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Cleaning Your Bathroom on A Budget


Keeping your bathroom clean doesn’t have to cost the Earth – in more ways than one – and with these budget busting tips for cleaning your bathroom using natural products, you can help save money, and the planet. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Cleaning Your Bathroom on A Budget

Cleaning Your Bathroom on A Budget
  • Keeping your bathroom clean doesnt have to cost
    the Earth in more ways than one and with
    these budget busting tips for cleaning your
    bathroom using natural products, you can help
    save money, and the planet.
  • Avoid store bought cleaning solutions
  • While it might seem convenient to simply grab a
    bottle of your favorite chemical cleaner from the
    store, making your own, natural cleaning solution
    is super easy and a whole lot cheaper, not to
    mention better for the environment. Once youve
    got the ingredients (you may already have them in
    your home), you can make up a large supply of the
    solution so that itll last you just as long (if
    not longer) than your usual store-bought product.

  • For your own easy, efficient, cheap, versatile
    and natural cleaning solution, simply get
    together the following ingredients along with an
    empty spray bottle or two
  • White vinegar (or apple cider vinegar)
  • Baking soda
  • Essential oils or fresh lemon/lime/orange juice
  • Water

  • For tubs and tiles
  • Combine 1 and a half cups of baking soda with
    half a cup of warm water and 2 tablespoons of
    vinegar for a fantastically effective tub and
    tile/grouting cleaner. If you prefer not to use a
    plastic spray bottle, you can add the ingredients
    to a jar and shake it well each time before
    dipping your cloth in it, or pouring it onto the
    affected areas. You can also add lemon juice to
    make it smell fresher.
  • For toilet bowls
  • Pour a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar
    into the toilet bowl, leave it for at least a few
    hours before flushing. For more stubborn stains,
    you may need to scrub a little before flushing,
    but only after the mixture has been left to work
    for some time.

  • For mirrors and shower stalls
  • Vinegar is amazing for cleaning glass, and will
    effectively clean mirrors and shower stalls when
    diluted with water and sprayed on, before being
    wiped off.
  • For faucets
  • Take a lemon, cut it in half and simply wipe it
    around your faucets to help get them sparkling
    clean. Vinegar and baking soda combined can also
    be used to help fizz away stubborn stains and
    leave your entire bathroom looking and smelling
    hygienically clean.

  • Dishwash soap everywhere!
  • If budgetary constraints are concerning you more
    than most other issues when it comes to cleaning
    your bathroom, why not just use the dish soap
    that you already have? Dish soap is great for
    cleaning a multitude of different uses and gets
    many areas of the home, including the bathroom,
    spotlessly clean and streak free.
  • Get the professionals to clean your bathroom
  • While you might not think that it can be
    cost-effective to hire someone to clean your
    bathroom for you, by the time youve bought the
    products and invested the time to clean it, a pro
    could have come in and got the job expertly done
    for you, instead.

  • With their cleaning tips and vast experience,
    theyll deep clean it so that itll remain clean
    for longer, and doing it yourself, its always
    tempting to cut corners and skip bits!
  • Bathroom cleaning doesnt have to be a chore,
    neither does it have to be expensive and time
    consuming. With the above advice, your bathroom
    can get clean, and stay clean.

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