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SMT Assembly – All That You Should Know - Miracle Electronics


To design an efficient PCB assembly from India, you need a professional PCB manufacturer for the job, who has expertise in using the most popular and successful SMT technology that is being widely used for PCBs today. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: SMT Assembly – All That You Should Know - Miracle Electronics

SMT Assembly All That You Should Know -
Miracle Electronics SMT or surface mount
technology has become one of the most popular
methods used today to design and fabricate a PCB
assembly from India, as it is known to deliver
consistent and reliable results. Earlier, the
through hole technology was used, wherein the
component leads were placed into the drilled
holes on a bare PCB, and soldered to pads on the
opposite side either by manual assembly or by
the use of automated insertion mount machines.
But slowly and gradually surface mount technology
started gaining popularity as it started
eliminating the requirements of the leads going
through the PCB, and instead, elements were
soldered onto the board, which proved to be an
improved solution. Today, maximum PCBs are
manufactured using this surface mount
technology. Here is all that you should know
about these SMT assemblies.
  • Procedure of SMT assembly manufacturing
  • Design and component finalization The PCB
    design is first finalized and the components
    selected. Then, the data is sent to a PCB
    manufacturing companies, and the components are
    bought in a way to facilitate automation. The
    various machines required are then set up.
  • Solder paste printing A machine is used to
    apply solder paste using a stencil and squeegees
    to the appropriate pads on the PCB. Some
    machines have the option of including automatic
    inspection, while others require a separate
    machine setup.
  • Component placement Every component to be
    installed is picked from its packaging using
    either a vacuum or a gripper nozzle, checked by
    the vision system and placed in the programmed
    location at high speed.
  • Pre-Reflow Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
    It is important to check after component
    placement that there are no errors, and all the
    parts have been placed correctly before reflow
    soldering. An AOI machine can be used for this to
    make checks such as component presence, type,
    and polarity.
  • Reflow soldering Next, the PCB assembly moves
    into the reflow soldering machine, where all
    electrical solder connections are formed between
    the components and PCB by heating the assembly
    to a sufficient temperature to make the
    connections durable.

  • Post-Reflow Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
    Lastly, checks are made again to finally ensure
    that no mistakes have been made. 3D technology
    is now used to make these checks to ensure
    all-angle perfection, by allowing more accurate
    measurements, and providing a more stable
    inspection process.
  • Benefits of SMT assemblies
  • Majority of the process involved with SMT
    technologies is virtually automated, and
    requires minimal manual involvement. The
    automation minimizes the errors that occur
    otherwise with manual involvement, thus
    improving reliability and consistency.
  • Labour costs are considerably reduced when
    manufacturing SMT assemblies because of the
    reduced manual work involved. Although the right
    machineries and tools are required, it is only a
    one-time investment.
  • Because the components are soldered directly on
    the board, lots of space is saved thus reducing
    the size and weight of the PCB. Along with
    reduced size, the SMT technology also enables
    putting more elements in a restricted area.
  • The future of SMT
  • SMT has already become one of the most widely
    used technologies today, but does it stand the
    same for the future too? This is also important
    to know. As predicted by experts, SMT is a trend
    that is expected to continue in the following
    years too. In fact,

manufacturers are also working their way out to
offer SMT assemblies at more affordable prices
to benefit the users. Thus, in the future, users
can expect to receive top-class SMT boards at
budget-friendly prices! Choosing the best PCB
manufacturer You can achieve the best PCB product
only if you have a trustworthy manufacturer by
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best PCB manufacturer for your product
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