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The Essentials of Server Security


It is essential to maintain secure server connectivity, monitor log in attempts, hide server information, update software regularly, audit files and services etc. to ensure server security. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Essentials of Server Security

The Essentials of Server Security
Table of Contents
  • Server
  • Web Server
  • The Main Threats to Web Servers
  • Ways to Maintain Server Security

  • A server refers to a hardware or a software which
    is meant to provide functionality to other
    devices or programs that are known as the
    clients. Usually, if a computer shares its
    resources with client machines, it is called a
    server. A server works on a client-server model.
    It carries out many functionalities, which are
    referred to as services. Multiple clients can use
    one server as well as one client can use many
    servers. There are many types of servers, such as
    database servers, game servers, file servers,
    mail servers, print servers, application servers,
    web servers etc.


Web Server
  • A web server is used for storing, processing and
    delivering web contents to the clients. It is
    essentially either a server software or a system
    and consists of either one or multiple computers
    that are able to satisfy client HTTP requests
    over the Internet or over private LANs and WANs.
    A web server manages client HTTP requests of web
    resources that are related to one or many of its
    configured/served websites.
  • Web servers are provided by web hosting
    companies. These companies are also called as web
    hosts and provide not only server space but also
    the technology and the services that a website
    needs in order to be accessible over the
    Internet. The Best Windows Hosting Company, the
    Best Website Hosting Company, the Top Cloud
    Hosting Company are some of the terms that are
    most frequently used to refer to the most popular
    web hosting service providers.

1-800-123 -8156
  • Whoa! Thats a big number, arent you proud?


The Main Threats to Web Servers
  • The main vulnerabilities with regard to web
    servers can result from the following-
  • Local data that is unprotected
  • Sensitive data that is left in the file system
  • Communications that are not secure (weakly
    encrypted or unencrypted data)
  • The nonexistence or insufficient existence of
    authentication Custom


Ways to
Maintain Server Security
  • The main ways for ensuring server security
    involve the following-
  • Establishing secure server connectivity
  • Monitoring log in attempts and managing users,
    with regard to server and user management
  • Ensuring the security of servers passwords
  • Updating software regularly
  • Removing or turning off all the unnecessary
  • Hiding server information
  • Using proper systems for intrusion detection
  • Carrying out auditing of files
  • Carrying out auditing of services
  • Setting up and maintaining a firewall
  • Performing regular server backups
  • Ensuring the creation of multi-server
  • Virtually isolated environments creation

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