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Skugal is a leading school management software product and services provider


Skugal is a leading school management software product and services provider skugal product like cloud-based software skugal erp, skugal teacher, driver, Virtual reality, Skugal parents, and more software. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Skugal is a leading school management software product and services provider

Skugal is a leading school management software
product and services
  • Skugal is a leading school management software
    product and services provider. Our software
    solutions are equipped with next-gen technologies
    and powered with Artificial Intelligence. Our
    cloud-based school ERP is a true pioneer helping
    schools and institutes with effective decisions
    making and accurate and quick processes with
    secure data storage. 
  •  By automation of entire school processes, Skugal
    assists everyone involved inthe academic process
    from administrators, teachers, students, support
    staff and. Skugal School ERP system is integrated
    with AI and VR next-gen tools to manage the
    School set-up smoothly, efficiently and
    cost-effective too. Skugal is revolutionizing the
    way schools are being managed with key
    transformation and transition in school
    management using smart, intelligent and
    easy-to-use technology solutions.

 Skugal ERP comes with core features like
iAttendance, iTracking, iProfiling, iManage,
iPayment, and iNotify. These features provide
complete class management, teacher management,
fee management, admission management, employee
and student management, transport tracking and
management to ensure complete engagement of
school management, staff and parents.  Skugal
Products  Skugal school management system has
the following products
Skugal ERP
  • Skugal ERP is an innovative and user-friendly
    School Management System
  • Skugal ERP is an innovative and user-friendly
    School Management System for managing a wide
    range of school activities and tasks. Skugal ERP
    is AI and VR enabled next-gen tools to make it a
    one-point solution for all school essentials and
    operations. This ERP provides a complete and
    unique range of services for all stakeholders.
    Skugal is an efficient and cost-effective school
    management ERP with a smart, intelligent and
    easy-to-use technology solution to manage
    schools. Powerful and feature-packed Skugal ERP
    takes care of a teacher, parent, fees,
    attendance, and driver management with real-time
    tracking of school activities. 
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Skugal implements complete automation in all
    segments of the school functions like management,
    teachers, student, transport, admission,
    examination, fees, etc. Skugal power-driven
    Artificial Intelligence technology used in
    iTracking, iNotify, iManage, iPayment,
    iAttendance, and iClass features. Iattendance is
    an example of one of the smart feature where a
    class teacher takes instant attendance of the
    class with a

  • single click of his smartphone which also help to
    recognize the emotions and mood of the students. 
  • Cloud-based storage with assured data security
    and safety
  • Skugal is a cloud-based School Management System
    that ensures complete data security and safety.
    All important data is stored safely on cloud
    storage which provides better integrity and
    accessibility of data. Data can be accessed with
    minimum resources through any device anywhere
    which makes it more reliable and safe.
  • Real-time notifications
  • Skugal provides secure access to real-time data
    using smart technologies for real-time bus and
    location tracking with iTracking and
    iNotifications. A combination of
    technology-driven automation and innovation makes
    it one of the finest school ERP.
  •  Automation for smarter decisions
  • Skugal is an interactive and centralized system
    that helps management to access, manage, and
    analyze data for well-informed decision-making.
    Skugal uses next-gen AI technology in different
    modules e.g. iAttendance, where a class teacher
    takes instant attendance of the class with a
    single click by the smartphone which also detects
    the mood of every student to help teachers
    understand the emotions of the students. 

  • More productivity for teachers
  • Skugal School Management System works as a
    productivity booster for teachers, parents, and
    school staff. It saves a lot of time and energy
    for teachers in their daily administrative tasks.
    Skugal enables the teacher to connect with
    students and parents within a click. It makes it
    very handy for teachers to share homework, school
    notices, class results, photos and videos with
    parents through Skugal apps. Skugal allows
    teachers to send and share feedback and custom
    remarks with parents along with student's results
    to analyze and improve the performance
  • Skugal Teacher
  • Teachers are the backbone of the education
  • Teachers are the backbone of the education
    system. Skugal teacher helps them to schedule and
    manage their activities more smartly.

