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Alliance Insurance Brokers is a company that is one of India’s leading insurance service providers, risk managers and reinsurance brokers. The company is dedicated in assisting you find the best possible solutions in protecting your exposure to risk in your line of businesses. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Alliance Insurance

Aviation and Aerospace
With liberalization, the Aviation Industry in
India has undergone a rapid transformation and is
poised for significant growth over the next few
years, both in terms of aviation infrastructure
and aircrafts. Aviation insurance policies are
complex and purchasing one "off the shelf" is
risky. The unique risk profiles in Aviation and
Aerospace demand exceptional insurance knowledge
and broking skills of the industry. As a
composite broker, Alliance enjoys the
flexibility of working with both domestic and
overseas insurance markets. We follow risk
management practices with intimate knowledge of
the global aviation insurance underwriting
marketplace. We maintain an intelligence
gathering network with our counterparts in other
major market areas, keeping us informed of all
developments in the aviation insurance industry
as well as regulatory and legislative areas. With
our innovative thinking, we travel against the
tide to create new trends to benefit each
individual customer. For Example, Alliance has
been a pioneer in Aviation with exceptional
insurance knowledge and understanding of industry
and claims. We are the first to offer individual
pilots a Sum Insured Limit of INR 1.00 crore. We
are associated with the leading pilot
associations in India and operate a highly
successful Loss of License program insuring more
than 300 individual pilots across the
country. Products and Services All Risks Hull,
Spares, Passenger and Third-Party Liability Hull
War War, Hijacking and Other Perils
Liability Deductible Insurance Products
Liability Satellites (Pre-Launch) Launch and
In-Orbit Life, (Physical Loss, Damage or Failure)
Loss of License, Personal Accident Non-Aviation
related insurance covers
Airlines Major Carriers Start Up
Airlines National / Flag Carriers Low Cost
Carriers Regional Operators Cargo
Operations General Aviation Fixed Rotor Wing
Operators Airports / Helipads Flights Training
Schools / Simulators Balloons / Gliders
Aerospace Infrastructure Major Part
Manufacturers Aviation Suppliers Ground Handlers
/ Caterers MRO's Airports / airport
authorities Drones / UAVs Space Satellite Owners
Operators Satellite Manufacturers Launch
Service Providers Launch Vehicle Providers
Banks, Cash Management and Financial Institutions
With the opening up of the Indian economy,
exposures to international financial markets and
introduction of new products and services, the
Indian financial sector has traversed an
impressive growth path. This transformation has
led to high risk exposures within the industry,
be it financial, legal or operational. Alliance
provides structured insurance solutions and risk
management services to all its clients in this
sector. With increased competition, introduction
of schematic products under highly regulated
environment increases the complexity of risk
management. Insurance solutions are to be
structured to provide optimal coverage to Banks
and Financial Institutions. The need of the hour
is to have an innovative approach in identifying
and covering the risks. Banks Financial
Institutions should maximize the possibilities
of de-risking their exposures with an adequate
insurance program to protect their balance
sheet. Alliance ensures their clients are covered
for the exposures it faces in its day to day
activities at a reasonable cost. This would
enable the client to focus and ensure smooth
functioning of their core business activities.
Our specialist Claims assistance team ensures
complete client satisfaction. Products and
Services Special Contingency Plans Credit
Insurance and Political Risks Bankers
Indemnity Comprehensive Crime Cover Directors
and Officers Liability Professional Indemnity
Employee Benefit Programs ATMs All Risk Policy
Construction and Infrastructure
Construction and Infrastructure Industry in India
transformed itself from a conventional sector to
a modern and more complex industry engineered
with new innovative technologies which has
fuelled Indias growth. The last decade has seen
terrific boom in the Real estate sector with a
construction boom across the country. But
construction in itself is a complex and time
taking process that involves meticulousness of
planning, multi-tasking, engineering,
architectural precision and many other allied
activities, each one of which comes with its own
unforeseen challenges and risk profiles.
