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How To Plan a Road Trip to Spiti Valley ?


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Title: How To Plan a Road Trip to Spiti Valley ?

How to Plan a Road Trip to Spiti Valley ?
Spiti Valley creates many pictures in front of
our eyes, situated in the trans-Himalayan
territory is a place where a lot of activities is
available for adventure junkies. From lush green
forest to rich cultural heritage, from high
altitude valleys and mountains to beautiful
lakes, Spiti has everything we want for a perfect
trip. Now spiti valley road trip are taking so
much limelight as it adds extra charm to a place
when we explore it through our bike or car. Here
we have tried to provide information that is
needed to plan a road trip to mesmerizing and
serene Spiti Valley. Why should you choose Spiti
for a road trip? Spiti Valley tests your mental
and physical toughness on every point as you move
towards your destination. Spiti has layered
mystery like an onion every layer has its own
charm that will blow your mind. It is like a
roller coaster ride that will add more mental
stability, blissfulness to the soul adrenaline
rush to your mind. Why should you plan? A goal
without a plan is just a wish. - Antoine de
Saint-Exupéry A good plan helps you to make a
normal thing good and good into best. Often it is
said that Shimla to Kaza is the most dangerous
road trip on our planet. So, planning for this
type of journey well in advance is really
important. In this type of trips, a comprehensive
plan is required to make this a perfect spiti
valley bike trip. You would be challenged by
nature on
every step but the tough the challenge the better
would be the prize. So, planning for the
self-drive road trip to Spiti needs minutest of
the details to be covered.
What is the best time to visit Spiti Valley Spiti
is an all-round destination for a road trip but
the majority places to visit in spiti valley of
the tourists visit this place starting from June
to September, as after September some of the
places start receiving snowfall, and make it very
difficult to drive on snow. Permits
Needed Permit creates a lot of confusion in the
mind of the travellers, but it is not at all
required for an Indian National. All foreign
nationals required to have a permit to enter
Spiti Valley. And whatever your nationality is,
you need to have a permit to enter Rohtang pass,
if you are going to enter the valley from Manali.
Itinerary preparation for Spiti Valley Trip The
ideal duration to cover the famous places of
Spiti would be around 09 to 12 days. If you are
starting your trip from Delhi then 10 days are an
ideal duration to spend your time with a medium
paced itinerary. The itinerary is very much
needed for any trip, and in case of a road trip,
it is a time saviour. Dont overcrowd your
itinerary by putting everything, choose your
priority, do your routing along with itinerary
preparation. Try calculating your budget also
with itinerary, so that
  • when you start your trip you have an estimate
    that how much money you need to have in your
    pocket to complete this spiti valley tour
    packages. Try to decide your pace and frame your
    itinerary according to it.
  • Use the advice of those who have already been on
    a road trip, as the experience of one is
    learning for others.
  • Places you can add in your trip to Spiti
  • Key Monastery- It is the oldest monastery of
    Spiti dated back to 1000 years old, built- in
    11th century
  • Chandratal Lake- Also known as the Moon Lake,
    it is situated on Samudra Tapu
  • Kaza- A major town of Spiti adjoining Tibetan
  • Gue Mummy Village- Gue mummy is the only sitting
    mummy in the world
  • Komic- Often known as the highest motorable
    village in the world
  • Lahaul Valley- The valley is full of nature,
    hills, waterfalls, and the snowcapped mountain
    is just an unmissable part
  • Pin Valley- A hidden gem of Spiti in Himachal
  • Langza Village- Called as the Fossil village of
    India. Buy one fossil for you also
  • Hikkim- Send a postcard from the worlds highest
    post office
  • Kunzum Pass- It offers a view of the worlds
    second-longest glacier- Bara Sigri
  • Routes
  • The Shimla- Narkanda- Rampur- Powari- Puh- Chango
    route spanning 450 km which is open around the
  • Manali- Rohtang Pass- Gramphoo- Batal- Kunzum La
    route covering 220 km which remains open from
    June till October.
  • Preparations for your trip
  • Prepare your vehicle
  • Before going on any road trip this is the first
    step you should take is to know your vehicle
    well and prepare a checklist of the items you
    need for your journey. Check the working
    condition of tires and tubes check the brakes,
    clutch etc. It is advised to get your vehicles
    properly serviced before 10 days. Do carry an
    emergency car kit, extra parts, extra fuel
    stored in bottles. Do not try to use car heaters
    in the night while sleeping to keep yourself
    warm as heat kills the oxygen present in the
    atmosphere and thus it could lead to a fatal
  • Prepare your suitcase

  • Depending on the month you are visiting, you
    should pack accordingly. As Spiti is seated on a
    very high altitude, you should carry enough
    clothes so as and when required you get
    everything handy. Do not forget to dress in
    layers. Pack first aid kit, gloves, woollen
    socks, extra day bag, reusable polybag for used
    and wet clothes etc. You must carry some games,
    prepare your playlist well in advance, must carry
    sufficient battery backup, portable chargers,
    equipment used in photography, paper map etc.
  • Prepare your health
  • Health is a very big constraint in completing
    your itinerary as planned. Due to AMS- Acute
    Mountain Sickness, a lot of your time could be
    wasted and thus you wont be able to complete
    your trip in time. These types of road trip look
    very amusing and easy but one must be fully
    prepared for it, as it required special
    attention. Do not try to overlook any symptom.
    Take good sleep, eat fibrous food, drink water in
    small portions, and just dont put so much junk
    food in yourself.
  • Follow Driving Rules
  • For a smooth road trip your vehicle must smoothly
    run, and for smooth vehicle performance, you
    need to take some precautions and follow some
    rules for the completion of your journey. You
    must follow the driving speed limit, do not drink
    and drive, follow signages, maintain the speed,
    drive on the side, not at the center, do not try
    to take your car as a sports car and yourself as
    the Formula One race driver.
  • Interact with locals
  • A local of any place helps you to see another
    perspective of the place, which you wont be
    able to see with bare eyes. To have a wonderful
    trip try to indulge with locals and live their
    culture. They try to help you unconditionally. So
    just grab every opportunity to interact with
    them and keep talking to them as they can help
    you with Dos and Donts of that particular
  • To experience the grandeur of Spiti, spend some
    time to gaze starry sky, camping by the river,
    eating local delicacies, and just dont rush for
    every place. Words cant describe the feeling
    when you will have a stargazing experience during
    your Spiti Valley road trip.

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