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How to Host Engaging Virtual And Hybrid Events


Transiting to virtual and hybrid events has become a new normal. Over the course of the pandemic virtual hybrid events have gained immense popularity. Hosting an engaging virtual or hybrid event requires an equal amount of planning and strategy to attract attendees to the event. Here is a quick guide to host engaging and interactive virtual hybrid events. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Host Engaging Virtual And Hybrid Events

How to Host Engaging Virtual Hybrid Events
Planning to host your next virtual or hybrid
event, we have a breakdown of a quick brief to
host engaging and interactive virtual and hybrid
Transiting Live Physical Events to Virtual Events
  • The unforecasted advent of the COVID-19 has been
    a catalyst for the sudden transformation of event
    formats. Organisations worldwide pivot virtual
    events to keep running smoothly.
  • Live streaming is on a rapid rise. It has been
    anticipated that live streaming is expected to
    account for 15 of the total Internet traffic by
  • Moving ahead with times, 93 of organizers plan
    to invest in virtual events and make them a part
    of event strategy post-pandemic.
  • 67 percent of companies are willing to invest in
    web conferencing software as per the poll
    conducted by TrustRadius.

Advantages of Virtual Events 
Virtual events offer enormous benefits when
compared to traditional event formats. Boost
engagements, foster connections, generate more
qualified leads, and drive business revenues by
leveraging virtual events. Here are a few
advantages of transiting to virtual events
  • Increased Participation and Engagement Allows
    attendees to join the event remotely from any
    location around the world. However, resulting in
    better reach, attendance, and engagements.
  • Ease of Access Virtual events are easily
    accessible as it allows attendees to attend an
    event from any device from the comfort of their
    own space.
  • Cost-Effective Alternative Eliminates the cost
    involved in traveling, accommodation, renting a
    venue, food beverages, and so on.
  • Improved ROI An improvised ROI is expected out
    of virtual events.
  • Environmental Friendly Results in eliminating
    carbon emissions and disposal of waste and
  • Data Tracking Keep a track of KPIs and every
    attendee moves right from the start till the
    event ends.
  • Real-Time Analytics Report Offers real-time
    analytics reports to measure performance metrics
    of an event.

How Events Will Look in Near Future? 
  • A hybrid event model comprises the best elements
    of both the event worlds i.e. virtual and
    in-person events. A physical event that comprises
    a virtual event component and can be accessed by
    attendees either in-person or virtually is known
    as hybrid events.
  • 62 of event planners believe that the future of
    events lies within hybrid events.
  • 50.7 of executives think that in the future all
    live events will have a virtual dimension.

Advantages of Hybrid Events
  • Low Accommodation As attendees are divided into
    two halves, which results in reducing the number
    of in-person attendees. However, the need for a
    larger accommodation gets escalated with hybrid
  • Increased Attendance Hybrid event model results
    in having high attendance at the event. Attendees
    residing in proximity to the event venue can
    attend the event in-person. Whereas attendees who
    have a second thought about traveling can attend
    the event virtually from remote locations.
  • Long-Lasting Associations Hybrid events allow
    organisers to record the complete sessions while
    being streamlined to virtual attendees. It allows
    the organiser to share the pre-recorded video
    content with attendees later thus fostering
    meaningful and long-lasting association with
  • Enhanced Visibility for Sponsors As hybrid
    events are an amalgamation of people attending an
    event in-person as well as virtually, it results
    in enhanced reach. It helps in attracting more
    sponsors to your event.

Tips to Host Engaging Virtual or Hybrid vent
We have listed a pre, during and post-event
rundown to host an engaging, interactive and
successful virtual event, have a look
Before The Virtual or Hybrid Event
1. Identify the objective of hosting a virtual
or a hybrid event
  • Determining the purpose of hosting a virtual or a
    hybrid event is a must to create an effective
    strategy and achieve desired results.
  • Whether you want to enhance your brand
  • Boost business revenues?
  • Showcase your offerings to a wide spectrum of
    global audiences?
  • Connect with global attendees?
  • Tap talent across the globe? And so on.

2. Create an Effective Game Plan
Creating an effective strategy is a must whether
you are planning to host a large scale or a small
scale event to achieve optimal results. Ask the
following questions to yourself before creating
any strategy
  • Will your virtual event be live, on-demand, or a
    mix of both?
  • Will the access to your event be free or gated?
  • What is the best time for hosting an event as per
    target attendees?
  • Do you need event registrations?
  • How will you promote your upcoming event?
  • Will you offer on-demand video content?
  • What KPIs are you planning to track?

