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Top UPSC CSE coaching in Mumbai


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Title: Top UPSC CSE coaching in Mumbai

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Why are we called THE PRAYAS?
Congratulations! If you are reading this then
you probably are thinking of having a career
that is demanding, fulfilling, respectful while
being contributive towards the betterment of the
society our country. You have decided to be a
part of the executive machinery of our country.
This means that you have high ambitions already!
making it through one of the toughest
examinations in India, if not the world.
I assure you that our faculty staff share the
exact same thought principles, the vision the
mission that you have imbibed in yourself. Our
faculty are passionate teachers who teach
because they have a flair for it. The quality of
materials provided is indeed enough to help you
gauge through the exhaustive syllabus of the
Examination. If all of us do our part, the job
becomes easier than ever. Our team hopes to
serve you and help you bridge the gap between
surefooted success and you. Good luck for your
preparation I pray that I see you emerge out
as a successful officer!
If you remember a little bit of our history, you
will know that every Chandragupta Maurya
required a Chanakya and every Arjuna required a
Dronacharya. Why? To be able to provide that
one extra percentage of guidance, of experience,
of wisdom to help you achieve your dreams. I
love this poster because it teaches us the sheer
power of consistent efforts, no matter how small
increment of improvement we do every day. In the
end, it always adds up. We at The Prayas India
would exactly do the same for you. To be that
sharpening stone for you to hone your skills
with, at every stage of the examination. For
sure it is your efforts that would bear fruit
but we, in our capacity would be happy to serve
you. The extra 1 percent you seek every day that
would be a surefire way of
Amresh Kumar Founder CEO The Prayas India
  • The Union Public Services Commission conducts
    the Civil Services Examination on an annual
    basis for recruitment of Officers against
    vacancies (no. of vacancies mentioned in the
    notification released every year) for 19
    services pan-India. The elite officers are
    trained to become representatives of
  • the Union of India are directly responsible for
    the well functioning of the executive and
    administration of
  • our country. The UPSC tests knowledge and
    competency not only in the form of written
    examinations but avidly judges the personality
    as well. You need to have a thorough
    understanding of India the world History,
    Geography, Economics, Polity Governance, Public
    administration, World dynamics, Environmental
    consciousness should be able to think like a
    leader with immaculate eye for detail while not
    compromising on ethics, integrity or morality. A
    well-rounded, consistent individual who is
    sincere in efforts diligent in carrying out
    work is what the nation demands the UPSC caters
    to. The number of vacancies varies every year,
    and this is what makes the Examination extremely
    unique. Those who stand undeterred, with sheer
    determination can do crack this Examination.
    This is what makes the dream a prestigious
  • Indian Administrative Service
  • Indian Foreign Service
  • Indian Police Service
  • Indian Audit Accounts Service, Group A
  • Indian Civil Accounts Service, Group A
  • Indian Corporate Law Service, Group A
  • Indian Defense Accounts Service, Group A
  • Indian Defense Estates Service, Group A
  • Indian Information Service, Junior Grade Group
  • Indian Postal Service, Group A
  • Indian PT Accounts Finance Service, Group A
  • Indian Railway Protection Force Service, Group
  • Indian Revenue Service (Customs Indirect
    Taxes), Group A
  • Indian revenue Service (Income Tax), Group A
  • Indian Trade Service, Group A (Grade III)

Prelims Papers Type No. of questions Marks Duration Negative marks
General Studies I Objective 100 200 2 hours Yes 1/ rd of marks 3 allotted to each question
General Studies II (CSAT) Objective 80 200 2 hours Yes 1/ rd of marks 3 allotted to each question
Mains Papers Subject Duration Total marks
Paper A Compulsory Indian language 3 hours 300
Paper B English 3 hours 300
Paper I Essay 3 hours 250
Paper II General Studies I 3 hours 250
Paper III General Studies II 3 hours 250
Paper IV General Studies III 3 hours 250
Paper V General Studies IV 3 hours 250
Paper VI Optional I 3 hours 250
Paper VII Optional II 3 hours 250
Total 1750
  • Consists of 9 papers conducted over a period of
    5-7 days
  • Paper A and B are of qualifying nature and
    candidates must score at least 25.
  • The Indian Language paper (Paper A) covers any of
  • languages included in the 8th Schedule of the
  • Paper I to Paper VII considered for Merit
  • Total Marks 1750

