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To develop unique range of specially crafted, well researched products of great utility, safety and suitability to meet every customer need and offer them at affordable prices with sustained focus on continuous quality improvement. At the same time, devising the best business plan for the marketing and sale of products through independent distributors under a free enterprise based business process outsourcing model. While striving to grow with honesty and integrity, Glaze aims to building capacity, capability and credibility of the distribution channel, by imparting focused training and education to the business partners and employees to improve their potential. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Galway Newsletter January 2021

New Year
Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd. (SINCE 2003)
Editor- Deep Narayan Tiwari
Web Publication
The Proud Galwians of Galway got the opportunity
to celebrate their success. This memorable
Leaders Meet were held in Patna, Raipur,
Lucknow, Siliguri, Bardhaman and Bhubaneswar.
Let's see what were the attractions of this
The Great Success of Samriddhi Plan Traveled
Around the Country in this New Year with
New Surprises and Gifts.
Special Attraction Leaders Meet and Home Visit
Wishing all Galwians a Wonderful New Year with
Lots of New Year Hopes, New Milestones,
New Dreams and New Achievements!!!!!
FGalwians are still immersed in the
celebration but for the spectacular, lively
and tremendous
riends, even though the New Year celebration
year went by giving not one, but many gifts to
the Galwians, whose celebration will continue in
the new year. The first gift came when the
may be over for the world, but all
the this hangover is not of the New Year's
and this celebration will remain continue.
Actually, success of the Galway Samriddhi Plan.
Yes, the past
Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd.
(SINCE 2003)
launched the new and splendid Galway Samriddhi
plan, which was more dynamic, rewarding and fast
track money earning component based than before.
As soon as this gift was received, all the
Galwians got ready to earn immensely from this
plan, and in a very surprising manner, within
just three months, the Galwians have set a
fantastic example through this Galway Samriddhi
Plan. Yes, less than in an expected time,
thousands of distributors took millions of
incentives, took full advantage of every
component, club, bonus and offers of the new
business plan. Also, earned unlimited Master
Income. That is, the Galway Samriddhi Plan gave
wealth, name and fame to all the Galwians. In
such a situation, Glaze also organized a unique
and historical virtual event 'Samriddhi Plan
Celebration Mega Event' to celebrate the success
of the Galway
The Leaders meet were held in these cities Patna,
Raipur, Lucknow, Siliguri, Bardhaman and
Bhubaneswar. Yes, after a long time, the Proud
Galwians of Galway got the opportunity to
celebrate their success, by gathering under one
roof together in different cities. This
memorable Leaders Meet were held in Patna,
Raipur, Lucknow, Siliguri, Bardhaman and
Bhubaneswar. During the Leaders Meet, several
top leaders, Syndicates and Trainers got the
opportunity of being honored by Mr. Sarabjeet
Singh Arneja, Director of Glaze and Mr. Kush
Kumar, Senior General Manager and sessions
related to their guidance and business tips were
given. In this Leaders Meet, many Galwians shared
their last year success story. They have
highlighted the prosperity that came into their
life from the Galway Samriddhi Plan, how the
magnificent products and Samriddhi plan has made
them stand on the new peak of self-reliance. Patn
a (Bihar) - Leaders Meet started on 12th
December, in Patna city, where top leaders like
Mundrika Gope, Alok Kumar, Barma Yadav etc.
discussed and talked about new and fantastic
Galway products, new offers and new targets to
be launched in the future under the guidance of
Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Arneja and Mr. Kush
Kumar. Raipur (Chhattisgarh) - After this, on
December 13, a magnificent Leaders' Meet was
organized in the huge auditorium of Raipur where
Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Arneja was welcomed on stage
with a loud applause and the entire hall was
echoed by the slogans of Jai Galway. Many Top
Leaders, Syndicates and Trainers were honored on
stage in which the names of Ranjani Kumari,
Har Har Galway-Ghar
Ghar Galway
During the Leaders Meet held in Raipur, Chanchal
Vishnoi from Raigarh gave a slogan Har Har
Galway-Ghar Ghar Galway, which filled the whole
event with a new energy. Senior General Manager
Mr. Kush Kumar gave his voice to this slogan of
Chanchal Vishnoi and encouraged her.
Samriddhi Plan, which was not only organized in
Glaze but also for the first time in the world
of Direct Selling. In this program, Glaze's
distributors from all over the country not only
participated in the program, but also the
Galwians were honored by our Founder-Directors
on their tremendous promotions and received
surprises also. After The Success of the Galway
Samriddhi PlanShower of Gifts!!!! Wait Wait!!!
This process of celebrations is not yet over.
Yes, taking the celebrations to a new level
after the tremendous success of 'Samriddhi Plan
Celebration Virtual Mega Event', the company
organized a spectacular 'Samriddhi Plan
Celebration Event - Leaders Meet' in the presence
of thousands of distributors from many cities
across the country. These cities include Patna,
Raipur, Lucknow, Siliguri, Bardhaman and
Bhubaneswar. These leaders' meet was special in
many respects. That is why the enthusiasm and
excitement of Galwians during the Leaders Meet
program in every city was at its peak. In fact,
during the Corona period, due to the lockdown
and subsequent government restrictions for a long
time, glaze leaders, distributors,
founders-directors were meeting each other only
virtually. However, the entire system of Glaze
was so high-tech that all the business was being
done successfully online. Training sessions were
also being organized virtually but in the
business world, it is said that there is no fun
without touch and feel. Be it the touch and feel
of the product, business meeting or the
celebrations. In these cities when the Glaze
Directors, Top Leaders and Galwians met and
hugged each other after a long time, the glow of
their faces increased and intentions become more
intensified. Lets know in which cities the
Leaders Meet was organized and what was special
about these magnificent events.
