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Best Home Collection for Pets


Pet accessories for dogs, cats, and more! We provide beds, beddings, toys, clothes, exercise products, Your pet loves to enjoy. Call us now @ 404-783-0848. Shop Now @ – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Home Collection for Pets

Best Home Collection for Pets
Make Your Pets Happy
Pet Drinking Water Dispenser
Spare your pets from the burden of tilting their
head way low just to rehydrate themselves.
Unlike conventional drinking pet bowls, our LED
drinking water fountain is designed to a height
that is comfortably within your cat or even your
small dogs reach.
Shop Now https//
ns/pets-home- collection/products/pet-drinking-wa
Rubber Broom for Lint Removal
Is your pet extra furry or does it shed more than
the usual? You dont have to sweat cleaning all
your floors! Introducing our pet hair lint
removal broom, cat or dog fur stuck or spills on
different flooring carpeted, hardwood, tiled,
etc. can easily be collected with its rubber
bristles. It also comes with an extra- long
handle push broom for optimum grip whatever
height you are. Cleaning is also simple. Just
wash it with soap and water and let dry.
Shop Now https//
ns/pets-home- collection/products/rubber-broom-pe
t-hair-lint-removal- device-1326573055
Cat Post Scratcher
If youre looking for a cat post scratcher thats
not too bulky, then youre in the right place.
Allow your cat to release its inner tiger with
our 54-centimeter tall, 30- centimeter wide
scratching post wrapped with Hessian style
twisted rope. Excite your cat even more and keep
their paws busy with the felt type fabric
dangling ball hanging from the posts top.
Shop Now https//
ns/pets-home- collection/products/all-for-paws-vi
ntage-cat-post- 206937790
Food and Water Bowl
This orange unique cat love bowl is perfect for
feeding or providing your feline fresh water. It
features fish and love cut out alongside the
outer edges, providing a small touch of style.
With the bright color, your cat will love it.
Shop Now https//
ns/pets-home- collection/products/glamorous-cat-b
Interactive Pet Food Dispenser Toy
Is your precious dog a rapid eater? Or is your
beloved cat lazy and prefers to sleep all day
long? Either way, you can keep them healthy and
active at the same time! Let them play with the
Interactive Pet Food Dispenser Toy.
Shop Now https//
ns/pets-home- collection/products/interactive-pet
Pet Massager
Thinking of booking a spa/massage session?
Imagine your fur-buddies thinking the same
thing! But instead of going to a spa, you can
easily treat them to a special massage using our
pet massager.
Shop Now https//
ns/pe ts-home-collection/products/pet-massager
Comfy Bed for Pets
Our calming bed for pets was made and designed
with care. This is ideal for pets to curl up or
sprawl onto. It comes with super cozy fillings
that brings exceptional support for your pet's
head and neck. It offers relief for dogs and
cats with joint pain or arthritis. Its ultra
soft cover has high quality synthetic plush fur.
Its raised rim also brings warmth and a sense of
security while they sleep. This why it's a best
seller! Shop Now https//
collections/pe ts-home-collection/products/calmin
Deep Sleep Calming Blanket
Made of long, soft-fabric faux fur, the deep
sleep calming blanket would feel seamlessly like
part of your pets natural hair. Its dense yet
breathable finish packs just the perfect weight
reminiscent of your warm embrace, at the same
time, promoting air circulation providing your
pet the optimum comfort during snooze time.
Every piece was carefully tailored according to
fabric manufacturing standards and guaranteed to
not easily shed. It also comes in gender-neutral
colors teal, maroon, and light pink which might
just be the final piece of functional and
luxurious ornament your bedroom or living room
could still be missing. Shop Now
Pet Barrier
Keep your dog safe in the house with our gate
isolation net folding mesh when you are too
occupied with chores that you cant watch him or
her or when there are guests and you want to keep
it temporarily in a distance. The mesh that
comes in two sizes 180 by 72 centimeters and 110
by 72 centimeters, is made of black nylon
through which you can still see each other from
the opposite sides. It also comes with string
loops on all four corners for insertion on the
plastic hooks, which you can place on the
preferred area in your home. Stainless steel
poles are also provided to insert on both sides
of the mesh to keep it sturdy when in
place. Shop Now https//
collections/pets-home- collection/products/pet-ba
rrier-dog-gate-isolation-net- folding-mesh-safe-g
uard-safety-enclosure-dog-fence- home-protection-p
Adorable White Teepee
A resting spot not too cold and not too warm,
just the right amount of ventilation. This
adorable white teepee might just give your pet
that cozy ambiance. Featuring cotton tent flaps,
your pet could feel as sheltered as possible. It
also comes with an ergonomically shaped pillow
with crevice, your pets body will surely fit
like a glove. With small, medium, and large sizes
available, you dont have to worry if it fits
one pet only. Built sturdily with strong pine
poles but still lightweight at 0.65 to 1.2
kilograms only, this white fabric tee pee bed
could just be the final accent piece in your
contemporary interior design! Whats even better
is it can be machine washed, except the poles of
course, saves you all the hassle. Shop Now
ome- collection/products/adorable-white-pet-teepe
Pet Dog Stairs 3 Steps Ladder
Help pets get around safely with our selection of
dog ramps for cars and SUVs, steps and stairs
for indoors. A great solution for small or older
dogs! The Easy Step Pet Stair has wide, deep
steps to give smaller dogs the ability to get
their entire body on each platform and large
dogs the ability to comfortably climb the
stairs. The innovative incline of each step
reduces the amount of stairs needed to climb
eliminating stress on your pet. The carpet tread
removes easily and is machine washable.
Shop Now https//
ns/pe ts-home-collection/products/pet-dog-stairs-
3- steps-ladder-for-small-1010018946
Iseebiz Automatic Pet Feeder 6L Smart Feeder Dog
Cat Food Dispenser
Feeding Reference 1 cup of food is about 24
portions. Just be aware that the size of the dry
food should not exceed 1 cm³. You could record
10s feeding voice, your personal sound will keep
your pet not alone.
Shop Now https//
ns/pe ts-home-collection/products/lseebiz-automat
ic- pet-feeder-6l-smart-feeder-dog-cat-food-
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