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Spinal Cord Injury


A spinal cord injury (SCI) is damage to the spinal cord that results in a loss of function, such as mobility and/or feeling. Frequent causes of spinal cord injuries are trauma (car accident, gunshot, falls, etc.) or disease (polio, spina bifida, Friedreich's ataxia, etc.). – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Spinal Cord Injury

  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • The spinal cord is the collection of nerves that
    travels from the medulla (bottom of the brain)
    right down your back. There are 31 pairs of
    nerves that leave the spinal cord and connect to
    the arms, legs, chest and abdomen. These nerves
    transfer the commands of the brain to your
    muscles and cause the movement.
  • The spinal cord injury occurs when there is
    damage to the spinal cord either from trauma or
    loss of blood supply, or compression from tumour
    or infection. The most crucial part of the spinal
    cord injury is that they dont have the ability
    to recover by itself. For recovering you need to
    get a surgery done by the specialist.
  • The cause for the spinal cord injury is -
  • Fall from heights.
  • Violence (eg Stabbing knife or gunshots the
  • Sport injuries (eg rugby, football etc.)
  • Our aim is to diagnose a spinal cord injury. The
    patients medical history will be recorded by
    asking question and getting the details of the
    injury. We will try our best to give the patient
    treatment, the quicker the surgery the better
    are the chances of recovery. After the physical
    check-up we will obtain the x rays of spine. The
    x-ray will help us to identify the fracture or
    the tumour between the vertebrae. Sometimes, the
    spinal cord injury happens because of the severe
    arthritis. After the x-ray we will take the CT
    scan and the MRI scan to confirm the evidence of
    the injury within the spinal cord.
  • Which hospital is best for the spinal cord in
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