Paramanand Kotle etc. are prominent. Along with
this, feedback of Galway Products was taken from
hundreds of distributors present in the program.
Everyone gave user experiences related to
different products and said how the wonderful
products of Galway have brought prosperity in
their life. The Chilling atmosphere got warmed
up suddenly when the director of Glaze, Mr.
Sarabjeet Singh Arneja, told all the Galwians
how to do a brilliant business in this Corona
era while following government guidelines. All
Galwians then got another strong surprise when
the soon-to-be-launched products of Galway were
announced on the stage. Yes, all Galwians seems
very happy and excited about the fact that now
with the introduction of new products specially
home care products, Galway business will go even
higher. The chilly atmosphere of Raipur was
filled with excitement, enthusiasm and positive
energy after the announcement of new product
launch. Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) - After this
spectacular program in Raipur, this troop of
Leaders Meet reached the city of Nawabs, Lucknow
Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd.
(SINCE 2003)
December 15. Famous for its elegance and adorable
identity the city of Awadh, this meeting was as
spectacular and memorable as the Leaders Meet
held in Raipur. Many top leaders, syndicates and
trainers like Alok Kumar, Prakash Narayan, Umesh
Kumar Chaurasia and Munna Prasad were honored on
stage. After this great session, Galway Products
feedback was taken from all the distributors.
Then a Motivational session filled with energy,
inspiration and enthusiasm of Mr. Sarabjeet Singh
Arneja went on where he gave tips to the
Galwians to do business while adhering the
Government guidelines. Then the
soon-to-be-launched products of Galway were
announced. Siliguri (West Bengal) - After the
colorful program of the city of Nawabs, the next
stop of the Leaders Meet was Siliguri. The
enthusiasm of the Galwians had increased
considerably. And then in this same atmosphere,
the Top Leaders, Syndicates and Trainers were
honored among whom the names of Pankaj Kumar
Shah, Naseem Akhtar and Manish Singham are
prominent. After this, all Galwians shared their
experiences with the use of Galway products, and
then came the moment where everyone was waiting
for Motivational Training Session of Mr.
Sarabjeet Singh Arneja . Then everyone's
enthusiasm had reached a peak after hearing the
announcement of the soon-to-be launched products
of Galway. Bardhaman (West Bengal) - Many Top
Leaders, Syndicates and Trainers including
Manish Singham were honored on the stage in
Bardhaman on 18 December. Mr. Sarabjeet Singh
Arneja gave business tips and announced
soon-to-be-launched Galway products. During this
time, the enthusiasm and excitement of the
Galwians present in the hall was worth
seen. Galwians had a lot of excitement within
them after all the events of Leader Meet one
after another. However, the success of these
celebratory events was not going to end soon.
Because after Bardhaman, another great Leaders
Meet was held in Bhubaneswar on 22nd December.
And here too, the atmosphere filled with the
same passionate motive session, new products
launch announcement and the honor of top
leaders. In this way, with these tremendous
events that took place back to back of the
My Galway Home
Mr. Chetan Handa, Founder-Director of Glaze
called upon all Galwians that the first
condition for succeeding in the Galway business
is that all of you first become users of Galway
Products and build Galway Dream Corners in your
own homes. Today we are proud and very happy to
share that every Galwians, have not only made
themselves 100 users distributors but have also
made great Galway Dream Corners in their homes
with great enthusiasm and scale. All the
Galwians, who have not built a Galway Dream
Corner yet because of some reason, make a
wonderful Dream Corner in your home today itself
and take your business to a new level of
prosperity. Come, let us all take this pledge and
continue this campaign of Dream Corner till
every house becomes a Dream Corner.
Leaders Meet, filled every Galwian with new
energy, new spirits and new goals. Unique
Surprise of Home Visit After the passionate
Leaders meet another gift won the hearts of
Galwians was unique and heart-warming as Glaze
Director Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Arneja and Senior
General Manager Mr. Kush Kumar give surprise
visit to many Galwians home. They have visited
Dream Corner, My Home-Galway Home and My
Kitchen-Galway Kitchen at Leaders home. Along
with exciting activities and recharge, many
other memorable moments of rewards and
recognition were also created. When Mr.
Sarabjeet Singh Arneja arrived at the house of
several leaders, their enthusiasm and joy was
worth seeing. Each of the leaders were so proud
and excited that the company's Directors and
Senior General Manager
Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd.
