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Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887 Processing Time And Cost in Australia


The Skilled Regional 887 is a permanent residence visa for skilled provisional visa holders who lived for at least 2 years and gained at least 12 months of employment experience in the specified regional area of Australia. The applicant must in Australia to apply for this visa and when it is granted. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887 Processing Time And Cost in Australia

Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887 Processing
Time And Cost in Australia
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The Visa Subclass 887 has been designed for
applicants who want to stay in Australia
permanently. Individuals who have already worked
in specific areas comprising regional Australia
can apply for Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887.
Make sure you were holding a substantial visa
while working in one of the areas of regional
Australia. Todays write-up will familiarize you
particularly with the cost of the 887 visa
subclass and its pertinent processing time.
887 Visa Processing Time
  • Currently, the Department of Home Affairs is
    processing applications submitted prior to
    September 2020. Make sure that your application
    is error-free with the correct pieces of
    information. Then, the Australian Immigration
    Department will process your visa application
    within the expected processing time. These
    include the following
  • Ninety percent of the applications get processed
    within nineteen months and
  • Seventy-five percent of the applications get
    processed within the time-frame of fourteen
  • The Department of Home Affairs processes each of
    the applications on a case-by-case basis. So, the
    exact processing time might get affected somewhat
    depending on certain circumstances.

Circumstances Affecting Your 887 Visa Processing
The potential circumstances which might affect
your 887 Visa Processing Time include the
following The number of places that are
available under the migration program The amount
of time which is consumed by the Australian
Immigration Department to receive additional
pieces of information from external agencies. The
reception of these pieces of information is
oftentimes related to national security criteria
and criteria related to your character and health
etc. The amount of time consumed by the
Department of Home Affairs to perform the
required verification on the supporting pieces of
  • Your promptness to respond to any requests which
    the Department of Home Affairs are asking you for
  • The submission of a complete 887 visa application
    from your end to the Department of Home Affairs.
    Besides, you should submit an application with
    all the important supporting credentials too.

Remember that in certain circumstances, the
processing time can be somewhat different when it
comes to the application of the visa subclass
887. Say, for instance, ninety percent of the
applications might get processed within a
time-frame of twenty-eight months. Similarly,
seventy-five percent of the applications can take
twenty-four months instead of twenty-one months.
Consider the aspects given above while lodging
the application for your 887 visa subclass. If
you do so, you can attain an impeccable visa
application of your 887 visa and submit it to the
Department of Home Affairs accordingly. In
response to it, you can expect to get your
application processed within the fastest span of
Skilled Regional Subclass 887 Visa Cost
The Subclass 887 Visa Cost is different for the
main applicant and that of accompanying family
members. These include the following Primary
Applicant If you are the chief applicant then,
you need to pay AU415 for your 887 visa
subclass. Accompanying Family Members Eligible
family members are allowed to apply along with
you for the visa subclass 887. In that case, a
separate application charge will apply to each of
Applicants with inadequate Functional English Do
you have a subsequent applicant whose functional
English is inadequate? Is that applicant eighteen
years or above? If so then, you need to pay an
additional charge while applying for your visa
subclass 887. This particular charge is
conventionally known as the second installment
charge. The second installment charge amounts to
a figure of AU4,890. Remember that you should
pay the second installment charge only when the
Australian Immigration Department asks you to do
so. In most cases, the Department of Home Affairs
request for the compliance of this criterion at
the time of approving your visa
Additional Visa Application Costs
The Subclass 887 Visa requires you to pay some
additional charges as well at the time you are
applying for it. These include expenses
pertaining to your bio metrics, police
certificates and health checks etc.
Visa Subclass 887 Benefits
  • As already said that the visa subclass 887 is a
    permanent visa and lets you reside in Australia
    indefinitely. Aside from allowing you to stay
    umpteen, this visa also ensures the following
    benefits for you
  • You can apply for citizenship in Australia
    depending on your eligibility
  • Travel from Australia and to Australia as long
    for five years
  • Sponsor relatives who are eligible to apply for a
    Permanent Residency in Australia

  • The 887 visa subclass allows you to enroll in
    Medicare too. Medicare is the most in-demand
    healthcare scheme in Australia that covers all
    the costs of your health-related bills and care
  • Work in Australia and study there at the same
  • Legion of the applicant applying for this
    particular visa gain the biggest advantage that
    it offers. It means that when you have the 887
    visa with you, you can expect to reside in
    Australia permanently.

Remember that the 887 visa subclass is a
Permanent Residency (PR) visa. So, apply for it
as perfectly as possible to get your visa
processed within the expected period of time. If
you wish you can hire a Migration Agent Perth to
lodge an impeccable application followed by the
payment of the correct visa fees. An Immigration
Agent Perth is an immigration pro who is
knowledgeable enough to ensure the choicest visa
application for you
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