Interview Marks 275 Total Marks (For Final
Merit) 1750 (Mains) 275 (Interview) 2025
As the Prelims Examination is objective in
nature (MCQs), one needs detailed thorough
understanding of the concepts, nuances to solve
the application-based questions. Reading the
subjects, doing practice questions learning
from the mistakes is the way to prepare. The
more you have this positive feedback loop
established in yourself, the more chances of you
to clear this stage, with revision being the
key. Read, analyze improve.
General Studies - I
General Studies II (CSAT)
Comprehension Interpersonal skills including
communication skills Logical Reasoning
analytical ability Decision-making problem
solving General mental ability Basic numeracy
(numbers and their relations, orders of
magnitude, etc.) Data interpretation (charts,
graphs, tables, data sufficiency etc.)
Current events of National International
importance History of India Indian National
Movement Indian World Geography Indian Polity
Governance Economic Social Development Environ
mental Ecology, Biodiversity Climate Change
General Science
The Mains Examination is where you need to be
able to connect across subjects write
descriptive answers, justifying your thought
process. The 4 General Studies papers are
related and not a strict delineation of
subject/concepts exist because you need to
relate most issues to each other. The optional
you choose, depends on your interest, field of
study in graduation your depth of
understanding in it. The language papers serve
to gauge the level of expression you have in one
of the languages mentioned in the eighth
schedule of the Constitution of India. Although
English and the language paper are qualifying in
nature, you need to score at least 25 in each
to be able to clear the Examination.
General Studies - I
General Studies - II
General Studies - III
General Studies - IV
Technology Economic Development Bio-diversity
Environment Security Disaster Management
Governance Constitution Polity Social
Justice International Relations
Indian Heritage Culture History Geography
of the World Society
Language / Literature Papers Assamese, Bengali,
Bodo, Dogri, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri,
Konkani, Maithili, Malayalam, Manipuri, Marathi,
Nepali, Odia, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Santhali,
Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu and English.
(Literature of any of these languages can be
taken as Optional for Mains). For Paper-A, the
candidate must choose any one language out of 22
languages mentioned in 8th Schedule of the
In addition to this, the Essay paper judges your
comprehension, clarity of thought, situational
awareness, aptitude, logical thinking
knowledge an amalgamation of everything. The
only way you can be prepared for all of this is
through diligent practice loads of it! You
should leave no stone unturned in your efforts
to ace this preparation. While knowledge of
concepts and their application would help you
clear Prelims, it is their lucid subjective
expression that will help you clear the Mains
Examination. The right choice of Optional
subject plays a vital role in this.
Simplified learning approach expert guidance
from experienced faculty
Previous years question papers coverage (topic-
wise) mock tests
Analysis of performance, rectification of
errors, mistakes
One stop, unified solution for
all courses, notes, tests analysis
A comprehensive strategy that will help you clear
all the three stages of the Examination, that has
been tried, tested improved for you. All our
faculty work in tandem to help you achieve your
dream. Be it objective preparation for prelims,
subjective answer writing for mains, or mock
interviews for the personality test, The Prayas
India will be there to guide you.
1000 hours of classroom teaching concept
coaching live streaming recorded lectures
Study Material Standard Reference Books all
included in our Study package
Regular doubt solving one-on-one mentoring
sessions to provide better clarity
Time-to-time discussion guidance on the right
individual preparation strategy
Support throughout the entire preparation
journey App connectivity,
E-portal Android App access with 33 full-
length mock tests unlimited practice
questions on all topics, last 25 years question
paper broken down into topics
Special Sessions Mock Tests focused on
Current Affairs, Hot Topics, Linkages between
Seminars/webinars with mentors, faculty
Officers who cracked the Civil Services help
you to stay motivated
As seen here, we have broken down the last
couple of years Question Papers into subjects.
Thus, you would have an idea of the weightage
you need to give to various subjects. Our
faculty are well aware of it
therefore, would guide you the most high
probable areas that you need to study to be
able to crack Prelims. Our faculty break down
subjects and topics into easily understandable
material, assign weightages to the same which
would help you understand the importance its
probability of being asked in the upcoming
Mains 2019 Break down
LEARN Our classroom teaching Self Study Faculty Notes Standard Reference Books NCERT
PRACTICE Last 25 Years Question on our portal Practice Questions Mock Tests
ANALYZE Self Evaluation All-India Scoring Faculty Feedback Our analysis prediction of high probable topics / questions
As seen above, our tried tested approach is
guaranteed to be fruitful contributive towards
your preparation for the Examination. Dont worry
further. Just put down your sincere efforts
help us guide you to success!
Q. Along with the Budget, the Finance Minister
also places other documents before the Parliament
which include The Macro Economic Framework
Statement. The aforesaid document is presented
because this
  • is mandated by
  • Long standing Parliamentary convention
  • Article 112 Article 110(1) of the Constitution
    of India
  • Article 113 of the Constitution of India

