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Interesting Highlights of the Newly Developed Laravel 8.x


In Laravel 8, we get many new features and improvements. The new features includes Job Batching, New model directory, Schema Dump, Laravel Jetstream and enhancement of the previous features like route caching, maintenance mode, rate limiting and more bug fixes. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Interesting Highlights of the Newly Developed Laravel 8.x

Interesting Highlights of the Newly Developed
Laravel 8.x
To begin with, let us first understand this! WHAT
  • In the business sector, different PHP frameworks
    are accessible, namely, CodeIgniter, Yii, Zend,
    Laravel, Symfony, CakePHP, and more. But, of all
    the PHP frameworks, only Laravel is considered
    the most important one for commercial web
    application development. Fortunately, it was
    created to make it easy for developers to perform
    a few development activities, such as 
    caching, authentication, sessions, and routing.
    The best Laravel development services incorporate
    the following
  • High security
  • Enhanced performance
  • Strong authentication
  • Powerful open-source community
  • Database migration
  • Easy unit testing
  • MVC architecture
  • Future-ready apps

Now, let's take a ride down so far with all the
versions of Laravel !!
  • Laravel versions such as Laravel 1, Laravel 2,
    Laravel 3, and Laravel 4 were estimated around 3
    years ago. 
  • Additionally, Laravel 4 sub-versions like Laravel
    4.1 and Laravel 4.4 were proposed. 
  • Laravel 5 was released gradually, followed by
    versions 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, and
  • The Laravel version 6 included semantic
    versioning, compatibility with Laravel Vapor,
    improved authorization responses, improved job
    middleware, lazy collections, and sub-query
  • However, version 7 brought in more additional
    features like Airlock, Eloquent Casts, Speed
    Changes, Tags and Renovations, Queue upgrades,
    ORM improvements, etc until version 8.x came into
    being in September 2020. 

The following slides would highlight how and why
Laravel 8.x is the next-gen tool that helps you
do bigger projects and establish yourself as the
most suitable Laravel development company in
  • Lets take a look at some of those great new
  • New Landing Page
  • Default App Directory
  • Laravel Jetstream Laravel Fortify
  • Brand New model factories
  • Enhanced Rate Limiting
  • Database Schema Dumping
  • Route Caching Improvements
  • Controllers namespace removed the prefix.
  • Blade components Attributes
  • Cleaner Syntax for closure based on event
  • Maintenance Mode Secret Access
  • Maintenance Mode Pre-Render Pages

How is the Laravel 8.x PHP Framework beneficial
for companies? Within Laravel 7.x and extended
to the Laravel 8 update, there have been few
major changes that have been estimated. Laravel
Jetstream, Model Factory classes, Model
Directory, Rate-limiting enhancement, and several
more are included. 
  • LARAVEL 8.X in-depth, here are the advantages it
    supports executes
  • The Laravel Jetstream presents the applications
    with a better head start. It comes with
    two-factor authentication, window session
    control, API token management, user profile
    editing, uninstall features, JavaScript, etc.
  • With Laravel 8, you can incorporate a back off
    method to get your task completed. Itll return
    an array of integers that determine the wait time
    between job attempts in case it fails.
  • With Laravel 8, you can be able to register a
    call back to run when a job has failed using the
    catch() process.
  • This version makes it possible to use a secret
    flag while you put the site into maintenance
    mode. The view will be pre-rendered and the site
    put into maintenance mode. The composer autoload
    file will not load the code and there will be no
  • Nevertheless, in a nutshell, it can be said that
    LARAVEL 8.x will offer the best Laravel
    development services, make things more
    comfortable to build and extend components.

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