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if you are a fitness lover, then keep these gym essentials with yourself in order to do smart and perfect workout in your gym. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Frank6788 (1)

19 Gym Essentials Every Fitness Lover Needs
A complete checklist of gym essentials
To prevent forgetting important equipment at
home, it is better to have a checklist of all
the items you will need in the gym. Here is a
quick list of 19 gym essentials to make packing
your bag easier for you
Table of contents
A Gym Bag Exercise Mat Resistance Band Water
Bottle Rumblerollers Wireless Earbuds
2 3 4 5 6 7
Combination Lock
Umbrella An Extra Pair of Earbuds
9 9
Protein Shaker Snacks
10 11
Microfibre Gym Towel
Massage Ball A Smartwatch/Heart Monitor Liquid
Grip Portable Charger Sneakers for Gym
13 14 15 16 16
Hand Sanitiser Grip Gloves Takeaway
17 18 18
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A Gym Bag
The very first thing you need, to carry your gym
essentials kit with you to the gym, is a gym
bag. When buying a gym bag, consider whether it
fits your requirements, and go for something
that is spacious but not too bulky. The
right-sized bag will not only carry all your
essentials but will also be easier to carry
around on public transport. If you shower at
your gym, then buy a bag with separate dry and
wet compartments. Most importantly, opt for a
gym bag that is breathable and washable to avoid
any musty odours and mildew.
AQF Sports UK
Exercise Mat
An exercise mat is essential when doing
bodyweight exercises, which are an important
part of any good exercise routine to increase
strength. An exercise mat not only protects your
joints but also makes kneeling exercises easier
especially if the floor is hard and
uncomfortable. Exercises mat are perfect for
basic stretching and abs exercises. Even if you
are doing deadlifts, you will need an exercise
mat to do the warm-up steps. Buy a stretching mat
that is big and thick enough to offer you
protection from friction and abrasion from the
AQF Sports UK
Resistance Band
A resistance band is one of the best gym
essentials for beginners. Resistance bands allow
you to perform an extensive variety of exercises.
They are great for warming up the muscle groups
you want to target during the primary part of
your exercise routine. They are also among the
most suggested gym essentials for women because
they improve mobility and flexibility. Introduci
ng resistance bands to heavier exercises like
deadlifts, squats, and hip thrusts can make you
experience the burn in all the right spots by
adding resistance during both the work and rest
phase of your exercise. Plus, they are super
AQF Sports UK
Water Bottle
Staying hydrated is extremely important during
workouts to prevent your body from getting
dehydrated. So, make sure that you have a water
bottle in your gym bag along with other gym bag
essentials. Opt for a water bottle that is
leakproof, to avoid any spillages in the gym bag,
and reusable because reusable bottles are good
for the environment and also keep water colder
for more time. Make sure to get a bottle made of
durable and high-quality BPA-free stainless
steel. And if you buy a reusable plastic bottle,
buy one made from non-toxic BPA plastic.
AQF Sports UK
RumbleRollers are a scientifically crafted
mobility tool made to imitate a thumb-like
massage pressure for deep tissue. If you do
strength training, then you definitely need to
add this to your gym bag essentials bodybuilding
and make it a regular part of your routine,
before and after workouts. A rumbleroller breaks
up knotted muscle fibres and get rid of
tightness. Another reason to add a rumbleroller
to your bag is that it increases the range of
motion, lowers the risk of injuries and ensures
faster recovery. You can also make it a part of
your home gym essentials if you do heavy-duty
AQF Sports UK
Wireless Earbuds
If you want to make your workout fun and easier
to get done with, then add music, and you will
be surprised to see how enthusiastic and pumped
up music will make you feel. According to
research, music will help you get in the zone and
pace your workout. Dont forget to throw in a
pair of wireless earbuds before you leave for the
gym, otherwise, you will get bored
quickly. Another important reason to switch to
wireless earbuds is that they do not have a cord
which will get stuck in a piece of equipment when
you lift, head-man you and send your device
flying across the gym.
AQF Sports UK
Combination Lock
Gyms are hotspots for stealers, with gadgets,
expensive types of gym equipment, high-tech
clothing and money lying around everywhere. To
avoid any such mishaps happening to you, get
yourself a combination lock and store your gym
bag in the gym locker and work out with the
assurance that it will be there when you
return. Though many gyms contain self-locking
combination locker rooms, the tiny locks are not
enough to stop someone from getting to your
precious stuff. So, keep a combination locker in
your bag and leave as many valuable possessions
as possible at home.
AQF Sports UK
An umbrella is not only a game-changer but also a
lifesaver. If you use public means of transport
to get to your local gym, or you walk to it, then
an umbrella is an unsaid accessory that you need
to add to your gym essentials. Especially if it
frequently rains where you live, then it is a
good idea to keep an umbrella in your gym bag
24/7. Opt for a compact umbrella that is
lightweight and boasts an open/close button for
ease of use. This way it will easily fit in your
bag and wont feel too heavy.
An Extra Pair of Earbuds
AQF Sports UK
Wireless headphones are unarguably god-send, but
they have to be charged regularly. Which might
not seem like a problem if you charge them
regularly, but inevitably you will be faced with
a situation where you will hear the dreaded
battery low mid-workout.
To avoid hearing that message of doom, and enjoy
your workout the same way, keep an extra pair of
earbuds in your gym essentials bag. Buy something
sweat resistant to keep it dry when you exercise
and to ensure it doesnt stop working.
