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How to Help Protect Your Home From Hurricane Storm


When a hurricane strikes, you may need to evacuate. Your house will have to face the fury. Here's how to help it stand up. Call us now @ 954-200-8975. For more information visit @ – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Help Protect Your Home From Hurricane Storm

How to Help Protect Your Home From Hurricane Storm
Protect Your Family
On average, 3.7 million homes are broken into
each year. When an intruder enters your home,
they don't just take your belongings -- they also
rob you of your sense of security. Don't let
this be you. Here, you'll learn how to storm
protection your home from invasion including tips
on recognizing and deterring burglars and other
ways to keep your home and family safe.
Securing the Exterior of Your Home
When you think of how to protect your home from
invasion, what's the first thing that comes to
mind? Probably a quality home security system --
and you're not wrong. Securing the exterior of
your home is the first line of defense against
burglars. While installing Storm Shutters Panels
for a security system is one way of doing this,
there are other steps to reinforce your safety.
Securing the Interior
Lock Your Door and Windows While this might seem
like a no-brainer, homeowners aren't always
diligent about keeping doors and windows locked.
Sometimes, we get complacent after living
somewhere for a long period of time. People
believe their neighborhoods are safe or take the
attitude, "It won't happen to me". When it comes
to preventing a home invasion, it's better to be
safe than sorry. Always lock your doors and
windows at night and whenever you're away from
the house. Smart door locks make it convenient to
lock your doors from virtually anywhere, at any
time. You also receive alerts when the status of
your door lock has changed, notifying you of a
breach in security. If you have a garage, be sure
to keep the entry door locked. A locked exterior
garage door isn't enough to prevent a burglar
from gaining access to your home. Invest in a
Safe or Lockbox In the worst-case scenario, a
burglar might make it past your exterior
security. If this happens, you want to ensure
that the interior of your home is as safe and
secure as possible. Store all valuable items in a
safe or lockbox. If the safe isn't large and too
heavy to move, consider buying a wall-mounted one
or bolting it to the floor. In many cases,
intruders will simply take the safe with them! Be
sure to keep the keys or passcode in a separate,
safe location only shared with trusted family
members. Motion and Door Sensors Equipping
the interior of your home with motion and door
sensors helps guarantee you receive an alert the
minute someone enters or exits the home. When it
comes to protecting your home against an
invasion, you're most concerned with keeping
unwanted visitors out. Install door sensors on
all exits and entrances. These devices will ring
each time the entryway is used. This is ideal for
homeowners with small children or a pool. You
will hear the door sensor anytime an exterior
door is opened. You can also add sensors to
windows for added protection. When your home
security system is activated, door sensors will
not only sound when an entry is made but will
also trip the alarm, alerting you and the local
authorities. Motion sensors are a little
different and sound an alarm when they detect
movement inside your home. This helps keep your
family safe both at home and while you're away.
Help Protect Yourself and Your Family
You can hurricane shutters installers south
florida a great security system to help protect
your home from an invasion, but if you're not
aware of your surroundings, you're still in
danger. Here are a few tips for keeping yourself
protected both in and outside your home. Check
and Double-Check Your Home's Entry Points It's
easy to forget or neglect to lock your doors and
windows. Regardless of how far you're going or
for how long, always leave your home securely
locked when you're not there.?The same holds true
for your security system. All too often people
feel false security in simply having a system in
place. When you fail to arm the system, you're at
risk for home invasion and burglary. Befriend
Your Neighbor Two sets of eyes are better than
one. Talk to your neighbors about keeping an eye
on things when you're not home. Ask them to call
you or the local authorities if they detect any
suspicious activity. If you plan to be away for a
long period of time, ask your neighbor to collect
your mail and newspapers, shovel your walkway,
and bring in your garbage cans. All of these
might seem like insignificant chores, but it
helps your home appear "lived in", preventing
burglars from preying on an empty house. Don't
Tell People You're Going Away Speaking of going
on vacation, avoid advertising your trip. As
tempting as it may be, don't post pictures of
your vacation on social media until you return
home. Seasoned burglars use this information to
target empty houses.
Knowing How to Help Protect Your Home From
Invasion Starts With You
Knowledge is power when learning how to protect
your home from invasion. The more aware you are
of your surroundings, the better Storm
Preparation you are to prevent an
invasion. Investing in home security equipment
helps give you both peace of mind and control
over the safety of your home and family. It may
even save you money on homeowners insurance!
Don't live another day in fear. Check out our
package options here to find the perfect security
system for your needs.
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-protection/ Email P
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We believe that protecting your home or business
from hurricane winds, transitioning to solar
energy or getting a new roof or your roof
repaired can be achieved effectively and
affordably without sacrificing quality or
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