(SINCE 2003)
Editor Note
Dear Galwians, The bestseller author Jonathan
Lockwood, said that Celebrates Endings - For
They Precede New Beginnings. Today we are also
celebrating the last years success of Galway
Samriddhi Plan so that the success of next year
will be much bigger and more memorable than the
previous year. Friends, New Year - 2021 has
brought the promise of new hopes, new beginnings
and new resolutions. In an era where most of the
businesses were going through an existential
crisis, the unemployment graph was rising in the
country, there you all Galwians with the strong
spirit of teamwork has kept the Galway business
on top in the field of network marketing. Last
year, we have achieved many milestones of
success. The Galway Samriddhi Plan brought
opportunities to earn more offers, bonuses,
income and more incentives than before. Under
the new business plan, thousands of Galwians
earned millions of extra incentives under Master
Income itself. In view of the performance of
Galwians, we organized 'Galway Samriddhi Plan
Celebration Mega Event - 20', the world's most
unique and grand virtual program in network
marketing, where we all celebrated the success
of the business plan and the winners were
rewarded and honored too. The year was not over
yet that the director of Glaze Mr. Sarabjeet
Singh Arneja and Senior General Manager Mr. Kush
Kumar surprisingly visited many Galwians home and
rewarded them for making My Home My Galway,
Dream Corner, My Galway Kitchen. But this
sequence of success and honor is not going to
stop now because in the year 2021 you will get
more than last year offers, best business
opportunities, new trainings, gifts and new
products of Galway. Yes, this year the company
will launch many new products to give you the
best retailing experience and super speed to
your Galway business. You will be happy and
proud to know that thiss year, company is going
to launch new products. In this journey of
success, we will provide you all the necessary
tools for every facility, training, support
system, offers and products etc. so that all of
you can earn maximum profit, strengthen your
network and fulfill all your dreams. If we all
work together as a team with our new Business
Plan, Great Offers, New Products then the day is
not far when we all will make Galway Business
worlds number one brand. Wishing the entire
Glaze family A Happy and Prosperous New Year !!!!
are coming straight from Delhi to their home,
having food with them and personally
congratulating and giving respect to them on the
success of the Samriddhi Plan along with Galway
Dream Corner. During this period, every
distributor gave a warm welcome to Mr. Sarabjeet
Singh Arneja and Mr. Kush Kumar and showed a
spectacular Dream Corner in their home. They all
made their own dream corners in a very
attractive way. After this, everyone introduced
their Galway products which they are using
personally at their home from washroom to
kitchen. Among the leaders whose home was
visited in this special campaign, the names of
Sitaram Yadav of Patna, Alok Kumar, Mundrika
Gope, Santraj Kumar, Arun Kumar and Barma Yadav
are prominent. From Lucknow, Umesh Kumar
Chaurasia and Munna Prasad home visit occurred.
Similarly, Rohit Sharma was chosen in Raipur
while Prashant Kumar and Bharat Tanti's house
was visited in Siliguri. Mr. Sarabjeet Singh
Arneja, congratulated all Galwians for taking
the initiative of Dream Corner in their homes
and told them to aimed to extend this mission to
all their networks, downline as well. Also
gifted a special customized pen to everyone. In
this way, the whole tour was divided into two
parts. In the first part all Galwians gathered
in one place. The second part was of home visit.
interesting thing is that wherever these events
took place, Galwians showed a large number of
participation. In this way, with the never
ending enthusiasm, the past year went with many
happy memories, sweet moments, new joys and new
The Celebration Will Remain Continue
When the Samriddhi plan's virtual event took
place, many leaders, distributors from all over
the country attended online, but somewhere
during the virtual meet, there was a feeling
inside all the Galwians that we wish if it
happens once again like in old days everyone can
raise the slogan of Jai Galway on the stage
together. Holding each other's hands, make the
whole world realize the power of the Galway
business and tell the story of success. And
finally, this wish has been fulfilled when
Leaders Meet and Home Visit program organized in
different cities across the country. In this
way, through these leaders' meetings and home
visits, Glaze announced proudly across the
country that we are the fastest, high-tech and
systematically successful direct selling company
on both online and offline fronts and in the
coming days,
we will continue to unite like this to celebrate
every success in the Galway business online,
sometimes through offline too.
Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd.
(SINCE 2003)
Fbrought prosperity to the thousands of
ABC Retail Income Earn Unlimited Income from
riends, ever since the new Samriddhi Plan
of Galway has been launched, it has
Galwian lives.
Under this plan, many new sources of income
from every new component has opened and for
the first time a new income named as ABC Retail
income has been added to the Galway business
plan. ABC Retail income means anybody can,
that is, anyone can take benefit from this
income. This income can be earned by
distributors ranking from Business Distributor
rank to Universal Royal President rank. Lets
know about it briefly. Except your Direct
Downline A, B, C, the more legs you will extend
in D, E, F and beyond that the more legs you
will keep extending, from their downline on
every ABC sale to unlimited depth you can earn
4 ABC retail income. You will not get retail
income on the D leg and its beyond legs. Let us
understand this income with an example. Suppose
A, B, C, D, E, F and G are doing
According to the list below, lets assume that
under Rams direct downline D, E, F and G which
includes A, B and C have done 177000 PV,
189000 P.V. 201000 P.V in the months of
September, October and November respectively
have done
business in Ram's direct downline. Ram will get
retail income on every ABC sell till the
unlimited depth of all further downlines of D, E,
F and G except his first three direct downlines
A, B and C.
group volume which in total comes to 567000
PV. Note 1 P.V 6 B.V (apprx.)
