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Dental Tips to Prevent Tooth Decay by the Dentist in Brampton


Tooth decay is one of the most common dental disease that must be cured before it's too late. So here are the best dental care tips by dentist in Brampton that will help you to prevent your teeth from getting decay. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Dental Tips to Prevent Tooth Decay by the Dentist in Brampton

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Prevent tooth decay like a dentist It's no longer
a secret, what you eat affects your oral health.
That sweet cup of coffee or powdered sugar-coated
donut that you eat for breakfast can cause some
cavities. Don't worry they are common even if
you have excellent oral hygiene!  So, pay
attention to these things, dentists do prevent
tooth decay. Use fluoride toothpaste A Brampton
dentist, recommends reading the label on your
toothpaste to make sure it contains fluoride.
Fluoride toothpaste protects against
demineralization caused by bacteria and sugars in
the mouth, which combine to produce an acid that
can erode tooth enamel and damage it
Brush your teeth twice a day Clean teeth keep bad
bacteria away. He says studies have proven that
electric toothbrushes clean better than regular
toothbrushes. Most electric toothbrushes have
features that prevent too hard brushing, which in
turn prevents accidental damage to teeth and gums
and causing gum recession. As the gums recede,
the roots of the tooth are exposed, resulting in
sensitivity to hot and cold, bone loss, and an
increased risk of tooth decay. Visit your
dentist at least once a year Are you afraid of
going to the dentist in Brampton, Ontario? You
should raise this concern with him (or find a new
one!) By going to your dentist regularly, he can
find small cavities and offer treatments that can
keep them from getting bigger. These options
include fluoride treatments, sealants to prevent
cavity growth, or the use of silver diamine
fluoride which stops cavity growth.
Consider a sealer If you've had countless root
canals, you might want to consider a sealant that
will protect your teeth from bacteria. A cosmetic
dentist Brampton suggests talking to your dentist
about an occlusal sealer. This is the application
of a resin to the grooves of the teeth, which
makes it harder for bacteria to settle in. Pay
attention to your medications Your prescription
can have unexpected side effects, like damaging
your teeth. Your prescriptions can have
unexpected side effects, like damaging your
teeth. He recommends paying special attention to
your oral health when you start taking a new
medicine. Most medications cause dry mouth, and
a dry mouth is more prone to cavities. If you are
taking medicines that dry out your mouth,
practice even more rigorous oral hygiene and
drink plenty of water.
Eat healthy foods low in sugar Treat your teeth -
and your figure - by cutting back on treats and
foods high in sugar. Low sugar foods help keep
the plaque that destroys tooth enamel away.
Every time you eat a sugary snack, your teeth
are under siege for the next 20 minutes,
a dentist in Brampton, Ontario says. But these
foods are even worse for the teeth than
candy. Floss once a day Just floss the teeth you
want to keep! This is because flossing prevents
bone loss and prevents tooth decay in the dark
hollows of your molars, which your toothbrush
cannot reach. Take a piece of wire longer than
you think you need, wrap it around your pinky and
ring finger to hold it in place, while using your
thumb and index fingers to better control the
dental floss.
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