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12 Things Every International Student Should Know About Australia


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Title: 12 Things Every International Student Should Know About Australia

12 Things Every International Student Should Know
About Australia
Australia, an island, a country, and a continent
all by itself, is considered to be of the fastest
growing countries in the world. It has become a
very desirable study destination for
international students owing to its world-class
universities and topnotch education system. If
you are an international student studying in
Australia or you intend to come to Australia for
building a good academic profile, Oz Career
Gurus has got you covered! We are here to provide
you with the best consultancy services - from
ensuring that you have the right visa to
providing you with all the information that you
require to build an academic profile that takes
you to the path towards the job of your
dreams. Following are some essentials that every
international student needs to familiarize
him/herself with if he is enrolled or wishes to
enroll in an academic program in Australia. 
Adapting to the Australian Lifestyle Australia
has been known to be a very multicultural country
with inhabitants possessing a variety of
interests, cultures and traditions. You will find
yourself to be very lucky if you get a chance to
follow an academic path here. Not only the
Australian universities have a culture of hosting
the best academic programs in the world, but the
environment here itself serves as a remarkable
teacher and will help you to explore new horizons
of learning every single day. The Australian
people are one of the friendliest lot that you
will come across in the world. They never shy
away from lending a helping hand and youll feel
much comfortable being surrounded by such happy
and helpful people.
Australian Seasons The Australian climate is
mostly influenced by a tropical hint and thereby
offers mild to hot summers and cool winters. A
rainy day in Australia is one of the best
seasonal experiences and is often seen on the
southern side of the country. The unique fact
about Australian seasons lies in their timing
which is quite different from the timings of
seasons in other countries. For an international
student, it is important to obtain information
about the seasons in the part of the country
where they plan to start their academic pathway.
That can help the students to make reasonable
arrangements to tackle the seasonal
influences. The Paperwork  After getting your
acceptance at an Australian university, the first
thing you need to do after youre done with the
celebrations is to get started with your
paperwork. It is usually very simple and there
are many sources and references that you can use
to get on-spot paperwork done. You need to file a
visa application which is now very easy owing to
the introduction of Student Visa Subclass 500. It
fairly simplifies the visa procedure allowing
you to receive a study visa irrespective of your
academic field.
The university that you got enrolled in can play
a key role to ease up the things for you by
providing you with relevant guidance and details.
You can reach out to the visa agents at Oz Career
Gurus for efficacious assistance on all visa
related matters and get your processes expedited
with the help of our experts. Cultural
Quandaries International students studying in
Australia or the ones who aspire to study here
often come across challenges when it comes to
cultural differences between the educational
programs in their home country and Australia.
Coming from a totally different educational
cultural background, a student often has to
readjust his or her learning methodologies.
However, the cultures in Australian educational
institutes are easy to adapt and offer a positive
change to the students coming from other
countries. The teachers are always willing to
extend their support and the fellow students
never shy away from lending a helping hand to
assist in smooth settlement into Australian
schools and universities.
Supplying Finances for Obtaining a Credible
Academic Portfolio If you plan to study in
Australia, you must know that education,
accommodation, and healthcare expenses in
Australia require plentiful finances. This is
however not a problem to worry about as there are
many options available to supply finances for
instance, you can apply for financial aid if you
are eligible for one. There are scholarships or
student loan options available for overseas
students that can help tremendously in lowering
the financial burdens and improve the chances of
a visa consideration. Contact our visa agents
today at this number and get a deep insight into
all the options available to you to finance your
education and stay in Australia. A culture of
Developing High-Order Thinking Patterns The
modern educational methodologies are very well
taken up by the Australian education system. The
curricula and course outlines are designed by
Australian universities while keeping the modern
learning theories in view. High-order thinking is
encouraged among learners of all disciplines and
critical thinking is expected of them. 
The Australian educational institutes take pride
in engaging their students in hands-on activities
thus facilitating them to be lifelong independent
learners. Students are educated about the
practices and modus operandi of teaching and
learning through different seminars and
tutorials. Assignments over Assessments The
education system in the majority of Australian
universities assigns a good percentage of credit
to completion of assignments as compared to the
credit allocated to exams or assessments. This
system proves to be beneficial for students as it
allows them to invest more time in studying and
analyzing. It also reduces the stress that
students face when they have to prepare for exams
thus making the learning relaxed and
stress-free. Plagiarism and Referencing The
Australian education system prohibits plagiarism
and every school and university in Australia has
strict rules in place against it. If a student is
found guilty of plagiarism, he or she can get
expelled on an immediate basis as plagiarism is
quoted as Academic Dishonesty in Australia.
Having said that, it is obvious that sometimes
students need to use some web sources for
completing their assignments and thats when they
can use Referencing. Referencing essentially
means that the student can provide a reference or
a citation of the web link, online resource or
any other thing that he or she has used. This way
the credit of the resource remains with the
original author and the student can still benefit
from it. There are many styles of Referencing and
your university will guide you aptly about which
style to go for! Australian Healthcare Before
arriving in Australia, it is very important that
your visa covers the Australian healthcare
package commonly called the Overseas Student
Health Cover (OSHC).For international students,
this healthcare package covers and provides for
any potential expenses that might occur during
their stay in Australia. If you have an illness
that requires regular medical attention, ensure
that your healthcare package covers for it so
that you dont have to provide for it separately.
On arriving in Australia, take a tour of your
neighborhood and get to know about the emergency
centers in your locality.
Work and Study Options International students in
Australia can work in their free hours if their
visa allows for it. It can be a great idea for
international students to engage in a job as it
can aid in reducing financial burdens. There are
certain rules that need to be followed if a
student opts for a half-time job. In case of
breach of those rules, the students visa can
face a danger of cancellation. So if you intend
to work along with your studies, make sure that
your visa allows for it and familiarize yourself
with all the rules that regulate the jobs under a
student visa. Whats of prime importance here is
to ensure that your work does not affect your
studies. Visa experts at Oz Career Gurus can
assist you in this regard, book an appointment
today and get your problems handled by our expert
agents. Transportation and Commuting As an
international student, you have to figure out
your commuting options to ensure regular
attendance and punctuality. The Australian public
transport system offers a variety of options like
trains, busses, ferry boats, etc. to students and
thus facilitate in hassle-free commuting. 
Some territories offer concession in fares for
students, so ask around and obtain the proper
transport cards depending on your age and status.
The Public Transport system here is well known
for its timely arrivals and departures thereby
very reliable to be used by students. Leisure
Time in Australia If you are an international
student engaged in a learning program in
Australia, you would want to take out time to
relax and take part in recreational activities.
Being an overseas student in Australia, you are
in good luck as there are a variety of options to
explore to spend your leisure hours. You can
engage in sports, enjoy scrumptious food in
Australian restaurants, visit the iconic cities
like Melbourne and Perth if you are not residing
there, and do a multitude of other activities
according to your interests.
Closing Note Australia is a wonderful country to
live and its world-class educational programs
attract many international students to pursue an
academic path here. The academic portfolio
offered by Australian educational institutes has
its credibility and value all over the world and
the students who complete their educational
destinies here follow a successful career path
and become inspirational success stories. We
hope that this article provided value to its
readers. Book a consultancy with Oz Career
Gurus today and get a deeper insight into
educational programs in Australia.
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