(For more information kindly refere PPT of
MONTH D Leg D Leg E Leg E leg F Leg F Leg G Leg G leg TOTAL SALE TOTAL 1 PV BV
(A,B,C) (A,B,C) (A,B,C) (A,B,C) (A,B,C) (A,B,C) (A,B,C) (A,B,C) _at_600 PV SALE PV 6 BV x 4?
SALE _at_600 PV SALE _at_600 PV SALE _at_600PV SALE _at_600 PV
September 50 30000 75 45000 80 48000 90 54000 295 177000 1062000 42480
October 55 33000 80 48000 85 51000 95 57000 315 189000 1134000 45360
November 60 36000 85 51000 90 54000 100 60000 335 201000 1206000 48240
Since income is always calculated according to BV
so 5,67,000 P.V. x 6 BV 3,40,2000 BV Now Ram
Will get 4 of ABC retail income on this.
3,40,2000 x 4 Rs. 1,36,080 That is, from
September to November, Ram will receive an ABC
Retail income of Rs. 1,36,080. Friends, this was
just an example. Now, its clear that the more
direct legs you will keep adding in your
downline, the income graph will keep increasing
Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd.
(SINCE 2003)
Create Wall of Dreams!!! Galwians, if you want to
fulfill your dreams, then create a Wall of
Dreams at your home. You do not have to
spend anything for this nor you need separate
space for this. All you have to do is write or
paste whatever dream you have as a picture /
poster etc. on the wall. By representing your
goals with pictures and images you will
actually strengthen and stimulates your emotions
and dreams because your mind responds
strongly to visual things. The saying A
picture is worth
Create Wall of Dreams
TRUE Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam had said that You
have to dream first before making your dreams
come true. Unless you dream of your home,
driving a car or traveling, how will you try in
that direction? Unless you think of something,
how will you find a way to achieve it?
Therefore, make a Wall of Dream and then start
trying to complete it with full strength, honesty
and dedication. Then see at what super speed
your dreams come true in this new year.
a thousand words holds true here.
Just Like,
you have to create your
dream corner in the room where your meetings
are held so that when guests visits your home
they can see the displayed Galway products. In
the same way, your Wall of Dreams should be
created at such a place where it is visible to
you throughout the day. If we have our dreams in
the back of our mind always, we will definitely
find the way, the path to pursue it. Dr. APJ
Abdul Kalam, a great Scientist said Dreams is
not what you see in sleep, is the thing which
doesnt let you sleep. Dream big, chase for it
and align it with your professional
goals. Psychology of Wall of Dreams By putting
your dreams in front of your eyes every moment,
gives you motivation to make it true and give
you spirit to achieve it. While doing Galway
Business, if you remember the Wall of Dreams, you
can focus in the right direction and with right
energy. In this way, you will be able to achieve
your Wall of Dream goal very soon. Friends, it
is a kind of psychology that when you see
something in your eyes again and again, your
conscious and subconscious mind makes a positive
picture of it and puts all your strength in the
same direction. So this Wall of Dream is not just
a motivational tool but a suggested
psychological method of experts to make dreams
come true. So friends, start the new year with
this new initiative and from now on, choose a
wall in your house and make it your Wall of
Dreams. On this wall put a pictures of your
dream car, house, rank or city which helps to
keep inspiring you to fulfill your dreams.
Fproper and perfect shape to your dreams before
realizing them. Suppose
riends, every person can see dreams, but to
fulfill those dreams, it is
necessary to give them a shape. The most
important thing is to give
you think of winning a formula race, but just by
thinking of winning it you cannot
win the race. You will need proper training and a
speedy car to win that race. It is important to
know that it is not enough to just set that
target in the mind, but it is also important to
understand its exact requirement and give it the
shape of the target. Suppose you want to win a
Formula race and you have a Maruti 800 in your
mind. Then, no matter how many sweet dreams you
see, if you try to overtake Michael Schumacher
with the Maruti 800, then you can imagine what
will happen to that Car!!! Power of Dreams In
order to fulfill your dreams every Galwian is
putting all their best efforts, determination,
hard work, passion and building a strong network.
Some Galwians have dream to buy a car and some
of them have to build a luxurious house. Some
Galwians dream is to travel to Europe, while
other have a dream to open a school or old age
home for social service. That is, everyone has
their own dreams and Galway business gives you
the key to make those dreams come true. Nothing
can be achieved in life without goals, and for
these goals, we need to dream. Now, how to give
the right shape to our dreams, then the right
answer is Wall of Dreams.
Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd.