Protein Shaker
You will need a protein shaker if you are into
heavy-duty exercises like weighted squats or
weightlifting to juice yourself up. A protein
shaker bottle is a mandatory item to have in
your gym bad whether you like to drink
pre-workout, protein shake, or BCAAs. Plus, when
doing serious workouts, you have to refuel, as
soon as you can, after you finish working out to
get the most out of your training program and
recover properly. Shakes are the perfect way to
do this, and a protein shaker is the best way to
store them and keep you charged.
AQF Sports UK
Reaching the gym and being hit with a strong wave
of hunger right before you begin your workout is
the worst feeling in the world other than your
phone running out of battery. Thats where light
snacks like protein bars come in which not only
help you pre-workout but also help you heal
after a workout. Bring along some protein bars,
your favourite fruits or some walnuts to keep
your blood sugar balanced and speed up your
recovery. But if you dont get a chance to fuel
your body beforehand, then a high-carb snack is
best for you before a workout.
AQF Sports UK
Microfibre Gym Towel
Normal gym towels dont get the job done all the
time, and thats why it is better to get a
microfibre towel because the microfibres absorb
sweat and moisture and give a cooling effect.
Besides, its very impractical to carry a bulky
towel with you, so keep a microfibre towel in
your gym essentials kit. Moreover, if you are
involved in running, yoga, HIIT, and belly fat
exercises, then opt for an antibacterial
microfiber towel. They can retain 3-4 times their
weight in water, and dry ten times faster than
regular towels.
AQF Sports UK
Massage Ball
Always keep a massage ball in your gym bag to
target specific areas on your body in case of
pain to relieve tense muscles. A massage ball is
a tiny durable ball that contours amazingly to
muscles of all sizes and shapes. It is more
effective at targetting the area between
different muscle groups and applying concentrated
pressure because of its smaller size. Plus, it
will not even occupy a lot of space in your gym
bag, so you can easily add it to your warm-up
routine pre-workout and cool down routine
AQF Sports UK
A Smartwatch/Heart Monitor
It is a good idea to get yourself a smartwatch to
keep track of your calories burned, steps were
taken during cardio, and heart track to help you
stay fit and healthy. You can get a watch like
Fitbit to track your sleep patterns, as well as
your activities during the day. When you do not
feel like wearing your watch, you can just toss
it in your gym bag. Plus, you can use it as a
GPS tracker for your runs, as a vibrating alarm,
and for leading your personalised breathing
sessions to decompress during the day.
Liquid Grip
AQF Sports UK
Weightlifting chalk is a reliable way to easily
and quickly apply chalk on your hands. But it is
advisable to keep a bottle of liquid grip in your
gym bag, in case your gym runs out of
weightlifting chalk. A bottle of liquid grip
comes in handy when you have to deadlift. In
addition, the liquid grip makes zero mess. So,
all you have to do is coat your hands with it and
let it dry up. Dont rub it on your hands like a
lotion. One thing to note is that it has a mild
scent, but it disappears quickly when you apply
Portable Charger
Never forget to keep your portable charger in
your bag along with other gym essentials,
including earbuds and mobile phone. A portable
charger feels like a life saviour when you step
into your gym, and the realisation suddenly hits
you that you do not have enough phone battery.
And to not have enough battery to listen to music
is a bummer. Without a portable charger and
enough battery on the phone, how are you going to
carry out your workout routine with dedication
when you can not even pump up the music?
AQF Sports UK
Sneakers for Gym
A proper squat or deadlift starts at the feet,
and these exercises require specialised shoes. A
comfortable pair of sneakers crafted for better
efficient power transfer from your feet to the
floor with a good grip are an ideal choice. Gym
shoes might look like an obvious item to keep in
your bag, but it is crucial to use the specific
type of shoes you will have to wear for a
specific workout. Sneakers are excellent for low
impact, lifting, HIIT, weight-centred cardio, and
fat burning exercises. Moreover, if you are a
professional runner, you should get shoes made
particularly for road wear and tear.
Hand Sanitiser
AQF Sports UK
Hygiene must come first, at all times. As much as
we all love going to the gym regularly to keep
up with our fitness goals, the gym is quite
honestly a very unhygienic place full of health
hazards. Apart from the unbearable smell of
odour and sweaty equipment used by everyone,
there are so many more threats. You can easily
catch some pretty gross stuff while working out
at the gym such as viruses, bacterial infections,
genital warts, and allergens. To avoid all those
hazards, carry a hand sanitiser in your gym bag.
Grip Gloves
AQF Sports UK
For people who lift heavy weights in the gym, the
importance of gym gloves is insurmountable.
Also, theres nothing more frustrating than
interrupting a set because of losing your grip
on the equipment you are using. To avoid facing
that situation, keep a pair of grip gloves with
padding, perspiration management, and protection
in your gym essentials. Wearing gloves helps
alleviate any pressure by offering a more solid
grip than what you achieve with your bare hands.
Other than that, they also absorb some pressure
off your wrists and decrease the strain when you
do heavier lifts.
Apart from all the types of gym equipment and
essentials listed above, you can also throw
other stuff you might need, like skipping ropes.
Some people also like to carry their gym apparel
like compression wear in their gym bag, but most
people just wear them to the gym. You can also
either carry them or wear them, whatever suits
you the best. So, there you have your complete
list of gym essentials to take with you the next
gym you go to the gym.
AQF Sports UK
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