(d) Provisions of the Fiscal Responsibility
Budget Management Act, 2003
Screenshot of the notes of our Faculty shows
what comprises of the Budget of India. As seen,
option (d) is the correct answer. Q. If you
withdraw INR 1,00,000 in cash from your Demand
Deposit Account at your Bank, the immediate
effect on aggregate money supply in the economy
will be
  1. To reduce it by INR 1,00,000
  2. To increase it by INR 1,00,000
  3. To increase it by more than INR 1,00,000

As per the norm of Reserve Bank of India (RBI),
the aggregate money supply equals the currency
in circulation plus the net demand deposits in
commercial banks. Therefore, whether the money
exists in our Demand Deposit Bank Account or as
cash in hand with us, it is already accounted
for included in the aggregate money supply.
Therefore, such a transaction would have no
effect on the aggregate money supply.
(d) To leave it unchanged
Q. In India, why are some nuclear reactors kept
under IAEA Safeguards while others are not?
(a) Some user Uranium others use Thorium
(b) Some use imported Uranium others use
domestic supplies
(c) Some are operated by foreign enterprises
others are operated by domestic enterprises
As seen above in the screenshot of notes shared
by our Faculty, it is mentioned that in 2008,
India signed a limited facility safeguards
agreement with IAEA. All the nuclear facilities
involved in Military operations would be exempt
from this agreement could use domestic supply
of Uranium other civil facilities could use
imported Uranium.
(d) Some are State-owned others are
Q. If a particular plant species is placed under
Schedule VI of The Wildlife Protection Act, 1972,
what is the implication?
(a) A license is required to cultivate that
(b) Such a plant cannot be cultivated under any
  • It is a Genetically Modified crop plant
  • Such a plant is invasive harmful to the
  • Screenshot of the notes of our Faculty shows the
    break down of provisions of the 1972 Wildlife
    Protection Act, wherein Schedule VI is shown to
    include plants that are forbidden from being
  • Q. In India, separation of Judiciary from the
    Executive is enjoined by

(a) The Preamble of the Constitution
(b) A Directive Principle of State Policy
  • The Seventh Schedule
  • The conventional practice
  • Screenshot of the notes of our Faculty

