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Ipl Biologicals | Best Organic Fertilizer Company in India.


Ipl Biologics leads with one of the best organic fertilizers in India. we have lots of organic bio products so just you can prevent your agriculture with best organic products . – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Ipl Biologicals | Best Organic Fertilizer Company in India.

IPl Bio logicals - Best Organic Fertilizer
Company in India.
  • https//www.iplbiologicals.com/

About Us
  • International Panaacea Ltd (IPL) is India's
    leading biological company specializes in
    biological solutions for agriculture
    applications. We have widest portfolio of over 50
    products in disease and pest management, plant
    nutrient health management, and soil management
    helping customers in India and around the globe
    to control diseases, pest, improve plant health
    and increase crop yields.
  • Focused on research and technology, We have two
    RD labs which are manned by highly qualified
    experienced Microbiologists, Chemists,
    Entomologists, Pathologists and Agronomists. The
    state-of-the-art facility is recognized by
    Department of Scientific Industrial Research
    (DSIR), Ministry of Science Technology, India.
  • IPL has an incredible legacy of over 22 years and
    today is present in over 18 states in the
    country, reaching out to millions farmers almost
    on a daily basis. We also operate globally and
    are present in present 25 countries. We promote
    green and non-chemical solutions for a safer,
    sustainable and healthier world.

Scope of biofertilizer plant in India
  • Whenever there is a discussion about the
    agricultural products among the members of
    various countries then the first name that comes
    out is, India. India is known for its
    agricultural products for the past many decades.
    This tag and the growing population have to lead
    to the use of chemical fertilizer because they
    give instant results but they affect the soil and
    the ecosystem in the long run.
  • Due to this government has given the
    liability to private biofertilizer plants to
    produce biofertilizer at a good level. If we talk
    about the future, the scope of biofertilizer
    plants will continuously increase with each
    passing year.
  • This concept of biofertilizers has been
    coined by researchers to save the environment
    from pollution and various toxic substances that
    are getting mixed in water and soil. You can take
    the example of IPL Biologicals which is doing
    great in the field of biofertilizers.

Types of biofertilizer products
  • Different crops have different needs and
    according to that various types of biofertilizers
    are made according to the demand and deficiency.
    At IPL Biologicals you will get all types of
    biofertilizer products at an affordable price.
  • Some of the types of biofertilizer products
  • Nitrogen-fixing bacteria This type of bacterial
    biofertilizer increases the soil nitrogen level
    in the soil and makes it available to the plants
  • Phosphate biofertilizers These types of
    biofertilizer solubilize the insoluble phosphate
    from organic and inorganic phosphate sources and
    releases insoluble phosphorus in the soil.
  • Cyanobacteria These are also known as blue-green
    algae that fix nitrogen in the plant by tapping
    the sun's energy that is captured during
  • Azolla In association with blue-green algae it
    fixes atmospheric nitrogen mainly in rice. It is
    a free-floating water fern that is majorly used
    as a biofertilizer for the production of rice.

What are the benefits of using biofertilizers?
  • The ecosystem of earth is designed in such a
    way that every matter is dependent upon others
    for its growth and survival. Same way
    microorganisms in the soil play an important role
    in helping plants to absorb nutrients. IPL
    Biologicals provide biofertilizers that come
    several benefits and no side effects.
  • Here are some of the benefits of using
  • Biofertilizers fix atmospheric nitrogen in
    the root nodules of the legume of crops and make
    it available to the plant.It increases the
    fertility of the soil in the long run without
    polluting water and soil.
  • It improves the yield of the soil by 20
    without any adverse effect on the soil and
    plants.Using biofertilizer increases the water
    intake capacity of the plants through roots.The
    deficiency of various nutrients like iron,
    aluminum, and zinc is cured by using an
    appropriate biofertilizer.

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