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IroNext 200 ml (Ferrous Ascorbate with Methylcobalamin, Vitamins & minerals). IroNext Syrup 200 ml is an iron supplement to prevent anemia and also give nutrition to the body. Vitamin C improves iron absorption through the stomach. Powerful haematinic. Categories: Gynecology Care, Non-Chronic Medicines, Pharmaceutical, Vitamins and Minerals. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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supplement for kids can be tricky. There arent a
lot of regulations in the health and wellness
industry, including regulations around
supplements, vitamins and minerals. The fact is,
most supplements for kids and adults contain
man-made, synthetically isolated nutrients that
are hard for our bodies to digest and absorb. To
make matters worse, these natural vitamins and
supplements are made using harmful chemicals and
oftentimes contain natural flavours and
sweeteners which are just more chemicals. Then,
they add in some cheap binders and fillers and
slap an all natural label on the bottle and
sell it to you and your family. Many of these
nutritional supplements are made by the very
same pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies
that make medications and other pharmaceutical
products. So, theyre not really focused on
preventative health, as that wont make them
money in the long run!
  • Knowing this, youll want to follow our checklist
    for how you can find the safest and most
    effective supplements for your child and your
  • Find a supplement that is processed without the
    use of any chemicals. You will likely have to
    contact the company directly and ask them to
    confirm all of the compounds that are used in the
    production of their supplements, including
    tablets or capsules.
  • If they give you the names of any chemicals or
    anything that sounds like it might not be
    natural, this is not a good sign.
  • Ask them if the nutrients are extracted from
    whole foods, or if they are in their whole food
    states. This is an important one! Many companies
    will say that theyre plant-based or whole
    food derived. Because these phrases are not
    regulated by any governing body in Canada, anyone
    can basically make this claim.

  • If the company says We get our iron from leafy
    greens thats not good enough. They have to be
    able to say the only ingredients we use are
    whole foods, in their original state, we do not
    derive nutrients synthetically from food.
  • While they might sound similar, the first phrase
    is saying we give your body the whole food in
    its original whole food state while the second
    statement is saying we synthetically extract one
    single nutrient from a whole food and boost up
    the levels so we can put it into a pill, powder
    or tablet.
  • Look very carefully at the ingredients. If you
    see chemical names like ferrous gluconate or
    something called S. cerevisiae this likely means
    the supplement contains synthetically isolated
    ingredients and does not actually contain
    organic, whole foods.
  • Ferrous gluconate is a black dye used to colour
    olives. It contains 11 elemental iron which
    means its absorption ability is roughly
    11. When ingested is has the potential for the
    following side effects nausea, epigastric pain,
    vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, black stools,
    loss of appetite.

S. cerevisiae is the Latin name for a strain of
yeast that is often boosted with synthetically
isolated nutrients in very high amounts. The
yeast itself does not contain rich amounts of any
nutrient, so if you see S. cerevisiae or
yeast on the nutrition facts table or
supplement fact tables, its not a true whole
food supplement. Companies simply feed the
synthetic vitamins to the yeast as it grows. So
the nutrients are still synthetically
always important to consult with a health care
practitioner before introducing any new
supplements or even solid foods to your childs
diet. There are specific guidelines that
pediatric doctors and other practitioners will
follow, however, make sure to ask them about an
all food supplementation option to address your
childs iron deficiency.
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