shows that Article 50 provides for separation of
Judiciary from Executive. Q. Which of the
following statements correctly explains the
impact of Industrial Revolution on India during
the first half of the nineteenth century?
(a) Indian handicrafts were ruined
Screenshot of the notes of our Faculty shows the
part of a timeline which mentions that Railways
were established in India in 1853 the 1st
cotton mill in Bombay was established in 1854.
Therefore, during the first half of the 19th
century i.e., from 1800 to 1850, India neither
had Railways nor huge number of cotton mills.
Thus options (b) c) are eliminated. Option (d)
is eliminated as India had huge imports from
Britain. So option (a) is correct
  1. Machines were introduced in the Indian textile
    industry in large numbers
  2. Railway lines were laid in many parts of the
  3. Heavy duties were imposed on the imports of
    British manufactures
2019 2019 2018 2018 2017 2017 2016 2016
Gunjan Singh 16 Shreyans Kumat 4 Ketan Garg 93 Amogh Gopinath 171
Saranya R 36 Srushti Jayant Deshmukh 5 Syed Ali Abbas 137 Sharath Chandra Arroju 425
Abhishek Augustya 38 Lakshmi 45 Manisha Tomar 175 Pawan Kumar Pal 505
Kulkarni Ashutosh C 44 Mohd Abdul Shahid 57 Shreyansh Singh 357 Minhajuddin Nizami 546
Ishwarya R 47 Dhaigude Snehal 108 Akshar Godhani 365
Deepak babulal Karwa 48 Sauranbh Bhuwania 113 Inabat Khaliq 378
Chandrima Attri 72 Gauhar Hassan 137 Sai Kiran 411
Shaikh Mohd Zaib Zakir 153 Archit Chandak 206 Naina Sri Ranganadh Reddy 417
Pratyush Sarasa 216 Rohan Jagadeesh 224 Zafar Iqbal 471
Taanya Ambastha 237 Koushik H R 240 Himani Sharma 477
Ashish Joon 271 Abhishek Kumar Singh 244 Abhijit Gupta 511
Sirisetti Sankeerth 330 Shweta Suman 264 Harisha B C 657
Deepika 369 Yashaswini B 293 Oviya Nikhila S 809
Tikam Singh Verma 391 Arpit Gupta 300 Ashish Tirkey 901
Mahak Swami 393 Jvalin Tejpal 302 Nidhi Chouhan 902
Gite Mahesh Babasaheb 399 Girish Dharmaraj Kalagonda 307 Harshit Oraon 905
Shweta nagarkoti 410 H S Bhavana 314 Nithan Raj T N 575
Aditi Singh 411 Sumit Kumar Singh 328
Rahul Modi 420 Sushma J 330
Shiyaz K M 422 Chirag Jain 355
Amit Kumawat 423 Vishwadeep 360
Suruchi Singh 432 Prashant Mishra 367
Yogesh Kumar Patel 434 Shivansh Kumar 368
Sandip Kumar 435 Rena Jamil 380
Jyoti Yadav 437 Aditi Singh 388
Samir kumar Jena 441 Shahzad Alam 398
Anand Kaladagi 446 Nandan Kumar 407
Vikram Sihag 450 Neha Yadav 411
bhishek Kumar 452 Suthar Raj Rameshchandra 415
Tirumala Raju S D Varma 478 Brahma 429
Mahima Khichar 479 Anil Kumar Jhajaria 431
Madhu Kumari 483 Chandra Prakash 440
Divyansh Singh 484 Priyanka Singh 442
Hemanth N 498 Nikhil Kumar 446
Sangeetha S 499 Abhishek Anand 467
Ankit Kumar Chuksey 500 Rohit Kumar 469
Shobika S S 504 Neelam Lalit Aditya 470
Md Qamaruddin Khan 511 Prabhat Kumar 483
Dudam Vinay Kanth 516 Rupesh Kumar 487
Aditya S Warrier 522 Mohd Sarfaz Alam 488
Priyanshu Singh 523 Jyoti Yadav 493
Jagdeep 543 Manjunath 495
Manoj Kumar Rawat 544 Ayman Jamal 499
Harshil R Meena 548 Shashank Singh 513
Sarvesh Panwar 549 Sandip Garai 516
Abhijeet Kumar 552 Kumar Ashish 536
Manju Chandran A R 553 Siddhartha Gautam 538
Sonu Bhatt 569 Kuldeep Kumar 548
Kavitha M 571 Dheeraj Kumar 559
Shinde Suresh Kailasrao 574 Varsha Chhalotre 574
Shubham Maurya 576 Adarsh Kumar 577
Aditya 577 Rahul Kumar Singh 579
Alekhya Balla 602 Shubham Singh 587
Munish Kumar 604 Kuldeep Singh 593
Ram Chandra Jakhar 605 Abhishek Kumar 595
Faisal Khan 611 Anjali 602
Bhanu Singh 618 Vinod Kumar 604
Rupinder Kaur 620 Rakesh 608
Mridul Darshan 622 Rahul Meena 625
Vibhav Saini 631 Krishan Kumar 632
Pawar Swapnil Jagannath 635 Harsh Bansal 636
Prajwal 636 Akshay Gupta 639
Tahakre Poonam Prakashrao 641 Nitin Kumar 649
Deepak Kumar 684 Ravi Kumar 654
Abhishek Singhal 792
  • It is an ISO 90012015 institution to prepare for
    UPSC Civil Service Examination. The innovation
    and technology driven platform of The Prayas
    India simplifies Examination Preparation for
  • Because of consistent performance, excellent
    results and selections, The Prayas India has
    emerged as a leader in its domain and has been
    continuously receiving appreciation love of
    many aspirants.
  • Certificate and Achievements
  • Prime Time Global Education Excellence Award 2017
  • The Most Innovative Institute Award 2017 by APS
    Research Media
  • Students Choice Award 2017 2018
  • The GOAL Award 2017
  • The Best institute in Maharashtra by Xel Research
  • The Rising Leadership Award
  • Ranked 1 Institute in Maharashtra Award 2018
  • Scan the QR Code to visit our website for
    details on courses, free material, demo
    sessions, webinar links much more.

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Station, Mumbai
AVENUE Building, Office No
202, floor, Above Kumar
Cloth Shop, Near Hotel Shiv Sagar, Station Road,
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