Construction insurance is therefore a manifold,
complex operation, like the construction industry
itself. Construction Infrastructure complement
each other. However, the scope of infrastructure
isnt just limited to the laying of roads and
their maintenance, but extends to the science of
town and city planning, the upkeep of public
utilities and several other factors, making it a
quagmire for associated risk and insurance
wrangle. The exposures are related to express
highway, sea links, viaducts (metro rails and
roads), bridges etc., each of these having
varied degree of risk exposure. Considering most
infrastructure projects are always in the public
eye and are of vital importance to the greater
public good, for instance in the construction of
roads, railways and other sensitive public
utilities, the risk exposure can occur due to
multiple factors such as - collapse of an under
construction bridge / viaduct / tunnel, road
construction related exposures like flooding and
caving of roads due to seepage. Alliance team
brings board solutions by analyzing the
criticality of each of these sectors, the
exposures associated with and providing a total
risk management solution and risk transfer
mechanism. Having an integrated approach towards
designing covers for our various construction
clients, we ensure that comprehensive coverage
is provided to them with most competitive pricing.
Products and Services Project Insurance
(Contractors All Risk and Erection All Risk)
Advance Loss of Profit / Loss of Profit due to
delayed start-up Civil Engineering Completed
Risk Marine Imports Employee Benefit Programs
Liability Programs Commercial General Liability
Directors and Officers Professional Indemnity
India is poised to become one of the worlds most
productive Manufacturing hubs, having all the
requisite skills in product, process and capital
engineering. Indias expertise in various
manufacturing sectors coupled with its skilled
manpower is attracting the right companies to
invest in the country, thus paving way for it to
become a manufacturing powerhouse. The fact that
the manufacturing sector isnt a colloidal,
homogeneous whole makes the task of insuring it a
rather daunting one. Major exposures in
manufacturing industries are process related
which may lead to disruption of the entire
production cycle, affecting not only the
production process but also the revenues of the
organization. Our dedicated risk management team
on manufacturing sector brings in, end to end
insurance solutions for all risk exposures. We
extend necessary technical support in evaluating
open exposures, risk mitigation and implementing
risk management tools to reduce the nature of
the risk. Alliance expertise on the coverage,
pricing model and service delivery mechanism to
suit specific requirement of individual
corporate client is unmatched.
Products and Services Industrial All
Risk Standard Fire and Allied Perils and Loss of
Profit Machinery Breakdown and Machinery
Breakdown Loss of Profit Boiler Pressure plant
Insurance Liability Insurance Credit
Insurance Employee Benefit Programs
Media and Entertainment
The Motion pictures business in India has certain
unique aspects which pose challenges in front of
those whose fortunes are linked with the
industry. With over 3.5 billion film tickets sold
and over 1,000 movies produced annually, India
is, undoubtedly the largest film producing
market in the world. The shelf life of a movie is
short whereas the cost of producing and marketing
it along with the financial risk associated with
its success are very high. The business done in
a traditional way exposes Producers, Distributors
and Financers to undue risks. Marked already as
the largest producer of motion pictures, India is
poised to become a sizable producer of television
programs as well. With Indian audiences clearly
preferring locally produced program over foreign
programs, the new television services are
spending heavily on the development of indigenous
programs. The stage is now set for India to
develop into one of the world's largest and most
competitive television and content exhibition
market globally. With ever growing challenges and
various unforeseen risks faced, Alliance has been
able to design exclusive insurance programs and
risk management strategies, specifically for
Broadcasters and Exhibitors. Alliance is
associated and having relationships with over 150
major corporate in the Media and Entertainment
industry. We enjoy the lions share when it
comes to placing Media and Entertainment related
risk in the Indian market. We take the pride for
being No.1 brokers in India when it comes to
insuring Films and related risks. Our insurance
services cater to all section of Media and
Entertainment industry. The in-depth
understanding of the Entertainment business and
the risk involved makes us one of the finest
Media and Entertainment Insurance brokers in the
country. Products and Services Film Insurance /
Production Insurance covering the insureds
additional shooting expenditure caused due to
unforeseen and insurable risk. Media Liability
Insurance / Errors and Omission protecting the
insured from any liability lawsuit filed with
regards to a copyrights infringement,
defamation, title infringement etc. Distributors
Loss of Revenue post release policy covering the
distributors loss of revenue due to unforeseen
and insurable risk. Advance Paid to Stars
Insurance Indemnification towards the loss of
advance paid to the stars / artists / key
principals. Film Completion Bond is a written
contract that guarantees that a film will be
delivered and finished on schedule and within
budget. Commercial General Liability protection
against third party liability lawsuits for
property damage and bodily injury. Exhibitors
Loss of Revenue post film release policy covers
the Exhibitors Loss of Revenues due to
unforeseen and insurable risk. Travel Insurance
comprehensive cover for crew members traveling
abroad. Transmission failure.
