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Stay Away From Health Care Fraud Investigation in Dallas


Health care fraud is the intentional deception which mainly involves submitting misrepresentations to acquire claims repayment from payers for which no privilege exists. Often Medicare/Medicaid patients are unaware that their identity, insurance information and treatment is being used in a scheme to defraud. Know more: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Stay Away From Health Care Fraud Investigation in Dallas

Stay Away From Health Care Fraud Investigation
  • Today, health care fraud is the headache of an
    entire world. It's no secret that healthcare
    fraud accounts for an estimated 100 billion
    dollars a year in the United States alone, and
    it's increasingly a reason that health care costs
    continue to rise. Unnecessary and fraudulent
    treatments are being submitted to payer
    organizations by organized crime and con artists
    have become big business in the world today.

  • Independent review organizations are playing an
    increasingly important role in reducing health
    care fraud by helping fraud special investigative
    units close fraud investigations and provide
    important insight about which cases should be
    paid and which shouldn't.
  • To serve mankind, health care is a very sensitive
    issue in all parts of the world. Not only the
    third world underdeveloped countries, the
    countries like United States of America and
    European Union has always been seen in crisis
    over health care across the past decades,
    although the advancement in science, research and
    technology has brought wonders but still the
    healthcare frauds and health care crimes are
    increasing in huge numbers.

  • Health care fraud steals the very essence of
    human life. The list of examples can create
    shocking news and generates a sense of
    hopelessness. So ICFECI health care fraud
    investigation is needed to overcome the issues.

10 Things Which Indicate a Health Care Fraud
Medical incidents or medical practices that are
not consistent with the standard of care
(substandard provision of health care).
Unnecessary cost to a healthcare program caused
either directly or indirectly. Payment in
improper way or payment for services those fail
to meet professional standards. Medically
unnecessary services Substandard quality of
treatment (e.g., in nursing homes) Elaborated
Schemes and cover-up strategies and failure to
meet insurance coverage requirements. The false
statement of services rendered or goods
provided. Obtaining false insurance information
Unreasonable rates and misrepresentation of
value and services regarding health
care. Consumer health care fraud. One example is
forging family names to provide coverage to
friends with the intention of dividing up the
  • At ICFECI, we, the healthcare fraud examiner,
    have knowledge and experience in this field and
    helps in solving the case of the accused. We
    investigate cases relating to false billing,
    false insurance claims, false diagnoses, forcing
    patients to undergo tests or surgery solely for
    pecuniary gains, and Medicare billing schemes.
    Get in touch with health care fraud investigation.

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