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BIM Modeling Services in Australia


When the concept of BIM is applied to mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) installations, you can obtain a truly smart building design. Visit Us: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: BIM Modeling Services in Australia

The Role Of Building Information Modeling (BIM)
For MEP Coordination
Of late, the construction industry has been
dealing with issues such as over-budget projects,
a decline in productivity and failure to meet
delivery dates. As economies stall around the
world, builders continue to demand better
buildings delivered within budget and on time.
Architects, engineers and MEP contractors are
thus constantly striving for newer ways to
improve productivity, lower costs and streamline
the building design and delivery process.
BIM Modeling Services in Australia
Considered a promising, new technology, BIM has
been widely adopted for MEP projects since it has
advantages in pre-construction, design, and
manufacturing. BIM offers comprehensive, highly
coordinated and internally consistent computable
information to MEP engineers on the planning,
management, decision-making and operation of the
facilitys mechanical, electrical and plumbing
network. Using these products, it is possible to
design a complicated structure with ease, greater
precision, and performance. Since BIM Modeling
Services in Australia allow the creation of
virtual 3D models, it gives a better idea of the
outcome of their systems before they are built.
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The optimal use of construction knowledge and
experience in the fields of planning, design, and
operation so that the overall project objectives
can be met is defined as constructability.
Simply put, getting started on a construction
project is a prerequisite and MEP (Mechanical,
Electrical, Plumbing) coordination is one of the
most challenging tasks faced by engineers and
professionals, as they can account for up to 40
to 60 of the project. Traditionally, MEP
coordination was carried out manually by
overlaying the plans sequentially and comparing
them. This is a very tedious, time-consuming
process and inefficient apart from being costly.
With the advent of BIM Services, the efforts
required in the coordination process were
substantially eased with a saving in time and
BIM Modeling Services in Australia
Usually, the space for MEP systems is allocated
before determining the MEP system. Therefore,
fitting the MEP system into the building can
sometimes become difficult when constructing a
complex and a bigger size building. The 3D BIM
model helps in the detection of collisions at
such times-reducing the risk of overruns on
construction costs. A BIM model is a smart
computable system and therefore the ducts, walls,
pipes, and beams are established entities and
their functional relationships between systems
and building elements are simple and clear. This
enables a holistic design approach that
integrates not only the MEP disciplines but the
process as well featuring an integrated digital
environment for design, documentation, and
analysis. The BIM Modeling Services in
Australia aids accuracy and efficiency in the
construction of buildings or structures.
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A 3D model developed for Architecture, Structure,
and MEP based on designs formed by the designers.
This model is then exported to software called
Navisworks where it is checked for the clashes
and a crash report is generated. Such differences
are overcome by making necessary changes to the
architecture of the BIM model. Since the clashes
are easily visible in the model, it is easier to
resolve them by re-routing the services or
carrying out the design changes as deemed
necessary. The Bim Service Providers offer better
insights into facility management, clash
detection, and scheduling.
The Role Of Building Information Modeling (BIM)
For MEP Coordination
BIMs ability to digitally represent a building
before it is built also allows firms to create,
manage and share design information more
effectively resulting in increased
profitability, reduced potential errors and risks
and fewer inefficiencies in MEP building design.
Detailed views of the mechanical, electrical and
plumbing system are possible with the help of BIM
which will improve the overall project quality
and the ability to communicate the design
objective. Therefore BIM is a holistic approach
to the design of a building. Coordination by MEPs
through BIM results in secure and cost-effective
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