(SINCE 2003)
Mdehydration and skin dryness start to
face cream, etc. to keep the skin soft and
glowing, while, best hair oil, shampoos,
conditioners and serums etc. are required to
eliminate dandruff and keep the hair strong and
shiny. Now the question arises, where to find
such products which are rich in rare herbs and
natural properties that give your hair proper
nutrition, shine and strength. The best solution
is Galway's hair and skin care products. These
wonderful Galway Rupabham products, recommended
by hair and beauty care experts, keeps your hair
glowing, strengthen and nourishes your skin
during the winter. We have brought these
wonderful products of Galway for you as a Winter
Kit, for you and for your loved ones. Body Wash
Honey Almond The best choice in winter, Galway
Roopabham Body Wash, equipped with the natural
properties of almonds and honey, provides
moisture to the
skin and gives your skin a tremendous feeling of
softness and freshness. It keeps your skin soft
and hydrated. Dermatologically tested, i.e. this
product is safe for all the skin
types. Pomegranate Plum Body Wash Antioxidant
properties of pomegranate provide a lot of
conditioning to your skin and helps in keeping
the skin soft. In addition, it prevents from free
radicals and gives your skin a clean and glowing
appearance. Plums full of minerals and vitamin E
improve the skin tone and provide the necessary
moisture. This is the best body wash for
winter. Goat Milk Shower Cream Rich in Goat
Milk's properties, Galway Rupabham Goat Milk
Shower Cream makes you feel as if you are taking
a bath with pure Goat Milk. The properties of
vitamins A, B and E present in this shower cream
give proper nutrition and care to the
skin. Pomegranate Grape Seed Body Lotion This
body lotion with natural properties of fruits
removes the dryness of your skin and provides it
with natural moisture. Pomegranate is rich in
antioxidant and vitamin C properties.
Multivitamin-rich grape seeds help to improve
the complexion of your skin. Aloe Cucumber Body
Lotion Filled with freshness and moisture of Aloe
vera and cucumber, Galway Rupabham Aloe Cucumber
body lotion is unique with the cucumber
properties present in it retain the freshness of
the skin and Aloe Vera keeps the skin soft, soft
and supple. Body Lotion Honey Shea Butter Rich
in honey and Shea butter, Galway Rupabham Honey
Shea Butter body lotion, nourishes, provide
moisture and give a magical
ost people drink very less amount of water
during the winter season due to which
increase. All hair and beauty experts recommend
that in the summer we use any kind of face or
body wash and cream for the skin, whereas in the
winter, we should use products that moisturize
and keep the skin hydrated because chemicals in
the soap can increase skin dryness but, products
containing aloe vera can be used for skin
moisturising. It keeps
Get Radiant Skin and Shiny Hair with Galways
Winter Special Care Kit
the skin hydrated and also nourishes it. Along
with skin, hair dryness and hair fall also occur
in cold weather. Dandruff problems are common in
winter due to scalp being dry. Therefore, along
with moisturizing the skin, hair moisturizing is
also important which can be done with coconut or
almond-based oils to maintain hair moisture, not
only it eliminate dandruff but also strengthen
them and increase their shine. it is necessary
that in the winter season, we need good quality
of body wash, body lotion,
Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd.
(SINCE 2003)
feel of silk-soft skin. The mixture of
ingredients contained in it maintains moisture
in the skin for a long time. Goat Milk Body
Lotion Give your skin a gentle glow with Galway
Rupabham Goat Milk Body Lotion. Along with the
natural properties of Goat Milk, the properties
of Triple Vitamins- A, B, E and Shea Butter
present in this body lotion provide moisture and
nourishment to the skin as well as make it
healthy and glowing. Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Galway
Rupabham Anti Dandruff Shampoo is the best to
deal with the problem of dandruff in winter as
its effective formula cleans hair slowly without
any dryness. Regular use of this shampoo
containing ZPTO formula does not bring back
dandruff and also relieves itching from dandruff.
The natural properties of the tea tree present
in this shampoo take care of your scalp by
eliminating dandruff. Pro-Keratin Shampoo with
Conditioner Rich in Vitamin-E and D-Panthenol
properties, this shampoo deeply cleanses the
hair as well as conditions to give it a fresh
shine to dry and lifeless hair. Coconut Hair
Oil Galway Rupabham Clear Coconut Hair Oil is a
coconut oil prepared from a non-sticky formula,
which includes the beneficial properties of
coconut. This oil keep the hair soft and shiny.
Along with providing nourishment, it also
prevents them from breaking and falling. Amla
Hair Oil Galway Rupabham Amla Hair Oil with
Amla, harad and Arnica is the best hair oil
prepared from a non-sticky formula that helps to
enhance and strengthen the hair.
Removes dead facial cells and cleans off clogged
pores, providing glowing and supple skin. Rich
in apricot, jojoba oil and almond oil, this
excellent product moisturizes the skin and
provides adequate nourishment. This face
cleanser with vitamin E gives a healthy, glowing
and youthful feeling to the face. Galway
Sunscreen SPF-30 Galway Sunscreen SPF-30 protects
the skin from the sun's harmful UVA / UVB rays,
as well as protects the skin from tanning and
sunburn. Its smooth- free formula helps the skin
to become clear and shiny. Beneficial ingredients
like kokum butter and Vitamin-E present in this
sunscreen take full care of skin health. Galway
Creme with Vitamin-E Galway creme with vitamin E
is an all-purpose cream that keep the skin
soft, supple, smooth and hydrated. It also
moisturizes keeping the skin hydrated. Almond oil
is rich in allantoin and vitamin E which
nourishes the skin. Haldi Chandan Cream This
tremendous cream adds beauty to the face. The
pure sandal oil added to it improves skin tone.
