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10 things to keep in mind while planning a road trip to Ladakh


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Title: 10 things to keep in mind while planning a road trip to Ladakh

10 things to keep in mind while planning a road
trip to Ladakh
Leh Ladakh remains one the dream destinations
for all the nature lovers out there, despite its
harsh environment and jarring weather people
line up to get a chance for trip there. And if
you are a bike enthusiast itll be a crime for
you to not take a bike trip to leh ladakh! These
are some of the pointers you must keep in mind
while planning a road trip to Ladakh 1. The best
time to travel. Its a known fact that you have
but a small window to take a bike trip to Leh,
the roads to Leh are only open for about 6 months
a year for the tourist on both the routes.
Starting from mid- May- June first
  • week to about mid-October- November. So the
    months from June to September should be a safe
    bet. But then July August being monsoons could
    get a little tricky on the passes (i.e. Zojila
    pass in the Srinagar- Leh highway, Rohtang pass
    on the Manali- Leh highway). So basically June
    and September are the best time to visit ladakh
    by bike but hey you can always be a little
    adventurous in the monsoon months.
  • The routes.
  • There are two major routes to reach Leh. The
    Jammu- Srinagar- Leh highway and the Manali- Leh
    highway . Both routes are extremely scenic and I
    would personally suggest that you take one route
    while going there and the other while coming
    back. Although for whatever my experience
    counts, I think its better to take the Srinagar
    highway while coming back as the ascent to
    higher altitudes is more gradual in the former
    route and acclimatizing yourself to the altitude
    is easier in this way.
  • Must pack necessary medicines.
  • Travelling to Leh- Ladakh by bike takes a real
    toll on peoples health they get altitude
    sickness or acute mountain sickness (AMS)
    which can be a real bitch hence, taking some
    precautions doesnt make you a wimp. Different
    people have different immunity levels towards
    altitudes. You are the best judge on how much
    your body can take.
  • Some people are severely affected and some are
    just mildly affected. A mild case of AMS just
    feels like a slight hangover. You can consult a
    doctor before your trip and get the prescription
    with you to Ladakh. Leh- Ladakh bike trip is a
    major attraction for thrill seekers and bike

  • Wear a Balaclava or use a piece of clean cloth to
    cover your mouth while riding in very high
  • High altitudes means low oxygen levels, one tends
    to breathe from the mouth when riding on high
    altitudes. Since you are breathing hard, you
    could end up inhaling water vapours present in
    the air and water could deposit in your lungs.
    Sounds scary I know. Theres little amount of
    research on this particular fact but then again
    why take chances when the solution is as this
    simple? Ladakh trip cost on bike around can cost
    around ?30,000 to ?50,000.
  • Abstain from consuming too much alcohol.
  • I am not telling you not to party but here you
    will have to be very responsibly. Alcohol causes
    dehydration and does not really help with
    altitude sickness. Know your limits and try not
    to reach there. Never ever push the limits in
    these parts. Bike trip to Leh Ladakh can be
    physically exhausting this tip is to stop you
    from over exerting yourself.
  • Inner Line Permits/Protected Area Permits in Leh.
  • Indian citizens require Inner line permits (ILP)
    and foreign nationals require protected area
    permits (PAP) to travel to Nubra Valley, Pangong
    Tso Lake and Tso Moriri Lake Etc. You can find a
    lot of tour operators in Leh city who can
    arrange this for you or you could just head to
    the DC office in Leh and get the permits
    yourself. Will turn out to be a lot cheaper if
    you do it yourself and its not a very
    complicated process. Keep some extra passport
    size photographs with you when you are
    travelling to Leh.

  • Pack your bike tool kit, spare parts.
  • You should definitely get a mechanic to check
    your bike before the trip and after reaching
    Leh. If possible you should learn some basic
    skills about fixing your bike. Carry extra clutch
    cables, accelerator cables, fuses, tubes, a
    puncture kit, air pump etc. along with you.
  • From Jammu to Srinagar to Leh you will still find
    mechanics on the way but they will need the
    parts which they might not have. So ask your
    local neighbourhood mechanic for some lessons and
    tricks to fix the common problems in your bike.
    Leh Ladakh bike trip packages include almost
    everything you need but it cannot cover
  • Carry only the essentials.
  • Packing light is one of the most important things
    to do you cannot afford to be extravagant with
    your outfits on a bike trip. Because of two
    reasons one the weather doesnt allow for much
    fashion so its better to choose comfortable and
    warm clothes and just stick with

  • them even if you have to repeat one outfit or
    two, second youll need the extra space to pack
    things like a sleeping bag, maybe a tent and
    some energy bars for emergencies. You should also
    carry some extra petrol in some stretches
    especially on the Leh Manali highway and say if
    you are travelling to Pangong Tso or Tso Moriri
    lakes. Like I mentioned before, these are vast
    stretches without any humanity so expecting a
    petrol pump might be a little optimistic. Its
    not uncommon to find that you have covered some
    300 to 400 kms without a petrol pump in sight.
    The Jammu to Leh highway is alright. Fill up in
    Srinagar. After Srinagar the frequency of petrol
    pumps will reduce but then you will have one in
    say every 150 to 200 kms. Leh Ladakh tour by
    bike needs more precautions than normal travel.
  • Be nice to every truck driver on the way. Build
    on your karma points.
  • If things go very wrong, trucks are your best way
    out. These guys have the space to carry your
    bike to the next town when you are in an
    absolute fix. Truck drivers are nice people and
    will help you out although some negotiation
    skills may be handy. Leh Ladakh bike trip all
    the way from is a long journey hence these tips
    can definitely help you.
  • Keep some days spare in your itinerary if you
    have that luxury.
  • Things may not go exactly as planned on trips
    like these, your itinerary can be upset for a
    host of reasons. Some roads may be closed
    because of weather conditions, you might need a
    little more time acclimatizing, you motorcycle
    develops a snag and takes time to fix. Leh
    Ladakh bike trip from Manali can be extremely
    time consuming as well.

Every biker, irrespective of the gender, dreams
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landscape like that of Leh and Ladakh, Capture A
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