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Choosing the Wealth Management Career - AAFM India


Wealth management career is slowly becoming a seriously sought-after career path in the country. Now, most individuals interested in finance look for wealth management career path to hold the responsibilities of a wealth manager. Call 011-45120800. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Choosing the Wealth Management Career - AAFM India

Choosing the Wealth Management Career - AAFM India
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  • Wealth Management Career PathChoosing the
    wealth management career path is amongst the best
    business jobs, today. The career of a financial
    advisor is one of the most paid and sought after
    jobs in the world. According to several types of
    research and studies carried out on career
    rankings, a wealth management career path has
    evolved from a sales and product-driven career
    path to a career option that is centered solely
    on producing meaningful financial advice for
    businesses around. The president of Wealth
    Management at D.A. Davidson (Management Services
    Company) states that a wealth management career
    path is the most astonishingly rewarding career
    option.With the evolvement of the financial
    industry, financial advisor as a career has
    become the most opted for a career. Especially,
    if you are an individual who loves to interact
    with people and have an inclination towards
    success as a trusted counselor, the career as a
    financial advisor shall be the best for you. But,
    how to become a financial advisor? Before we get
    into that, lets brush up some basics related to
    the wealth management, wealth management career
    path, and the responsibilities of a financial

  • What is wealth management? Wealth management is
    an advisory service that uses other financial
    services to address the needs of well-to-do,
    potential, and prosperous clients. It is a
    consultative process where the person in charge
    of wealth management, which is the financial
    advisor keeps a note of the requirements of the
    client and designs a strategy. The financial
    advisor works with the most suitable and relevant
    financial products and services to bespoke a
    strategy for the client.If you might be mistaken
    about wealth management as investment advice, you
    might be wrong. Rather, wealth management
    includes guiding the potential client with their
    decisions related to finance and accounting,
    utilizing products and services in a holistic
    approach.Career of a wealth managerWealth
    management career is slowly becoming a seriously
    sought-after career path in the country. Now,
    most individuals interested in finance look for
    wealth management career path to hold the
    responsibilities of a wealth manager. As most
    people may exclaim, wealth management is

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  • not entirely and only about helping rich people
    get richer but it also involves accessing the
    financial assets of an individual (client) and
    assist them with decisions on investment, goals
    for future, retirement plans, etc. Financial
    advisors also assist their clients with the
    planning of short-term and long-term goals
    related to educational expenses for their kids,
    savings for retirements, wealth management
    strategies to maximize business, etc. The
    advisors assist their clients to invest money,
    offer advice related to tax or even sell
    insurance as a part of their repertory.
  • Summing up, a wealth manager is responsible for
    the following culpabilities.Creating and
    managing a detailed review of their clients
    financial status and situation to draft advice.
  • Understand the goals of the client and the
    potential thought process to build their business
  • Offer the client general investment advice, or
    advice for college tuition, or retirement,
    whatever the client needs.

  • Involve the client in discussions related to the
    possible investments.
  • Lay-out the potential risks for the drafted
    investment plans, if any.
  • Recommend investment options that best suit the
    clients requirements, demands and match their
    risk tolerance.
  • Is Wealth management career path good?Based on
    several estimates and data that have been
    collected worldwide, various HR Managers and
    domestic wealth managers from wealth management
    companies have concluded that there is a growing
    requirement of wealth managers in the country and
    worldwide. India, in fact, is in a dire need of
    professional and quality wealth Managers as
    compared to the requirement of standard profiles
    like investment bankers, equity researchers,
    etc.Wealth management career path is an
    extremely good option in the world today. To be
    more precise, there are plenty of reasons that
    have added up to making a wealth management
    career path as the most strived for a career
    option, today.

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  • India is witnessing a constant increase in wealth
    creationWith the digital era constantly
    expanding, awareness of wealth management and
    wealth management career path is also on a
    riseWealth managers are getting paid the
    highest. They get to sign lucrative pay packages
    with leading wealth management companiesMost of
    the wealth management companies are looking for
    promising candidates in the form of resources to
    hireThere is a constant emergence of successful
    wealth management firms in the countryHow to
    become a financial advisor? To take up a career
    as a financial advisor, an individual must have
    the appropriate education in the field for
    finance, accounting, and management. Candidates
    must have a bachelors degree in the field of
    finance. To be eligible, one can also take up the
    profession of a financial

  • advisor with specializations in the field of
    accounting and finance or financial
    management.To begin with, you can register for
    a financial certification program that is
    designed especially for candidates who wish to
    build their life as a financial advisor. AAFM
    India (American Academy of Financial Management)
    offers several certification courses for wealth
    management. Their Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM)
    Program is best suited for individuals who hold a
    Graduation degree in any stream. Having a
    graduation degree in related subjects (accounting
    and finance) will be a plus. You will have an
    edge over the others. Earning the CWM
    certification will open a variety of doors in
    wealth management. AAFM also offers an Associate
    Wealth Manager Program which can be your stepping
    stone to the CWM Program.

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