Also, the anti-bacterial properties of turmeric
contained in this cream improve the immunity of
the skin. Also, the combination of rare saffron
and honey with milk helps to give glow to the
skin. Pain Relief Ointment In winter, often the
pain of chronic injuries hurts the body, joint
and muscles, but no tension if you have a Galway
Pain Relief Ointment. This ointment has an
amazing combination of medicines like
turpentine, wintergreen, eucalyptus and mint
flowers along with clove oil, which helps in
quick relief of back pain, joint pain and
swelling. Overall, this wonderful winter kit
contains all the beneficial products to take
care of your skin and hair, which does not
allow your skin and hair to lose its moisture,
shine and strength.
Aroma Therapy Body Massage Oil The unique blend
of 9 luxurious and powerful oils present in
Galway Rupabham Aroma Therapy Body Massage Oil
fills the body and mind with a relaxing and
wonderful feeling. This unique blend helps in
detoxifying the skin as well as makes it soft and
supple. While its unique aroma fills the mind
with a new energy and relaxed feeling. Apricot
Scrub Galway Rupabham Apricot Scrub removes black
heads from the skin.
Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd.
(SINCE 2003)
Mustard cultivation is highly irrigated crop
due to less irrigation and higher profit. But
due to diseases occurring in the crop, yellow
mustard often turns black. Now farmer can save
mustard crop from diseases by using the
products of Galway Krisham.
TFarmer brothers can save their mustard crops
and dry it in the shade for 30 minutes. This
protects against these diseases. Sclerotinia or
stem rot are diseases that usually cause great
harm to mustard crop. The stems suffering from
this disease starts to rot. To avoid these
diseases, use G-Bio Phosphate Advance from
Galway Krisham. For other disease, you can
spray a mixture of 0.2 solution of Carbendazim
12 Mancozeb 63 at 50 to 60 days after
sowing. If the farmer brothers see stem rot
disease in the mustard crop, then they can do
the above treatment. Spraying of G-Bio Phosphate
Advance should be repeated at 10-days intervals,
if required.
he mustard crop is attacked by many diseases
which can results in serious losses of the yields.
from these diseases by giving them proper care
through Galway Krisham products.
Diseases in Mustard and their Preventions
White roly, also known as white rust, is a
common mustard disease. In this disease,
blisters appear on the leaves of plants 30 to 40
days after sowing. To avoid this disease, seed
treatment is necessary before sowing the
crop. For seed treatment, add 10 ml. of G-Bio
Phosphate in per 1 kg. of seed
Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd.
(SINCE 2003)
Super clubs of all ranks, from B.D. to the Royal
President, have been formed to encourage
retailing. Club qualifiers are given attractive
incentives through these clubs for excelling in
the field of retailing. Here is the information
about the Achievers of the Super Club, who, in
October, 2020 have earned highest incentive
among the clubs of their rank and got the first
Royal President Super Club
Royal Star Club
Star Club
MITHLESH KUMAR Zone - Hazaribagh, Jharkhand
Achievement - In the month of October, 2020, in Royal President Super Club, earned the highest incentive and secured the first position in his Rank.
Success Mantra - Set the goal of your life and remove all other thoughts from your mind.
LADU RAM DEVASI Zone- Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh
Achievement - In the month of October2020, in Star Club, earned the highest incentive and secured the first position.
Success Mantra - The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.
ROHIT SHARMA Zone - Raipur, Chhattisgarh
Achievement - In the month of October 2020in Royal Star Club earned the highest incentive and secured the first position.
Success Mantra - Good leaders focus on the success of their team more than their own success.
Zone - Latur, Maharashtra
Zone - Mathura, Uttar Pradesh
Achievement - In the month of October 2020, in
President Super Club, earned the highest
incentive and secured the first position.
Achievement - In October, 2020, in Senior
Director Super Club, earned the highest
incentive and secured the first
position. Success Mantra Dont wait for
any special time for success rather, make your
every time special.
Success Mantra - Any work seemd impossible until
we start doing it.
Senior Director Super Club
President Super Club
Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd.
(SINCE 2003)
Director Super Club
Master Super Club
Zone - Hardoi, U.P.
Zone- Patna, Bihar
Achievement - In the month of October, 2020 in
Master Super Club, earned the highest incentive
and secured the first position in his Rank.
Achievement - In the month of October, 2020, in
Director Super Club, earned the highest
incentive and secured the first position.
Success Mantra - A person who is defeated in the
field can still win but a person who is
defeated by the heart can never win.
Success Mantra - Keep your
goal high and don't stop until you have achieved
A.D. Super Club
B.D. Super Club
  • In the month of October, 2020, several
    distributors achieved AD Super Club. But, 5
    among them earned equal incentives and secured
    first place. Congratulations to all achievers for
    this success.

Zone - Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Achievement - In the month of October, 2020 in
B.D Super Club, earned the highest incentive
and secured the first position in her Rank.
Success Mantra - The greatest joy in life is
doing the work that people say you cannot do.
Disclaimer The people mentioned above have
attained this success by the means of
perseverance , hardwork, passion, experience,
resources and will power. We cannot guarantee
you that anyone can attain great success so
easily after joining Galway business. Everyone
has different levels of efforts and results.
Besides we also cannot assure you that your past
success and great achievements based income will
always continue in future on the basis of your
past experiences and efforts.
For any other problem
Please contact us
or information Customer Care No.
