Top 5 Digital Marketing Channels 2020: You Need to Try This - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Top 5 Digital Marketing Channels 2020: You Need to Try This


Top 5 Digital Marketing Channels 2020 – Boost your business online with top channels such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), and many more. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 5 Digital Marketing Channels 2020: You Need to Try This

Top 5 Digital Marketing Channels 2020
  • You Need to Try This

The Internet plays a vital role in people's daily
lives, digital marketing, and the business to
obtain data and analyses the information to
create better and effective products, marketing
plan before investing money in product
development, and making any purchase decisions.
More than 5 billion active people are using the
Internet, and it's expected that 95 of the
purchases will happen online by the end of 2040.
There are different marketing channels, namely,
SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media,
PPC (Pay per Click), Email Marketing etc.
Choosing the right digital marketing channels as
per your business requirement is essential to
make your business reach new heights. It helps
owners to create fast, robust, and easy to use
websites that rank higher in search engines
SERPs, which in turn helps bring more qualified
potential customers to their websites and
eventually increases conversion rates. A best
digital marketing company can make use of the
best SEO services, PPC services, and more to
provide the right solution for your business.
Top 5 Digital Marketing Channels to focus on
  1. Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Pay per Click (PPC) advertising is one of the top
    and effective marketing channels to increase the
    ROI of your business. The learning curve differs
    for every platform and business, so you need to
    know which type of campaign would be the best.
    You can hire a digital marketing agency that
    helps you start a campaign and correctly handle
    the acquired result. Google's search and display
    advertising ads help you build demand for your
    services and introduce your brand to customers
    looking for you. Google ads will help connect
    them with the users looking for the best Pay Per
    Click (PPC) services or products like yours.

2. Email Marketing
  • Email marketing is one of the most important
    digital marketing channels because it has the
    highest ROI of any marketing strategy. It's a
    direct response marketing that helps users open
    your messages and learn about the latest sales
    and products you provide. Email marketing
    delivers extremely relevant content to a
    subscribers inbox in a very non-invasive way.
    Email campaigns are an excellent way to increase
    leads, your customers and sales. Also, it
    empowers you to get in touch and stay in touch
    with your customers, by informing them of
    upcoming events, other services or new product
    you offerings. Some of the best practices of
    Email marketing channel include

  • Make sure that your mail is personalized as
    possible. You can make use of segmentation
    practices and triggered autoresponders. It helps
    in enhancing the chance of long-term open rates,
    immediate conversions, and more.
  • Keep it short and sweet, as this is considered
    the best option for different types of
    copywriting practices. Also, the email needs to
    be easy to scan and read.
  • Focus on the subject lines, make it relevant,
    short, and attractive so that the users open the
    email and know about your products or services.

3. SEO and Content Marketing
  • Content Marketing is always the king of digital
    marketing channels, and this can result in
    valuable results. Search Engine Optimization
    helps to develop healthy relations between your
    customers and also offer lead useful generation
    capabilities. Both content marketing and Search
    Engine Optimization should be high-quality to
    achieve the desired result. The content you use
    should be actionable and valuable to the
    customers. Make sure you use strategic content,
    and this helps to accomplish the needs of your
    customers. Use audience knowledge and keyword
    research to choose the right topics you write
    about, know about the products or services before
    you start writing, and don't forget to include
    in-text CTA's. SEO is important to higher you
    rank in results pages, the more clicks and
    traffic your site will generate, and also
    improves user experience, making it more likely
    for customers to become repeat buyers. Content
    marketing is another one of the effective digital
    marketing channels for build ROI.

4. Social Media
  • Social media is a top marketing channel in the
    marketing world. Customers nowadays search for
    their products or services in Social media to
    know their exact details. Social media provides
    the best community-developing opportunities to
    enhance your business growth. You can increase
    your business's ROI using different social media
    channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn,
    Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Traffic from social
    media can be free organic traffic and paid
    advertisements. While using social media, you
    need to have a strong focus on developing a
    healthy relationship with your customers instead
    of increasing sales. When you have a good
    relationship with your client, your sale
    automatically increases. Be transparent to your
    customers, and choose the right platform that
    suits your business to attain your goal rapidly.
    Through Social Media Marketing (SMM), digital
    marketers can reach out to highly targeted
    potential customers through directly and
    person-to-person engagement. The numbers of
    social media users continue to grow every day.

5. The website
  • Most businesses don't make use of their website
    as the best marketing channel. Ensure your site
    has a good impression, representing your
    services, products, brand, or business in the way
    you need it. You can increase your website
    effectiveness by conducting a site audit, testing
    out your website interface, using the analytics,
    and more. Building a great website with a clear
    goal and strategy will help you to increase your
    business revenue, leads and sales, ultimately
    helping you grow your business. Even better, your
    website is visible 24/7, building it a valuable
    marketing asset.

  • Apart from the above marketing channels, you need
    to have a strong focus on the word of mouth
    marketing as this is one of the effective
    marketing channels to increase your business
    growth. Motivating online reviews and referral
    programs are the best examples of the mouth of
    word marketing. There are other effective online
    marketing platforms to increase your online
    presence. The important thing is that you choose
    the right digital marketing company so that they
    can analyze and select an effective marketing
    channel that suits your business.

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