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Free Web Hosting vs. Paid Web Hosting


Web hosting encompasses the services and technology that are needed to make a website accessible via the Internet. It can be either a free service or a paid service where one chooses a web hosting plan as per one’s requirements and pays accordingly to the web host. This PPT sheds light upon the pros and cons of free web hosting when compared to paid web hosting service which makes it evident that opting for paid web hosting is a wiser choice for one’s website’s performance and success when it comes to its online reach. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Free Web Hosting vs. Paid Web Hosting

Free Web Hosting vs. Paid Web Hosting
Table of Contents
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Hosting Types
  • Free Web Hosting
  • Differences between Free and Paid Web Hosting
  • Hosting does not provide customer
  • Free Web support
  • Free web hosting is prone to experiencing greater
  • The web host providing free web hosting controls
    the advertisements on the website
  • Unavailability of customized error pages in free
    web hosting
  • Free web hosting can have security concerns
  • Free web hosting might impact adversely a
    websites Search Engine Rankings
  • Conclusion

Web Hosting
  • Web Hosting is usually either a chargeable or at
    times a free service provided by a web hosting
    service provider company that enables anyone to
    make their website available and accessible via
    the Internet. Web hosting encompasses the
    services and technology that keep a website up
    and running efficiently.

Web Hosting Types
  • The major types of hosting services are- shared,
    dedicated, VPS, cloud, reseller, WordPress.
  • There are many web hosting service providers that
    offer various plans at various prices. Some of
    these companies have made a name for themselves
    as the best Windows hosting company or as the top
    cloud hosting company, or even as the best web
    hosting company in India as well as globally.
  • Depending on the operating system, hosting can be
    further categorized into Windows or Linux-based
    hosting. Web hosting plans are named based on the
    operating system they are meant for. For example,
    Window Dedicated Hosting Server is meat for
    Windows operating system and Linux Reseller
    Hosting for Linux operating system.
  • Web hosting can either be a free service or a
    paid service where one purchases a web hosting
    plan from a web host and pays accordingly for it.

Free Web Hosting
  • It is that web hosting service which is not
    chargeable. Sub domains are provided by many web
    hosts to those people who want to create their
    own website for free. Often free web hosting is
    offered by many web hosts when a client buys some
    other service/ product from them.
  • If one needs a website with a domain name which
    does not contain any external sites name, then
    one must buy a domain for web hosting which is a
    paid service.

Differences between Free and Paid Web
The major points of difference (apart from the
fact that one is a free service and the other is
a paid service where one avails a particular plan
at a particular price) will be touched upon in
the following slides.
Free Web Hosting does not Provide
Customer Support
Facing technical issues is inevitable when one is
hosting ones website. During such unforeseen
circumstances one will need expert professional
help to resolve the issue quickly and ensure
ones website is up and running efficiently once
again. As long as the website is down, one will
be losing traffic and eventually viewership and
most often revenue if its a site that is selling
products or services. So, it is extremely
essential to get quick assistance for any sort of
technical problems while hosting ones website.
When one is availing paid web hosting services
one is provided with constant technical support
by the web host to assist one in the case of any
technical problem. Paid web hosting service also
provides useful information and guidance to its
clients through tutorials and guides.   On the
other hand, free web hosting being a free service
does not provide any value added service. If any
glitch crops up, there will be no support to rely
on for the resolution of the technical issue.
Free Web Hosting is Prone to Experiencing
Greater Downtime
Paid web hosting service offers optimum bandwidth
and data transfer capacity that leads to maximum
uptime for the website which has paid for this
service. Free web hosting has the disadvantage of
experiencing greater downtime due to lesser data
transfer capacity and low band width. As one does
not get enough disk space when availing free web
hosting service, one cannot upload a huge volume
of images or videos when using it.
The Web Host Providing Free Web Hosting
Controls the Advertisements on the Website
In free web hosting one has no control over the
use of advertisements, pop-ups and banners on
ones site. One can have partial control, where
all one can do is decide the size of the banner
and where it will be displayed on ones
site.   On the contrary, if one is using a paid
service for web hosting, one is in full charge
over the use and display of advertisements,
pop-ups and banners on ones site. In this case,
one has full control over the type of
advertisement that will be shown on ones
website. This results in a better user experience
for those visiting ones website.
1-800-123 -8156
  • Whoa! Thats a big number, arent you proud?

Unavailability of Customized Error
Pages in Free Web Hosting
Free web hosting service does not enable one to
create customized error pages which are utilized
by the web server to inform the visitor that
there has been an error. Such an error can happen
if a visitor types a wrong URL for a particular
page or tries to access a web page that is absent
on the website.   When one has a paid web hosting
account one can design customized error pages
which will be displayed to the visitor when he
tries to access a wrong URL or page.
Free Web Hosting can have Security
In the case of free web hosting, there is a huge
possibility that the free web hosting service
provider wont be responsible for any security
related issues concerning the website hosted for
free.   A paid web hosting service will provide
adequate measures for its clients websites
security. It will provide essential options for
ensuring the security of its clients website,
such as SSL certificates, remote backup service,
web application firewall, spam experts.  
 Free Web Hosting might Impact
Adversely a Websites Search Engine Rankings
Free web hosting service providers usually play
irrelevant advertisements on the website that
impact the stature of the website. Moreover,
spammers create dummy websites by using free
hosting platforms. Search engines take these
factors into account which impacts adversely such
a websites search engine rankings. Websites
that are availing paid web hosting service will
never have to experience this which will result
in better search engine rankings for those
Nothing of value comes for free. If one considers
and weighs the pros and cons of free web hosting
and compares it with the advantages that paid web
hosting provides, then one will understand that
choosing free web hosting is not at all a wise
decision in the long haul. A paid web hosting
plan will ensure a smoother and easier web
hosting experience and better reach of ones
website which will eventually lead to more
success of ones business. Websites that are
availing paid web hosting service will never have
to experience this which will result in better
search engine rankings for those websites.  
When it comes to choosing your Media Streaming
Host, you must weigh all the pros and cons and
consider the factors that will impact the success
of your media streaming in the long haul and
accordingly select that hosting service provider
that will suit your needs the best.
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