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13 Surprising Benefits of Custom Work Uniforms to the Businesses


Wearing custom work wear make you more productive, professional and trustworthy. It also helps in branding your business with a unique value and design sense. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 13 Surprising Benefits of Custom Work Uniforms to the Businesses

Benefits of Custom Work
Uniforms to the Businesses
13 Surprising Benefits
Find out the reasons why you need to try custom
work uniforms for your business Does your
business need to have corporate business attire
for your employees? Of course, it does! No
matter how big or how small your company is,
there are many advantages to having your staff
wear a uniform at work. These advantages not
only benefit your company but can also be felt by
the staff and customers.
Lets take a look at all the amazing benefits you
can reap
A good strong professional image is crucial for
gaining new clients what every blooming
business needs to do in order to succeed. You
can make your employees appear professional by
making sure they speak clearly, use eye contact,
and keep a professional look with proper
corporate attire. Business uniforms are the
perfect way to achieve an executive and
professional look. So, well thought out staff
uniforms reinforce the brand strategy and your
place in the marketplace. Besides, they build a
sense of confidence and trust in the customer
when meeting a uniformed individual. A
professional work-related uniform develops and
maintains the customers standard of what he or
she expects from the employees. Plus, it shows
how disciplined a company is to its workers.
According to research, a proper dress code and
uniform corporate business attire within a
corporation increase productivity because the
uniform imparts a professional mindset in
workers. As a result, they start getting more
engrossed in their tasks. It is an effective
psychological effect of uniforms that make them
feel as if they are the face of the
brand. Apart from providing your staff with a
sense of security, uniforms also create a fine
line that uniform is for professional life and
casual clothes should be worn for social
activities. However, you should try to let them
choose individual styles or colours because
giving them a uniform out of the blue will
actually lower their productivity.
W ork uniforms instil a sense of credibility and
trust in a corporation and its abilities.
Customers naturally perceive employees sporting
branded workwear to take more pride in their
tasks and are hence better at providing
services. So, if you own a business, think about
your experience as a client and question yourself
if you have ever trusted a uniformed staff
member more when it came to assistance? It is
self-explanatory to a customer that if a company
has taken some time out to dress its employees in
uniforms, then it must have taken time to train
them as well.
Walking Advertisement
  • C orporate business attire is the perfect
    advertisement for a business. Every person
    walking past your companys building will see
    the uniform sporting your companys name and
    logo. This aids the development of brand
    awareness and exposure of a company in the
    locality and the working society.
  • As a result of the rise in publicity and
    exposure, brand retention increases in peoples
    minds. This is perhaps one of the most rewarding
    advantages of uniforms and the most important
    reason for a corporation to introduce workwear
    in the workplace. Besides, it is inexpensive as
    well, as compared to other forms of
  • Keep visual factors like vibrant colours, design,
    and unique logo in mind to make a brand image.
    These factors will not only make your employees
    stand out in the crowd, but also make it easy for
    the customers to remember them and identify them
    next time.
  • A study by Ashwini K. Poojary (1) reports that
    enhancing a clients branding knowledge about
    uniform can assist companies to develop a
    positive brand outlook which can, in return,
    boost sales. His study reported
  • 75.7 of respondents said uniforms are better
    than billboard advertising.
  • 74.4 of respondents said uniforms are better
    than radio advertising.
  • 73.5 of respondents said uniforms are better
    than TV advertising.
  • 71.5 of respondents said uniforms are better
    than newspaper advertising.
  • 56.1 of respondents said uniforms are better
    than Internet advertising.
  • 55 of respondents said uniforms are better than
    the Yellow Pages.
  • The by-product of creating uniforms that are
    comfortable and loved by your employees is a
    company that grows into a better place for the

Uniforms make workers easily recognisable for
frequent visitors. Clothes like the custom
uniform, such as polo shirts, t-shirts, workwear
etc., are not just for advertising a company, but
they also help with the overall branding of a
business. They do so by keeping your employees
look polished and make it easier for customers
to spot them. This set up of uniformed staff
results in a pleasant and seamless customer
experience which strengthens the brand of your
Team Building
A key advantage of uniforms is the morale of the
team. When people wear the same clothes at work,
they feel included and take pride in their job.
Uniforms instil a sense of belonging in people
and level the playing field for a greater
feeling of team spirit. When employees feel that
they are all working towards and together for the
same goal, their productivity increases.
Uniforms make people act like a team and lead to
greater success in businesses. They also get rid
of social barriers by promoting team unity and
healthier peer relationships, which lead to a
more productive working environment. Uniforms in
the workplace can steer a customers perception
of your workforce.
Tax Deduction
Uniforms do not just benefit a company, but also
help the employees get a tax deduction by
claiming tax relief to wash and maintain the
compulsory uniform. Tax relief can get your
workers on board with the idea of implementing
compulsory uniforms because it gets rid of their
stress of spending their salary on maintaining
the uniforms. This will benefit both your
employees and your company, as you will achieve
your goals of branding and marketing and your
employees will get a tax deduction.
Boosts Morale
When you give your staff a comfortable and
attractive uniform, you make them realise that
you care about how they feel and how they look.
Not just that, a uniform will improve their
attitude, boost their self-esteem, and up their
morale. Make sure that their uniforms are well
fitted and made with the highest quality of
fabric to boost their morale and increase their
motivation to get done with their daily chores.
Also, involve your staff in the process of
designing uniforms. This way they will accept
their uniform with pride and their morale will
Industry Demands
There are different corporations and companies
that are purely customer oriented like automobile
showrooms, hospitals, and electronics showrooms
etc. Wearing uniforms in these jobs instils a
sense of unity and solidarity in the customer.
As a result, the customer feels more comfortable
to consult an employee for help. Besides, it
looks good for the corporation from the
perspective of a third person.
One of the most important facts about uniforms is
that, as its name suggests, uniform literally
means to be the same or uniform throughout. This
is the primary reason why you need to have a
uniform your staff should feel and be seen as
the same in the workplace irrespective of their
social status.
It should not matter if someone is poor or rich
while working for your organisation, and everyone
should be treated the same. Therefore, a uniform
is an excellent way of bringing people together
onto one platform regardless of their background.
Amidst the hustle-bustle in todays era, everyone
wants to find a way to simplify some areas of
life. A branded uniform is one way to achieve
that goal. If you implement a dress code or a
specific uniform in your corporation, you can
help people save time. A work uniform will make
sure that your employees know what they have to
wear to work every day, and they will not waste
their time deciding what to wear every morning.
First Impression
Uniforms are perfect for making a good first
impression of the company. If your staff is
dressed to impress, your clients will feel
comfortable interacting with them. Whats more,
a uniform makes it easy to get prepared for
unexpected or unplanned situations like surprise
meetings. So, it is better to have a dress code
or a uniform, so your workers know what to wear
and what not to wear. This way your employees
will not wear inappropriate clothes based on
their field of work.
Mutual Growth
When employees wear the same uniform, they tend
to care more about their colleagues and try to
make sure that mutual growth and development
happens from both sides. Employees try to foster
their quality of care and make sure that
everyone in a shared workplace gets the
opportunity to prosper and thrive.
In conclusion, uniforms at work can serve as an
identity for a business and can also save your
staffs time. When you decide to implement a
dress code, take a survey to know how your
workers feel about the idea of wearing a uniform
to work every day. Or try to implement a dress
code if you cannot decide on a specific uniform.
References (1) Poojary, A. Are Uniforms and
Effective Marketing Tool. (2015).
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