Power and Energy
Power and Energy sector is typically
characterised as a complex and capital intensive
industry having long gestation periods with
adverse risk profiles. As it is a highly
prioritised sector in terms of the development of
an economy at large, it requires a great deal of
focus and attention. As financial investments in
these projects are huge, there is a need for
critical analysis in minimising risk exposures
during operation and construction phase. This
sector also involves a lot of exposures which
range from energy on-shore and offshore risks,
energy liability risks, credit risks,
construction risks and so on and hence the limits
of liability at stake are also very high. In
India Power / Energy projects are prone to delays
due to geo-political compulsions and an insurance
cover for such a risk can minimize the losses
due to such delays. Alliance team of experts
brings in comprehensive solution in designing
suitable risk transfer mechanism and risk
management to suit the specific need of the
particular project or operational activities. We
have the resources required to comprehend the
exposures, analyze the gaps and map a pathway to
fill-up the gaps.
Products and Services Risk Mitigation Consulting
Project Monitoring Property Insurance
Construction Insurance Casualty
Insurance Directors and Officers Liability Delay
in Start-up and Advance loss of profit Credit
Private Customers Group
Most high-net-worth individuals nowadays, are
underinsured, over-targeted in litigation and
dangerously exposed to risks that can profoundly
jeopardize their lifestyle and rob their family
of what theyve worked so hard to achieve. The
Private Customers Group is a specialized
division of Alliance Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd.
with an objective to provide the highest level
of personalized service available to HNI clients
for de-risking their life lifestyle, signature
assets, requiring customized insurance
solutions. Whether you are an industrialist,
actor, film personality, sports person or CEO of
Company, our Private Customers Group redefines
the relationship you will share with
Alliance. Private Customers Group will provide
you with a bespoke relationship team - your
insurance concierge who possesses a thorough
understanding of unique exposures associated with
managing the risks related to custom - built
homes and cottages, Private jets Yachts, fine
art collections, wine and other property
collections. Our team members have a combined
experience of 40 years in advising high net worth
individuals and enjoy strong relationships with
Indias leading underwriters of insurance for
high Net-Worth individuals and families. We
specialize in ensuring that your personal
financial position is insulated from your
business decisions and vice-versa while working
with you to ensure that there is a seamless
strategy put in place to ensure that business
continuity is maintained while meeting personal
wealth creation objectives. Private Customers
Group gives you the best of real world solutions
you need to protect your life hard earned
lifestyle assets. Products and Services Home
Coverage Promises to replace your home and other
structures on your property in the event of a
total loss. Art Artifacts Obtain precise
coverage for fine art, wine, jewelry, antiques
and other collectibles. Yachts Water Crafts
Get comprehensive insurance for super yachts,
small boats and everything in between. Kidnap
Ransom Coverage coverage for monies paid to
kidnappers or extortionists, loss of ransom in
transit, and other expenses incurred as a result
of a kidnaping. Travel Coverage A year long
Corporate travel policy, covering multiple
destinations. Collateral Protection Coverage
Insuring you against outstanding liabilities. Key
Person Insurance Protecting company's valuation
incase of death of a Key person. Automobile
Insure all your vehicles, including collector
cars, on one policy at an affordable
rate. Liability Cover Ensure that your family is
protected from claims of personal injury or
property damage with high limits of personal
excess liability insurance. World Wide Health
Cover Options to have planned operations /
surgery abroad. Ring Fencing of Personal Assets
Protecting your family's lifestyle from any
unforeseen business litigations / legal
Service sector is the lifeline for the socio
economic growth of our country. It is today the
largest and fastest growing sector globally,
contributing the most to the global output. The
real reason for the growth of the Service Sector
is the increase in urbanization, privatization
and more demand for intermediate and final
consumer services. Availability of quality
services is vital for the well being of the
economy and raises the Standard of Living in the
society. The activities under the purview of the
Service Sector range from - Trading,
Transportation Communication, Financial, Real
Estate Business Services, Community, Social
Personal Services, IT ITES services, Media
Entertainment and the list keeps increasing. Our
dedicated risk management team on Services
Industry always endeavors to bring customized
solutions for all the risk exposures. We
specialize in structuring comprehensive risk
management programs depending on the nature of
the service involved. Alliance capitalizes on
its expertise in the Service Sector on various
parameters like policy coverage, pricing model
competitiveness and service level parameters.
