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Web Services for Travel Agencies


TripFro provides Web Services for Travel Agencies, Online Travel Agencies, travel web services to travel agencies, tour operators, travel companies worldwide. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Web Services for Travel Agencies

Web Services for Travel Agencies
Advanced web services for travel agencies to give
you the flexibility to ensure a hassle-free
travel business.
  • TripFro is a comprehensive and powerful web-based
    online booking system, designed for the travel
    industry especially for travel management
    companies, destination management companies,
    travel aggregators, B2B B2C travel agencies, tour
    operators, and web-based travel agents.
  • We develop complete end-to-end web services for
    travel agencies that deliver, high-performance,
    affordable, easy-to-use online booking travel
    portals that will deliver online sales success to
    your travel company.
  • An online travel agency (OTA) is a web-based
    platform that allows customers to research and
    book travel products and services, including
    hotels, flights, cars, tours, cruises,
    activities, and more directly with travel
    providers. Millions of travelers around the world
    use OTAs every day to plan their leisure and
    business travel.

Web Services for Travel Agencies - One Stop
Solution for Travel Business
  • The web services are based on simplified Online
    Travel Agencies (OTA) standard XML for the travel
    industry. With TripFro web services, it becomes
    easy to build travel-based websites with minimum
    effort. Customers can easily integrate all
    different services via a single interface.
  • The reason for the simplified approach is that
    TripFro Web Services are based on the simplified
    version of travel standards developed by the
    Online Travel Agencies and standard web services.
    By using these standards and interface, the
    client can communicate through a single interface
    which in turn communicates to different web
    service and bring the consolidated data.
  • TripFro web service is an API (Application
    Programming Interface) that conveys individual
    Amadeus content by means of SOAP/XML to get to
    the stock through web administrations. So
    basically, Amadeus GDS software is travel
    software connected with the Amadeus GDS system.

Streamline Your Business Processes With Web
Services For Travel Agencies
Web-based Travel Management and Booking Online
Applications for DMC, Tour Operators, and Online
Travel Agencies
  • TripFro is a one-stop-shop for all your travel
    website needs. Our highly experienced developers
    serve customers in categories such as portal
    development, mobile app development, web
    development, e-commerce portal development,
    software development, GDS/XML/API integrations,
  • Nowadays the travel industry is booming quite
    rapidly, so if you're part of the travel
    industry, you need an elegant travel business
    website to inspire new visitors and customers to
    your business. Our focus is on the design of
    high-quality, customised travel websites that
    incorporate web technologies and best practises.
  • We will ensure that your web presence is tailored
    to match your brand, image and unique experience.
    Our web services for travel agencies and
    development services are dependent on the
    development of smart technology solutions for
    travel agencies and tour operators.
  • TripFro provides a bespoke booking application
    and enhances your online travel agency's customer
    service. Our web services for travel agencies for
    the travel industry use the latest API and
    analytics to minimize human intervention, thus
    increasing operational efficiency and sale

Online Travel Agencies (OTA)
  • OTAs are web services for which websites allow
    consumers to book different travel services
    directly on the Internet. Our B2B and B2C travel
    agency software and tour operator software is the
    all-in-one solution to automate the travel
    business process from content acquisition to the
    distribution process.
  • At TripFro, you will find reliable, efficient,
    and cost-effective travel software solutions
    tailored to your needs. With a huge web
    application development professional, TripFro API
    provides the best travel solutions for travel
    companies to lower prices. We develop XML
    Integration for flights, hotels, car rental, and
    transfers. We have extensive experience in the
    integration of XML and Web Services.
  • TripFro web services provide a single interface
    for accessing GDS and non-GDS services. Our web
    services offer fully customized web development
    services based on your business requirements and
    goals. Travel agency back-office software fully
    automates the entire booking process to manage
    multiple sales channels (B2B, B2C, B2B2B, B2B2C).
  • We develop integrated portals and applications,
    SOAP web service, XML, REST, various GDS APIs
    such as Amadeus, Sabre. We provide our global
    customers with B2B, B2C, B2B2B, B2B2C, corporate,
    B2E, GDS, XML, API, web services, and white-label
    based solutions as per the needs of our clients.

We Understand Your Needs And Give You Expert Web
Services Development For Business Solutions
  • TripFro web services is an Application
    Programming Interface (API) that conveys
    individual Amadeus content by means of SOAP/XML
    messages. We specialized in providing highly
    comprehensive web services for your travel
  • Our goal is to deliver a high-quality travel
    website with easy navigation. If you are looking
    for travel web services, you are at the right
    place. Our team of professionals has made it easy
    to develop any type of website, resulting in
    increased business productivity.
  • We focus on providing smart, fast, and highly
    responsive travel websites for travel companies,
    agencies, and tour operators. It helps them ease
    their operations, enhance customer experience and
    easily build a unique global presence in the
    industry. We provide scalable web services to
    global travel operators and hospitality companies
  • So, if you are building an amazing travel booking
    platform or an app and looking for a third-party
    travel API provider for access to web services -
    contact TripFro today.

  • To know more about TripFro Travel Agencies,
    please visit https//www.tripfro.com
  • OR
  • Call us 918095700524
  • Email at contact_at_tripfro.com
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