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7 Reasons to Visit Spiti Valley
Spiti valley is a small and quaint place made due
to the Spiti River. Its an absolute paradise
for photographers and thrill seekers. Spiti is
hands down the most amazing hill station to
visit in Himachal Pradesh. Specifically speaking
it is a cold desert mountain valley located
high in the midst of Himalayas. The name Spiti
roughly translates to the middle land i.e. the
land between Tibet and India. 1. Rugged and
Charming Mountains- Being a valley Spiti is
surrounded by mountains. These will be covered
in snow and sometimes maybe not but that doesnt
take away the charm of these hills. Nature
lovers seeking new adventure will have the time of
there life here. These hills guarantee amazing
views for your eyes that is inaccessible for
people living a city life. Another fun fact you
should know many important things before going
for places to visit in spiti valley .Many of
these rocks have been named creating their own
sites. The stunningly beautiful high mountains of
Spiti are a sight to behold. Over centuries, the
melting snow has eroded these mountains and
created rock structures which look as though a
master craftsman has delicately carved the
mountain to give them this shape. 2. Alluring
Monasteries- These ancient monasteries are the
main attraction of Spiti. Architecturally
speaking these monasteries are built amazingly to
survive extreme weather. There are 5 prominent
monasteries in Spiti which are situated at Tabo,
Kye, Kungri, Dhankar and Komic. Many of these
monasteries are more than 500 years old Tabo
being the oldest is 1000 years old. All
structures of this monastery are made of mud and
they look beautiful against the barren brown
landscape of Spiti. Frescoes adorn the walls of
monastery and we recommend that you carry a
small torch inside to see the intricate artwork
here. Although its the oldest but Kye is the
largest monastery in Spiti and is also biggest
training center for monks. Kye is situated at an
altitude of 4,166 meters (13,670ft). Kungri is
another amazing monastery after Tabo its the
second oldest monastery of Spiti and was built
around the 1330s. Kungri is located in the Pin
valley part of Spiti. This monastery is famous
for its sword dance which is performed by
residents of the Pin valley. Spiti valley road
trip includes all of these monasteries. 3. The
Story Of Lama Meditating- Around45-50 years ago
Indian military was digging to build bunkers at
Gyu village, their digging instrument hit a
body. This body started bleeding from the corner
of its mouth but they couldnt decipher why. The
body was excavated and put in a hut no special
precautions were taken to preserve the body. It
is said that the body is still in the same state
as the day it was dug out and that its hair is
still growing and monks come from all over world
to take its hair for worshipping. It is said
that the body is of a lama in deep meditation
and that he still hasnt died. Whatever the real
story maybe but it does make for an awesome
experience and a great story. Many travellers come
from Manali to Spiti valley just to see the
statue in person.
4. Awesome Villages and There Cultures
(Homestays) - Spiti is not only known for its
view and mountain sites but also for its culture
which is a mixture of Buddhism and Hinduism.
Its a culture of peace and enlightenment.
People often even choose to stay at these
villages with these because of their friendly
nature and hospitable mentality. Home stays have
become more and more popular over last few years.
Langza village is located about 14 km away from
at an altitude of 4330 meters. When you drive
towards Rangrik from Kaza there comes a
bifurcation on the right that goes to Langza-
Komic- Hikkim circuit. 5. Hidden Valleys And
Meadows- There are many spots to see in Spiti,
to name a few theres Tabo maonastery, Kye
monastery, Pin valley national park, Suraj tal
lake, Chandrataal lake etc. there are many spots
that are infact not so common and are hidden
from the general public which are full of
adventure and wilderness exposure such as the
village named Langza, this village is considered
as one of the highest villages in the world and
is probably the only accessible high altitude
village in the world. You can spot a wide range
of endangered species from Tibet in Langza
village such as, the snow leopard, Himalayan
griffon, Tibetan wolf and many more. Spiti
valley bike trip are hence very popular because
they allow travellers to make stops at places
which are not preplanned.
6. Losar- Losar has a gem which goes away
unnoticed, the Mani carvings. Similar to the
lock bridge in Paris, there is a practice of
carving the Buddhist chant of Om mani padme
hum along the roadsides and rivers as an
offering to the spirits. The practice has evolved
into a tradition and the people of Losar ensure
that this tradition is passed over generations
and these carvings stand tall as an example of
the tradition. Tours from Delhi to Spiti valley
are popular for people who want something
different from other hill stations.
7. Pin Valley- Pin valley is located at an
altitude which ranges from 11,500 feet to 20,000
feet. The valley is well known for its rich
flora and fauna and is also home to the Pin
valley National Park. The valley is home to 17
villages which has a population of around 1600
and is well known for the Chhumurti horses,
which is an indigenous breed found here. Book
Spiti Valley tour packages from Capture A Trip
which give you a combination of adventure,
historical tours and camping and get exclusive
deals on our unique Tour Packages.
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