For any information or problems regarding Galway
For any problem or information regarding
Galwaykart For any
problem or information regarding Training For any information or
problems regarding complaint complaint_at_glazegalw
91 -11-46277200
For any information or problems regarding
For expressing any problem or getting
information regarding GST taxation_at_glazegalway.c
om, For any problem or
information regarding distributor forms filled
by distributors
For any problem or information regarding Winner
and Galway Newsletter
Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd.
(SINCE 2003)
business and explained that he could do business
with his studies. Mohammad Imtiaz Alam says that
this business has changed his life. Today, I am
running two franchisees and living a happy
life. Success mantra Every difficulty brings a
lesson. You should learn from it and move
Royal President Senior Crown Master
Mundrika Gope, resident of Jamui, Bihar, earned
an incentive of more than Rs. 4 Lakhs in
October, 2020 and achieve the first position in
his rank. Heartfelt congratulations for this
achievement. You can do anything If you have
decided. Mundrika Gope is a living example of
this. He has been successfully doing the Galway
business for years. While stating the secret of
this success, he says that there are fluctuations
in every work. But the success comes only to the
one who intends to move forward. There have been
ups and downs in my life and business, but
instead of giving up, I always intended to move
forward, so I am ready today. Success mantra
Learn something new today and achieve success
PRIYANKA KUMARI Director Senior Master
Priyanka Kumari resident of Nalanda, Bihar has
earned an incentive of more than Rs.15,000/- and
achieve the first position in her rank.
Heartfelt congratulations for this
achievement. Priyanka Kumari, who belongs to a
poor family, has struggled a lot in her life.
Priyanka Kumari, who is very strong with body
and mind, was teaching after graduating
before coming to the Galway business. She taught
at school as well as tuition at her home.
Meanwhile, through her friend Kiran Kumari, she
came to know about the Galway business. During
the business presentation, the support and
respect of the people inspired her to pursue a
Galway business. Right now Priyanka Kumari is in
the beginning of the Galway business, so there
is not much change in her life, but a great start
has been made. But seeing the kind of hard work
and dedication she has, it seems that she is
going to achieve a lot of success in the coming
time. Success mantra Obstacles are only in your
mind, win your mind, vic- tory will happen
SUSHANT KUMAR SAMANT President Regional Master
Sushant Kumar Samant, resident of Jagatsinghpur,
Odisha, has earned an incentive of more than Rs.
88,000/- in October 2020 and achieve the first
position in his rank. Heartfelt congratulations
for this achievement. Sushant Kumar Samant,
after completing his studies, he started
cultivating betel leaf with his father.
Meanwhile, his cousin Rakesh informed him about
the Galway business and told that with this
business we can fulfill all our dreams. Sushant
says that I traveled by rail for the first time
to see the business presentation. But today, if
say, they have every facility. This is because
Sushant never gave up. He had to learn Hindi
language to do business. Many trainings were
taken and are still taking today. Based on
these, he is successful today. Success mantra
One should not run away from the problem, but
should see what is good for us in it.
Disclaimer The people mentioned above have
attained this success by the means of
perseverance , hardwork, passion, experience,
resources and will power. We cannot guarantee
you that anyone can attain great success so
easily after joining Galway business. Everyone
has different levels of efforts and results.
Besides we also cannot assure you that your
past success and great achievements based
income will always continue in future on the
basis of your past experiences and efforts. The
ranks provided here are based on data up to
the month of October 2020.
Archana Kumari, resident of Patna, Bihar, has
earned an incentive of more than Rs.15,000/- in
October, 2020 and achieve the first position in
her rank. Heartfelt congratulations for this
achievement. Archana Kumari is a living example
of struggle and success. Despite of being
handicapped, she is not only graduated on her
own strength but also appeared many competition
trials. Meanwhile, she got married and today she
is also a mother of a beautiful daughter.
Despite giving plenty of time to take care of his
daughter and family, she did not give up her
intention to do something on her own. That is
why when her friend Priyanka Kumari suggested her
to do Galway business, she immediately decided
to do business. Today Archana Kumari says that a
positive change in life has started with the
Galway business. Success mantra If you think
that you can achieve success then it can
definitely happen because Winning in Mind is
Winner and losing in mind is loser.
MOHAMMAD IMTIAZ ALAM Senior Director Senior
Mohammed Imtiaz Alam, resident of Chatra,
Jharkhand, has earned an incentive of more than
Rs.70,000/- in October 2020 and achieve the
first position in his rank. Heartfelt
congratulations for this achievement. Mohammad
Imtiaz Alam was studying before joining Galway
Business. But the financial condition of
his house was so bad that it
was very important for him to do some work along
with studies. Meanwhile, he met Mohammad
Nazim, who told him about

the Galway
Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd.
(SINCE 2003)
CONSUR ALI DAR Advisor Distributor
REBTI SAHU Business Distributor
Consur Ali Dar, resident of Srinagar, Kashmir,
has earned an incentive of more than Rs. 5,000/-
in October, 2020, and achieve the first position
in his rank. Heartfelt congratulations for this
achievement. Consur Ali Dar is well educated and
on the job of a technician in a government
company. His life was going well before he
entered Galway Business but there was no freedom
of time and money. In such a situation, when his
cousin brother Asif Ali Bhat gave
information about Galway Business and motivated
him to do business, he got a golden opportunity.
He took all the trainings and started the
business. Today, he is moving steadily with
confidence on the path shown by his seniors.