Products and Services Standard Fire Allied
Perils and Loss of Profit Liability
Insurance Credit Insurance Employee Benefit
Programs Miscellaneous Insurance Special
Contingency Insurance
Specie (Diamonds and Jewellery)
  • Diamonds, jewellery, precious stones, exquisite
    gems, precision timepieces, private collections
    and art All of these in its many forms have a
    special appeal. For some its a business, for
    others a passion. And whether youre dealing in
    the raw and/or refined, when it comes to risk,
    priceless pieces need great risk insurance
  • We have wealth of knowledge, experience and
    global market relationships, supported by
    dedicated claims expertise. We achieve all this
    through a combination of four key elements-
  • Specialist knowledge and skills.
  • Creative underwriting.
  • Autonomous decision making.
  • Local claims support.
  • Together, we offer a diverse range of insurance
    solutions to meet the needs of the Specie related
    industries globally.
  • We offer all the benefits of placing coverage
    with local /or international markets with access
    to one of the largest networks in the insurance
    industry, giving us the ability to offer local
    documentation anywhere in the world our clients
    operate. This makes us one of Indias leading
    insurance brokers who not only understand this
    highly specialised area but also helps them in
    keeping these businesses moving forward.
  • Alliances Specie Insurance team enables you to
    manage risk more effectively and economically,
    providing coverage that is based not on what the
    markets can do, but on your specific insurance
    needs. We look forward to helping our clients
    with an insurance service that makes a real
    difference to their risk management strategies.
  • Products and Services
  • Jewellers Block Insurance Standalone Terrorism
    Insurance Exhibition Insurance
  • Credit Insurance Fine Art Insurance
  • Fire and Allied Perils Insurance Marine Imports
    and Exports Employee Benefit Programs
    Management Liability Professional Indemnity
  • Cyber Crime Cover

Sports and Events
In the current economic scenario, where different
forays of business are gauging increasing
importance, amongst these is the Sports sector
which is portraying its vibrancy and
exhilaration. World over, Sports has always been
one of the areas of interest for the masses - be
it cricket, soccer, golf, tennis to name a few,
but the contingencies attached to it are also
becoming known. The commercial aspect of the
unknown factor involves high economic value which
could be adverse and the same can be shielded by
way of insurance. A sporting event like an Indian
Premier League (IPL) can be hampered by adverse
weather conditions leading to cancellation of
the matches or a FIFA World Cup could be affected
by a terrorist attack and so on. All these
uncertainties can be covered by way of a
Comprehensive Sports Insurance Cover. Broadcasters
of live events carry high risks as huge revenues
are at stake. Designing structured insurance
solutions depending on the various exposures of
the associated entities is the need of the
hour. Alliance has tremendous in-house expertise
in the Sports Events sector on various sports
structured solutions. Having mentioned that,
Alliance is the first broker in the country to
structure covers like Player Loss of Fees and
Player Bonus insurance covers which have
helped in minimizing high risks associated to
this line of business. Products and
Services Event Cancellation Insurance
for Broadcasters Television broadcasters have
huge ad revenues at stake which can be disturbed
due to any interruption in the telecast of a
live game. Event Organizers Sporting Entities
Any economic strain on the revenue generating
opportunities due to unforeseen events which is
beyond the control of the organizers can be
covered under Event Cancellation
Insurance. Player Loss of Fees Insurance In an
event if a player suffers an injury and is unable
to play the game, the financial losses in terms
of payment of contractual fees can be well taken
care by availing a Player Loss of Fees Insurance
Cover. Players Bonus / Prize Indemnity Having
achieved a particular level in the game and
pre-decided prior to the commencement of the
game can be covered under Player Bonus
Insurances. This can be well used as a
promotional activity with a motivational element
attached to it. Standalone Terrorism Insurance
Cover Personal Accident Insurance Medical
Insurance Liability Insurance Travel Insurance
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