  • Skugal teacher app comes with powerful features
    helping teachers in class management, assignment
    and test management, scheduling of events and
    activities, sharing exam results and direct
    communication with parents. This provides more
    quality time for teachers by automatizing their
    routine tasks.
  • Assign online tests for students even at home,
    for the continuous learning and evaluation.
  • With AI-enabled iAttendance feature, attendance
    taking task is just a matter of a click. 
  • Effective class scheduling and assignments
    delivery with iClass and iProfiling module.
  • Real-time notifications of tests, activities and
    school events with iNotify. 
  • Skugal Driver

The Skugal driver is a premier feature of Skugal
school management system
  • The Skugal driver is a premier feature of Skugal
    school management system which helps to handle
    the transportation system and taking care of the
    students safety with efficiency and ease. This
    is a cloud-based system enables to track Movement
    of students and live locations without the use of
    GPS devices. The innovative features are embedded
    to make life safe, smooth and stress-free for
    driver and students
  • Skugal driver helps the driver to automate the
    route scheduling and real-time tracking of the
    vehicle to ensure the students safety and making
    the driver task hassle-free. Skugal driver
    provide solution to many transport-related issues
    like managing drivers, vehicles, routes, pick-up
    and drop points, timing, number of students per
    vehicle, transportation for special visits or
    events, etc.
  •  AI-powered System to Manage Transport
  • Efficient route management to allocate buses on
    various routes in an efficient manner to make
    sure the even distribution of students with
    lesser travel time. 

  • Real-time location and vehicle tracking without
    using the GPS device. Students are not required
    to carry any digital device. The driver
    smartphone is used as a device for tracking the
    vehicle movement.
  • Ensure safe transportation as attendance is taken
    on just a click and AI-based face recognition
    technology to ensure that all students boarded
    the bus safely.
  • Parents are updated with student's movement on a
    real-time basis. With the Skugal driver, schools
    can ensure a safer transportation system for the
    students and make life stress free for parents.
  • Skugal Parents

Skugal parent provide a remarkable online
parent-school communication passage
  • Skugal parent provide a remarkable online
    parent-school communication passage. The next
    generation of education requires a collaborative
    and collective approach based on an intelligent
    and integrated digital relation between parents,
    teachers, educators, students, and
    administrators. Parents with busy lifestyles and
    schedules have less time to take care of their
    childrens academic activities and standing.
  • The continuous communication and engagement of
    parents with the School accelerate the students
    educational development.
  • Skugal Parents Management System provides
    real-time access with power-packed features to
    the information. Skugal parent is an effective
    platform of communication between schools and
    parents to manage their information online.
    Complete information is used to keep parents
    aware and informed about their childs
    attendance, academic reports, examination
    schedules, fees dues, holidays and events.

  • Skugal parents are supported by AI and virtual
    reality technologies to connect School, students,
    teachers, and parents. This provides a
    collaborative and collective approach between
    school and parents to empower constant parental
    engagement for the overall development of the
    students. Skugal parents keep the school and
    parents in a connecting loop all the time.
  • Easy management of parent information with their
    personal and contact details like name, address,
    and contact number. Information saved on Cloud
    can be accessed anytime to locate and get in
    touch with parents. 
  • Send instant notification to parents about school
    events, activities, fee reminders and other
    important communication.
  • Easy notification of Parent-teacher meetings
    (PTM), Test and exam information can be scheduled
    and broadcast to the parents.
  • Skugal technology-driven features ensure parental
    involvement in a childs overall development.
  • Skugal VR

Virtual reality is creating a simulated
  • Virtual reality is creating a simulated
    environment, presented in such a way that it
    gives the feel of the real world which can be
    applied in student learning and better visual
    understanding of the complex topics. VR training
    can change how instructive content is conveyed.
    It deals with creating a virtual environment and
    enable students to interact as well as associate
    with it.
  • Highly Innovative and interactive as compared to
    classroom studies.
  • Altogether a whole new experience of interactive
    rich learning.
  • Great help to understand complex subjects and
    topics interestingly and engagingly.
  • VR devices takes students to a new level of
    learning and grasping the concepts like fun.
    Virtual reality is a great help to understand the
    concepts of science, geography, mathematics,
  • Make learning fun and interesting.
  • Skugal software and Apps are specialized for
    Speed, Excellence and Intelligence streamlining
    the school management and education delivery and
    cut down the administrative costs. Skugal is a
    Complete package and multipurpose school
    management system that, every school dreams to
    have. Skugal School ERP can be used effectively
    via easy to use app features which make a
    difference in the life of students, teachers,
    parents and support staff.
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