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What is GST Suvidha Centre - Effizent Seele Review


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Title: What is GST Suvidha Centre - Effizent Seele Review

Is GST Suvidha Center genuine? GST Suvidha
Centers is a registered GSPs by Effizent Seele
Pvt Ltd and has been working in this sector for
3 years along with more than 15,000 GST franchise
in India besides The Central Minister and
Ministry of Ayush Recognition. What is GST
Suvidha Centre? GST Suvidha Centers is a GST
franchise where the franchise owners have
approved permission from the government body to
provide around 300services related to TAX, GST,
Financial, Banking, Loan, Insurance, Employment,
Education, Health, G2C and also Travel
assistance in their locality at reasonable
rates. It creates business opportunities for
people who want to have a standard life by
creating a stable earning source or an extra
income source. If you want to learn more about
GST Suvidha Centers, check the website of GST
Suvidha Centers. How do I get clients to file a
GST return? GST Return Filing takes time and
since the government bodies are always piled up
with work, it's very easy to find clients in
your neighbourhood also. You have all the clients
who have a small business like a general store,
etc. You can also find clients through online
sources such as Facebook, group postings, google
listing, etc. What is GST Suvidha Center
Franchise Cost? For purchasing a GST Suvidha
Centers Franchise, an amount of Rs.25000 18 GST
has to be paid to the company with proper
documents. Is GST Center Franchise Government
Approved? Yes, GST Center Franchise is a
Government Approved Organization GSPs. How To
Know that GST Suvidha Center is Authorized? It is
very easy to cross-check the GST Suvidha Centers
authorization, To know about it you can check
the government portal of GSPN. How I can Earn
Money from GST Suvidha Center? In the world of
business, fake promises are so common yet GST
Suvidha Center wants its franchise owners to
know every method that is why it provides
complete guidance regarding the marketing
technique through multiple forms such as podcast,
post, videos, etc. There are more than 300
services that create a great earning potential
remain in high demand with high commission
rates. Let's understand it with a simple
example- If a franchise owner gets at least one
customer per day for the least cost service i.e.
GST Registration so the total amount of
customers at the end of the month would reach 30.
Every Customer is charged Rs.1,000 as GST
Registration fees which creates an amount of
Rs.30,000 at the end, so now we can say that the
GST Franchise owner already made 30,000 in its
first month with the least cost service. Now we
know that GST Registration is a onetime process
but GST Return Filing and Accounting are monthly
processes and needs to be filed.
  • So If the client has taken the service of GST
    Registration they would surely appear for GST
    Return Filing and Accounting which is mandatory,
    And the costing would be 500 1500 Rs.2000 per
    customer. At the End of the month, the franchise
    owner's earning reaches 60,000 of which 50
    would be handed to the company as part of the
  • As per the calculations now the franchise owner
    has the earning of 60000 at the end of the
    second month with just 2-3 service. Now the
    earning rate increases with other 300 services
    of finance, banking, loan, insurance, travel, and
    other GST Services and G2C services.
  • Who can open the GST Suvidha Centre Franchise in
  • Eligibility and Requirements for opening the GST
    Suvidha Franchise-
  • It is not a rule that one should have proper GST
    business knowledge to start the business. We
    provide systematic training for that.
  • The candidate should have completed the 10th.
  • An Android phone/computer, printer, scanner, and
    internet connection.
  • What is the Registration Process to Open GST
    Suvidha Center?
  • When you visit the GST Suvidha Center' Website,
    fill the form available at the site.
  • Within a few days of filling the form (max
    36hrs), you will be contacted by our tax
    executive and will be briefed about the
    franchise plus the working module.
  • Once the briefing session gets over you would be
    requested few documents for verification and
    after the verification payment process, a
    welcome call will be given for a final
    verification(in that call you will be given the
    scheduled appointments for your training and
    confirmation for transparency) along with a
    softcopy for the banner and business card.
  • After the training, one has now the
    government-approved license to provide the
    300services. A relationship manager would be
    assigned for further communication and guidance.
  • How Much Commission i Can Get from GST Suvidha
  • You will receive Up to 50 commission on every
    service that you provide to your clients. Note-
    Commission rates may differ according to the
    service charges.

  • GST Center Franchise offers more than 300
    services in 11 verticals (10 service01product
  • GST Center Franchise is the 1st franchise that
    gives the App support to its franchise partners
    and franchise clients.
  • Proper CRM training of 96 hours is provided to
    make sure that the franchise owners understand
    the proper function of the business work and the
  • GST Franchise owners also provide technical
    support through Zoho Cliq, CRM portal, android
    apps, etc.
  • At GST Center Franchise a proper team of 175 tax
    experts are there to support and guide the
    franchise owners to make sure their business runs
  • At every point of step franchise owner get an
    assured and quick positive response to their
    queries i.e proper knowledge kit and guidance.
  • Only at GST Suvidha Centers, one gets the
    opportunity of up-gradation as the company keeps
    on introducing new and beneficial verticals.
  • How does GST Suvidha Center work?
  • The working process for the franchise is very
  • When the clients approach the franchise for any
    service. The franchise can get the details of
    the service the "ASK ME" feature present in the
    app and then the owner just has to upload all
    the requested documents on the CRM Portal and the
    rest is handled by the Backend Support team.
  • For any queries about anything, Franchise owners
    can contact directly to their RM and due to the
    support of the GST Suvidha Center App facility it
    is now easy to communicate
  • any time and this has also created a "PORTABLE
    BUSINESS" opportunity as now services are
    present at Doorstep.
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