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Anxiety Treatment West Palm Beach


For improving the quality of life, schedule an appointment with Leslie Zebel, PhD, Psychotherapist, Inc., and get professional anxiety treatment in West Palm Beach with personalized approach. She has worked with many patients over the last 28 years to successfully empower them to achieve greater self esteem, more satisfying relationships and enhanced self-confidence. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Anxiety Treatment West Palm Beach

Leslie Zebel, PhD, Psychotherapist, Inc. Know
which type of anxiety disorder you are suffering
Top 8 Types of Anxiety Disorders
Anxiety is a normal emotion. It is nothing but a
way brain reacts to stress and alerts you of
potential danger ahead. Feeling anxious in every
now and then is quite common. For example, you
may feel worry when faced with a problem at work,
before taking a test, or before making an
important decision.
Occasional anxiety is okay but anxiety disorder
is different. Anxiety disorders are a group of
mental illnesses that cause constant and
overwhelming anxiety and fear. Excessive anxiety
can make you feel isolated and you start avoiding
work, school, family get-togethers, and other
social situations that might trigger or worsen
your symptoms. However, if you have an illness
anxiety disorder treatment is possible. To get
the best anxiety disorder treatment, you need to
learn about different types of anxiety disorders.
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Generalized Anxiety Disorder
In this type, you feel excessive, unrealistic
worry and tension without any reason.
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Panic Disorder
You feel sudden, intense fear that brings on a
panic attack. During a panic attack you may break
out in a sweat, have chest pain, and have a
pounding heartbeat.
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Social Anxiety Disorder
Also known as social phobia, social anxiety
disorder makes you feel overwhelmed, worried and
self-conscious about everyday social situations.
You obsessively worry about others judging you or
being embarrassed or ridiculed.
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Specific Phobias
You feel intense fear of a specific object or
situation, such as heights or flying. The fear
goes beyond whats appropriate and may cause you
to avoid ordinary situations.
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Agoraphobia is a feeling of intense fear of
being in a place where it seems hard to escape or
get help if an emergency occurs.
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Separation Anxiety
Anyone of any age can get separation anxiety
disorder. If you do, youll feel very anxious or
fearful when a person youre close with leaves
your sight. A person with separation anxiety
always fears something bad will happen with their
loved ones.
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Selective Mutism
This is a type of social anxiety in which people
dont want to express themselves in public while
they are quite normal with their family.
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Medication-Induced Anxiety Disorder
This anxiety disorder can happen due to certain
medications or illegal drugs, or withdrawal from
certain drugs, can trigger some symptoms of
anxiety disorder. You can talk to your
consultant to get the best treatment of anxiety
disorder that you are suffering. They will talk
to you thoroughly to find out what type of
anxiety disorder you have.
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