3. Outline the Budget
Create a budget for your virtual hybrid event
before opting for any technology solution. The
cost involved in live physical events gets
reduced significantly with virtual and hybrid
event formats. While creating a budget for
virtual hybrid event format keep the following
considerations in mind
  • Allocate a budget for marketing and promotions
  • Invest in the right technology partner

4. Select the Right Virtual Event Platform
Leverage the right virtual event platform that
offers a series of comprehensive features to
boost networking and engagements at virtual
hybrid events. Look for a platform that offers
various features
  • Live chat audio/video chat capabilities that
    enable attendees to interact in real-time.  
  • Engaging tools such as live polls, surveys,
    leaderboard, QA, quizzes, contests, etc.  
  • Data measuring capabilities to measure
    performance metrics
  • Real-time analytics report
  • Digital attendee footprinting to keep a track of
    every digital attendee move right from the start
    till the event ends.
  • Customisable services suiting every business
  • On-demand video content
  • Easy registration and navigation
  • 247 Real-time support
  • Apart from it, look for a virtual hybrid event
    platform that must-have features listed below to
    upscale the entire event experiences.
  • AI-Matchmaking
  • Networking Tables 
  • Attendee Footprinting 
  • Social Wall 
  • B2B Meeting Scheduler

5.Promote Your Upcoming Event
Promoting your upcoming event is a key to
attracting a maximized number of attendees at an
event. Identify the key selling point to market
your event and create an effective marketing
plan. Here are some ways to promote your upcoming
Public Relations
Send Direct Mails
Run Digital Ads
Leverage social media marketing
6. Keep Time Zone Considerations in Mind
7. Be Prepared For Any Technical Glitches
If you are targeting global attendees, keeping
time zone considerations in mind is a must while
selecting the date and time of an event to ensure
maximum attendance.
  • Select the time and date that is suitable to the
  • Do a little research beforehand, to look for any
    competitors event falling on the same date.
  • Make sure your event does not clash with any
    national or international holiday falling on the
    same date.
  • Virtual as well as hybrid events may result in
    having unexpected technical errors at the last
    moment. Before going Live
  • Check your internet connection
  • Run a dry test beforehand
  • Have a plan B ready in case of any mishaps
  • Prepare a FAQs page

During the Virtual or Hybrid Event
  • As per event marketers, Engagement is the major
    challenge faced during virtual and hybrid events.
    To host a successful virtual or hybrid event one
    must engage attendees during the on-going event.
    Here is a rundown to engage attendees during
    virtual or hybrid events
  • 1. Educate Virtual Attendees
  •  Educating virtual attendees about the event
    format is a must as it helps them to get the most
    out of the event.
  • Share a quick reference guide with attendees
    pre-event via email.
  • Once you go live, share a brisk brief that allows
    them to easily navigate throughout the event.
  • Enumerate the basic procedure about how to access
    virtual sessions, get breaks, and much more.

2.Create Opportunities For Engagement
  • Create opportunities for engagement during the
    event to keep attendees interested throughout the
    event. Here is a list of activities you can
    incorporate in the event to boost engagements
  • Organise Live Polls Surveys 
  • QA Sessions 
  • Gamification 
  • Contests, and Quizzes 
  • Leaderboard Challenge
  • Networking Tables and more.

  • 3.Boost Networking in Real-Time
  • Motivate your attendees to have real-time
    conversations with other attendees, hosts,
    speakers, and exhibitors. Here is a list of
    various networking formats that enable attendees
    to have life-like interactions during virtual or
    hybrid events
  • Live Audio/Video Chats
  • 11 Networking
  • Group Networking
  • AI-Matchmaking
  • Virtual Networking Tables
  • Business Card Exchange
  • Whatsapp chat Zoom Meeting integration

4. Incorporate Breakout Sessions During The
Event to Boost Engagements
  • Introduce breakout sessions amid your event if
    your event lasts for more than 30 minutes. It
    allows attendees to
  • Get refreshed and relaxed. 
  • Have free-flowing conversations with other
  • Foster meaningful connections
  • Have discussions using social walls.

After Virtual or Hybrid Event
The marketers work does not end once the event
is over. Creating a Post-event strategy is a must
to generate amplified business leads and boost
  • 2. Share event clips across Social Media
  • Sharing top highlights of your event on social
    media channels helps in promoting your virtual
    and hybrid event once it gets over.
  • It helps in taping a new audience segment
  • Enhance your event reach
  • Generate more leads
  • 1. Do not forget to follow up with attendees
  • Following up on your registered attendees is a
    must to get the maximum out of your event.
  • Send a follow-up survey via email to all the
    attendees who attended the event asking what they
    liked and what not at the event.
  • Ask them about the most engaging hotspots at the
    event and the areas that need improvement for
    future events.
  • Do not forget to follow-up with attendees who
    missed the event. A missed prospect can be a
    qualified lead. 
  • Share clips from the event to registered
    attendees via email who missed attending the

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