting messed up in the
    mess of household chores.

  • This is often heart-breaking, knowing that we get
    one day off and even on that day we spend most of
    our time in household chores and have no time
    left for ourselves.
  • To solve this problem, we recommend utilizing the
    services provided by home service providers. Here
    we have listed the 3 most common home service
    providers to help you pick the best for your

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  • You would have already heard of UrbanClap as it
    is one of the fastest-growing start-ups in India.
    The concept they work on is Easy at Home which
    aims to provide you with all the local services
    that you need. They provide the opportunity for
    customers to be home and enjoy these services
    without much hassle.
  • UrbanClap works with a team of professionals who
    know their field to the bone. They have a team of
    young, hard-working people dedicated to working.

  • If we talk about the services, then UrbanClap
    provides a huge variety of services. Most of
    these services as you may have expected are
    inclined towards women. They do provide a unique
    salon treatment at home that covers various
    services which help women to get the benefits of
    salon sitting at home at their disposal.
  • It is not just focussed on women, they do provide
    services for men too. Other various services such
    as AC repair and so on are provided at the
    comfort of your home.

  • They provide services for packers and mover and
    have an expert team to solve your problems such
    as pest control, carpentry etc.
  • However, all the positives, the UrbanClap has now
    become Urban Company and hence is distracted from
    their core work. Now, they are focussing on
    strengthening their start-up and often the
    customers are the compromise. Many services may
    be overpriced and undelivered.

  • HouseJoy is another alternative to the home
    service provider industry. They have various
    doorstep services and often try to make your day
    to day life less hectic and more manageable by
    providing these exclusive services.
  • Having a team of experts at their disposal who
    works on every project with great ease and
    comfort adds to the customer experience.

  • HouseJoy has their presence in 13 major cities of
    India including Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Chennai
    and some cities those were untouched before such
    as Coimbatore, Vijayawada, Surat and Vadodara.
  • The concept of Housejoy is similar to UrbanClap
    and is often regarded as the alternative to
    UrbanClap if you didnt have a good experience
    with them.

  • Faidepro is your one-stop solution for all kinds
    of problems. On Faidepro you can get services
    like Transportation, IT and software services,
    Cleaning and home sanitization, Training and
    Education, Home care services(Electrician,
    Plumber), Job portal, and many more.
  • This online platform provides you services in all
    fields you may think of. Apart from the previous
    two, FaidePro also specialized in Data and IT
    services. If you need services as such, you can
    only get it from the comfort of your home from

  • You can check their website to know more about
    their services and their work process. They let
    you book your appointments with whichever service
    you like with a particular time.
  • The variety of services provided by FaidePro are
    immense. They provide services in Homecare,
    General labour, beauty and personal care,
    transportation, automotive, cleaning, health care
    and fitness even in training and education.

  • The highlight of Faidepro is that they provide
    you services for Business and IT too which is
    very rare in the industry.
  • Apart from all that, FaidePro is based in Gujarat
    and provides the best services in the city. If we
    are to compare FaidePro with UrbanClap and
    HouseJoy then it may seem weird but in Gujarat,
    FaidePro has a great network of professionals and
    provide better services in the city.

  • If you are looking for home services while in
    Gujrat then you should consider using FaidePro
    and you will see the difference by yourself.
  • The brand value of UrbanClap and Housejoy may be
    more in other cities but the sheer talent pool
    each company has is what provides you with the
    best services. FaidePro excels in this regard in
    Gujrat and is growing in other regions too.

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