Rebti Sahu, resident of Angul, Odisha, has earned
an incentive of more than Rs. 1700/- in October
2020 and achieve the first position in her
rank. Heartfelt congratulations for this
achievement. Rebti Sahu is a housewife before
coming to the Galway business. But there was
something always missing, something in the mind
that she wants to achieve by her own strength,
has a name, money, help to the family and dreams
get fulfilled. Meanwhile, her son Sikun Kumar
Sahu inspired her to retail products by informing
her about Galway business. She understood
business and started Galway Business. Today, she
is retailing products to the people around her
and is slowly moving towards fulfilling her
dreams. Success mantra Start walking because
when you start walking, then you will surely
reach the destination.
Success mantra Anyone can achieve success by
following the path shown by their up-line.
CSR News
Commendable initiative of Glaze HR department
and Galway Foundation to help the
differently-abled Glaze is always aware to its
social responsibilities. In this sequence, the
Galway Foundation in collaboration with the HR
department of
Glaze carried out a and
meaningful initiative for the differently abled.
In fact, like every year, this year also all
Difficulties keep on going, but the journey of
life continues like this. That is why no matter
how many difficulties come, we should keep
moving forward. The tradition The Show Must Go
On must continue. The Galway Foundation also
follows this philosophy. That is why in the
post-lockdown unlockdown phase, all the digital
centers were resumed where the state governments
had given permission. It is the result of
increasing urge towards digital education that
people are still coming to these centers with
the same enthusiasm as before. Significantly, the
digital centers resumed during this time include
the centers of Saharanpur, Jaipur and Nagpur. It
is a matter of joy that since the reopening, a
total of 7 batches have been completed in these
centers so far. The Galway Foundation and
Digital Program congratulate all the participants
and wishes that you will continue to digitally
empower India with this enthusiasm and passion.
the Glaze employees was encouraged to help the
differently-abled through food, clothes, etc.
to their ability. As a result, all the employees
of Glaze cooperated heavily. The Galway
Foundation donated all the donated material to
Physically Handicapped and Welfare Society, Jain
Nagar, New Delhi, an organization dedicated to
the disabled.
Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd.
(SINCE 2003)
CSR News
SEP Program Is Becoming more Popular The SEP
program is an art of living. In today's era of
epidemic, when depression, stress and fear are
common in our lives, the SEP program is acting
like a life saving herb. People are
understanding the
SEP's Refresher Training Program
online in such situations also. Few of the
programs were held on 28th November, 1st, 3rd
5th and 16th December 2020. These programs were
organized by Master Trainer Alok Kumar, Master
Trainer Sumitra, Master Trainer Sudhir Kumar,
Master Trainer Hrithik Raj and Sudhir Kumar. In
all these training programs, empowerment
meditation, mental health, inner awareness and
the power of subconscious mind were made aware
and many kinds of exercises were also conducted.
A large number of people participated in these
programs from Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh,
Bihar, Assam, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and
West Bengal.
SEP programs teach theta road map, awakening of
chakras, power of mind and processes of
empowerment meditation. These practices offers a
chance to improve physical wellbeing, as well
as emotional wellbeing. Through this program,
efforts are made to empower people so that they
can overcome their obstacles in life and achieve
their goals. Many people participate and take
benefit from these programs. But they need to be
refreshed from time to time and this is
possible through SEP's refresher
training programs. Two such programs were held
on 23rd November and 19th December 2020.
Both these programs were conducted online by SEP
Chief Ms. Romshri Ashesh. Many people from
Odisha, Bihar, Uttarakhand and Jharkhand
participated in this program and learned the
tricks to face the difficulties in their life in
a better way.
importance of SEP training program and taking it
into their lives it can be evaluated by the ever
increasing number of people participating in
these training programs. Today due to Covid-19
number of restrictions are applicable nationwide
but SEP is conducting its programs
ILL CHILDREN The Galway Foundation has always
been willing to help children who are unable to
afford the treatment of a serious illness due to
financial constraints. In
Note - If you also want to get free online
training in these programs, then contact on
the email ID or phone number given below. Phone
no -8077571099, Email
this series, the Galway Foundation last month
funded Baby Shivani and Master Sunny through its
partners NGOs HCWA and NOSE. So that these
children too can live a healthy and happy life
like ordinary children.
Through this news letter of Galway, an initiative
has been made to provide people associated with
the company and distributors with such a forum
where they could share their views, suggestions
and inspiring stories in a very convenient
manner. What are your views regarding Galway
business and what sort of changes have taken
place in your life by the means of this business,
you can make lakhs of people know about all this
with the help of this News letter. You can share
your views on following email ID. You must
mention your complete address, ID number and
mobile phone number with your mail. Email ID
EDITORIAL TEAM Nancy Thomas Rajesh Kumar Yadav
Rajendra Prasad Shivam Agnihotri LAYOUT AND
DESIGN Deepa Sood Mishra Inderpreet Singh
To get any sort of information about Galway
foundation, please contact us on following email
ID you can also call
us on the number 919599042049
A-1/175, Main Najafgarh Road, Janakpuri, New
Delhi-110058 Phone 011-49295000, Fax No.
011-41582228 Customer Care No. 011-46277200,
Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd.
Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd.
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