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distance education vs open university


Education plays a crucial role in this fast-paced environment, as the market is very competitive. In different fields, people from all walks of life will get their degrees and diplomas. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: distance education vs open university

Distance Education vs Open University
  • Education plays a crucial role in this fast-paced
    environment, as the market is very competitive.
    In different fields, people from all walks of
    life will get their degrees and diplomas. A
    degree from an open university provides students
    with a great opportunity to start their career
    and work in a large organization. It encourages
    students to study at college because students can
    study according to their time set.
  • On the other hand, distance learning is a method
    of delivery of education, in which the source of
    knowledge and the students are not physically
    present, as either time or distance or both
    divide them. The paper presented to you discusses
    the fundamental points of distinction between
    open university and distance education or we can
    say Distance Education vs Open University.

Open University
  • An Open University is a university that offers
    open admissions policies, distance learning, and
    online learning programs. Students are supplied
    through the research centers and online with the
    study materials for different courses.
  • Students may also take advantage of a tutors
    online resources that offer input on the
    activities and assignments performed online. It
    is an affordable way to obtain higher education
    and is very useful for both the middle class and
    those living in rural areas.
  • Open University was founded to provide higher
    education to those individuals who are unable to
    join conventional universities.

Distance Education
  • Distance Education is a learning style in which
    students are not present on the site in person.
    In this, the student has no direct face-to-face
    contact with the teacher but can use different
    ways of accessing education, such as e-learning,
    video conferencing, e-mail, etc.
  • The student is not expected to regularly attend
    classes in this mode of education, and the
    assessment of his research work is achieved
    through tests performed at regular intervals.
  • Distance Education was created in order to
    provide those who are unable to attend
    traditional colleges with access to education.

  • Open University is a university that provides
    open entry through distance and online learning
    programs for admissions. Distance Education, on
    the other hand, is a form of a learning program
    that offers students who are not present at the
    site by different universities.
  • The main difference between Open University and
    Distance Education is that an open university is
    a form of university, while distance education is
    a form of education.
  • There is no colleges affiliation with an open
    university. Whereas either an open university or
    a conventional university offers distance
    education. Different colleges are also affiliated
    with the traditional university.
  • The main aim of an open university is to offer
    education to those who are unable to access a
    conventional university, i.e. citizens of the
    working class or in remote areas. On the other
    hand, the main objective of distance education is
    to give those who are unable to attend
    traditional colleges access to education, i.e.
    students can study at their own place and at any
  • In an open university, education is present only
    in the mode of distance learning. While an open
    university or a private university, or a normal
    university may provide distance learning.

  • They both lack a face-to-face relationship
    between the students and the teachers.
  • In the same mode, both impart education.
  • There is no requirement for mandatory attendance.
  • The students are provided with online learning
    materials and syllabuses.

  • Many people assume that there is little
    distinction between an open university and
    distance learning. But they are different in many
    ways. Both types of organizations do a good job
    of offering education. Especially to the students
    who have personal issues and can not attend a
    typical university. It is a perfect way to get a
    higher education without losing work. It also
    saves the time and resources and the flexibility
    (time and place) of the learner to get the
  • These open universities are well equipped with
    learned faculties. Millions of students obtain an
    education in the distance learning mode. It
    offers hundreds of degree and diploma courses in
    respective fields such as undergraduate,
    postgraduate, and masters. Both of these schemes,
    though, suffer from pros and cons, so its all
    about how you take it as a boon or a bane.
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