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Chandigarh University Distance Master of English (M.A. English) is an English Literature postgraduate degree course. It is a two-year postgraduate program that deals with the worldwide study of English in Literature and Language. Curriculum from Chandigarh University for M.A. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Chandigarh University distance M.A English
Chandigarh University distance M.A English
  • Chandigarh University Distance Master of English
    (M.A. English) is an English Literature
    postgraduate degree course. It is a two-year
    postgraduate program that deals with the
    worldwide study of English in Literature and
    Language. Curriculum from Chandigarh University
    for M.A. In distance learning, English equips
    students with analytical and critical thinking
    skills to create original insights into academic
    scholarly writing and debate. In English literary
    theory and approaches to composition and
    rhetoric, the program will encourage fundamental
    patterns and developments in literary principles
    through times, genres, and cultures.

About M.A English
  • One of the leading specializations in the Master
    of Arts program in English Literature. Many
    graduates choose to pursue an MA course in
    English Literature. The postgraduate level
    program is completed over two years. MA in
    English is an amalgamation of ancient and modern
    English literature that focuses primarily on four
    main areas poetry, prose, drama, and
  • The study of English Literature at the masters
    level is not limited only to the works of English
    authors but includes the works of authors from
    all over the world. The English MA allows
    students to delve into the vast ocean of
    literature from all over the world, including
    literature from America, Canada, Australia,
    Scotland, India, Poland, France, etc.

  • It is a single program of specialization. The
    student must choose one specialization out of the
    two specializations offered at the beginning of
    the program.
  • Specialization I Postcolonial Theory and
  • Specialization II- World Literature

  • A person with a Bachelors degree from a
    recognized university is eligible for admission.

Why Distance Education?
  • The need to learn ground-breaking business skills
    is gaining greater and greater significance. In
    the rapidly evolving world of globalization,
    technological innovation is constantly demanding
    agile jobs. This has enabled Distance Education
    Learning to become increasingly popular. This has
    changed the way education is provided and
  • Distance learning has been a common study choice
    for more than a decade or two. Among students who
    are continually looking forward to upgrading
    their abilities or those who want to continue
    their education without going to the traditional
    campus, it is extremely popular.

Benefits of Distance Education
  • You need to be extremely adaptable when you
    choose a profession for a lifetime. Also if you
    want to succeed in that field you need to learn
    new things to meet the expectations of the
    volatile industry. Distance Learning offers
    everything. Here are some of the most important
    reasons why pursuing distance learning is good
    for your career. This is based on the many
    reasons that make distance learning beneficial.
  • Learn at your own pace 
  • Develop relevant up-to-date skills 
  • Pursue job studies simultaneously 
  • Study whenever, wherever 
  • Age no bar 
  • Increased Chances of Promotion Higher

Fees Structure
  • The total fees for the odd semesters are
    INR 13700/-. The total fees for even semesters
    are INR 11200/-. The academic fees are INR
    7950/- for both semesters. Registration fees are
    required for only odd semesters. The registration
    fees are INR 2500/-. Exam fees are required for
    all semesters and are INR 2000/-. The SLM Hard
    copy Charges are optional. The price of it is
    INR 1250/-.

About Chandigarh University
  • Chandigarh University (CU), accredited by NAAC
    with the prestigious A Grade in the first cycle,
    is an institution committed to excellence in
    research, innovation, interdisciplinary
    education, and the active promotion of promising
    young talent. Chandigarh University is the best
    university in Punjab, India for distance
    education, which combines the experience of top
    industry leaders and renowned academics and
    promotes a worldwide approach.
  • Through an internationally recognized curriculum
    matching demanding industrial needs, CU was
    intended to provide inspirational and
    experiential learning. CU has emerged as the best
    university for distance education in Punjab,
    India, and the most preferred destination for the
    countrys students, renowned faculty, and
    recruiting companies.

Recognitions Approvals to Chandigarh University
  • The university has won various awards and
    recognitions, including the Fastest Growing
    Private Institution in Asia, the Excellent
    Engineering Institute, and the Limca Book of
    Records for inviting the most companies for
    campus placements in a single year. More than 250
    foreign universities and institutions from
    countries such as the United States, Canada, the
    United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Russia, South
    Korea, Spain, Thailand, etc. have signed MoUs.
  • Chandigarh University has been approved and
    recognized by major universities and commissions.
    They are
  • NAAC A Accredited University
  • University Grants Commission (UGC)
  • UGC DEB Approved Distance Open Learning Program

About the Institute of Distance Online Learning
  • Stepping out of the box, Chandigarh University is
    now entering the Distance Open Learning arena
    as the best Distance Education University in
    Punjab, India to provide education with the help
    of blended technology resources to learners who
    are remote in place and/or time from the teachers
    or the teaching institution due to economic,
    social and geographical considerations.
  • Chandigarh Universitys CU-IDOL, the best
    Distance Education University in Punjab, India,
    has an ambitious plan to meet the requirements of
    quality student-centered education for
    non-learning aspirants. We aim to build
    excellence in Distance Open Learning by
    offering the interface of technology, i.e. The
    Learning Management System ( LMS) will spread
    quality education at an affordable price between
    the institution and the learner, coupled with
    ease of learning across all sections of society.

About CU Learning Management System
  • (CU LMS) is designed to maintain at a click
    away your curriculum, virtual classrooms,
    interactive sessions, faculty, etc. CU LMS
    provides the learner with the flexibility to
    schedule their studies according to their
    learning requirements and offers the experts
    ample scope for e-content and delivery

Vision of CU
  • To be recognized as an elite center of distance
    and open learning through State of the Art ICT to
    provide quality education, enabling and
    empowering all sections of society to contribute
    to the nations development.

Mission of CU
  • The mission of Chandigarh University is
  • Providing state-of-the-art technology,
    infrastructure, renowned scholars, and an optimal
    atmosphere through Distance and Open Learning for
    knowledge transfer.
  • Build a curriculum consisting of creative,
    career-oriented courses at the same level as the
    best standard program curriculum.
  • Establishment of a unique transformative research
    center for modern pedagogical Computer-Based
    Teaching (CBT), development of multimedia
    content, development of video lectures, and
    evaluation of distance and open learning needs.
  • Engage students to equip them with the
    appropriate technical and life skills along with
    social awareness and a high sense of values and
    ethics through blended pedagogies.

Core Values of CU
  • The core values of Chandigarh University include
  • Humbleness
  • Modesty in achievement
  • Openness to understand
  • Dignity for Human Beings
  • Respecting the equitable care and inclusiveness
  • Respecting the Empathy-Empathy
  • Exhibiting knowledge of others
  • Exhibiting Solidarity of Action Exhibit
  • Giving Out
  • Contributing to culture, country family
  • Knowledge sharing to build a more enlightened
    purposeful society
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