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How to tell there’s Mold Growth after a Flood, Mold Remediation Aurora


How bad does a flood need to be to get mold? And the ways are you able to tell if mold may be a problem? Is detection an equivalent for each structure? Check out the answers of these questions about mold remediation aurora. For mold removal & mold remediation in Aurora, call us at (720) 715-7773 or contact us online and we will be in touch quickly! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to tell there’s Mold Growth after a Flood, Mold Remediation Aurora

How To Tell Theres Mold Growth After A Flood
  • Mold growth may be a common thing in
    flood-damaged homes and damp environments.
  • But how bad does a flood need to be to
    get mold? and the way are you able to tell if
    mold may be a problem? Is detection an
    equivalent for each structure?
  • Below, the expert technicians at Professional
    Restoration answer these questions and more.

Post Flood Mold Detection
  • Mold are often obvious or hidden from view. Even
    after cleanup and mitigation steps, mold growth
    may occur.
  • Remain vigilant in your detection efforts. Your
    eyes and nose are the simplest tools for the
    work .
  • Keep a glance out for mold along baseboards,
    inside cabinets, and under flooring.

  • Mold are often obvious, but it also can hide in
    hard to succeed in places or tight spots behind
    heavy furniture or stationary objects. Inspect
    these areas after a flood, even after the
    property is clean and dry.
  • The first sign of a mold is usually an odor. Mold
    produces gases which may smell musty, earthy, or

  • After a flood, surfaces, floors, and walls may
    appear clean and mold free, but even a
    little amount of residual moisture can spur mold
  • Catching mold early is a simple thanks
    to prevent a bigger remediation project down the

Size Doesnt Matter
  • Any amount of water can spur mold growth. After a
    flood, a far better question to ask is what
    steps have I taken (or not taken) to stop mold?
  • Mold only needs a couple of things to
    proliferate an organic food source, moisture,
    warmth, and oxygen.
  • A small drip behind a sink is simply as likely to
    spur mold growth as a flood.

  • While some floods end in irreversible water
    damage, the dimensions of a flood isnt
    necessarily the sole determining factor whats
    more important is taking proper water mitigation
  • Commercial buildings, garages, and retail shops
    are even as vulnerable to mold as residential
  • The technicians at Anatom Restoration have
    experience with residential and commercial
    buildings alike.
  • If you need help avoiding mold growth after water
    damage, give us a call at (720) 715-7773.

Why It Matters
  • After a flood, youll want things back to normal
    as soon as possibleor back to business if its a
    commercial space. But dont be too hasty.
  • Some people are extremely sensitive to mold
    including young children, individuals with
    chronic respiratory problems, or those with
    compromised immune systems.
  • In homes and commercial buildings, mold can
    cause a variety of symptoms including nasal
    stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing or
    wheezing, eye irritation, and sometimes skin

  • Dont chance these adverse health effects by
    rushing or avoiding cleaning up any water damage
    a process that can take months to complete.
  • Contents and structural materials should be dry,
    cleaned, and sanitized before the property
    resumes normal use.
  • And even then, its best to keep an eye on
    potential problem areas.

Anatom Restoration
  • If you can see mold, theres a good chance you
    already have an infestation! Anatom Restoration
    provides comprehensive mold remediation aurora.
  • When you call our mold remediation aurora based
    team, we will schedule a time to come out,
    inspect for mold, and if we find it, we will fix
    the cause of the mold and remove any mold that
    has grown.
  • When you need mold removal or mold inspections in
    Aurora, call (720) 715-7773 or contact us online
    for an assessment.

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