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Common Mistakes to Avoid While Developing Mobile App


Here are mistakes to avoid while developing a mobile application. Before choosing an iOS/android app development company, you need to fix the budget, the complexity, the platforms and the domain of your app. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Common Mistakes to Avoid While Developing Mobile App

Mobile App Development Mistakes You Ought to Avoid
  • Democratizing the app development has given rise
    to amazing apps, loaded with amazing features.
    Many companies are hopping into mobile app
    development to create one for his or her own but
    the method isnt as simple as it seems. There are
    many complexities a successful app has, but many
    developers ditch these essentials. It's obvious
    for a corporation to be over-excited by the
    convenience of building a mobile app, then make
    tons of mistakes along the way.

  • For companies that are just experimenting with
    app development or for independent mobile app
    developers, it doesnt appear to be too big of a
    deal. except for companies that allot an
    important amount of budget to urge an app,
    mistakes while developing an app may result in
    severe consequences like the loss of cash or
    market opportunity.

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  • Check out the mistakes make while getting app
  • 1. Not knowing what user want
  • App Features
  • Services
  • User Expectations
  • 2. Incompetent technology utilization
  • Poor Back-End Infrastructure
  • Over-Complicating App Features
  • 3. Leaving Development up to wrong Developers
  • Developing from just Anyone
  • Put least efforts into maintenance
  • Doing everything on their own

  • 1. Not knowing what user want
  • Launching an app might look easy yet a profitable
    idea to you, but actually, tons is developing a
    successful app. When it involves mobile apps the
    principle of build it and that they will come
    doesnt apply.
  • If you would like your audience to download and
    use your app, you want to provide them with all
    the functionality that they're going to need
    within the app. you would like to understand what
    are the pain points of your target user base that
    your app can solve.

  • App Features
  • App features are the most important point of a
    mobile app. Features like personalized
    notification, reminders, and simple payment make
    the user journey flawless. Whilst undertaking
    custom mobile application development, companies
    got to include the foremost popular features that
    are in high demand...
  • Features that when were marketed as advanced
    features are now considered because of the basic
    features for apps. The expectation of users in
    terms of app features is evolving and
    corporations got to consider that out-of-date
    features are often catastrophic for mobile apps.

  • Services
  • People download apps for specific purposes. a
    number of these purposes are to talk with
    someone, shop online, track fitness, or make
    payments. Undoubtedly, the only purpose of the
    app is going to be to get revenue or bring
    business for your company, but you can't ditch
    the top users needs.
  • Before you roll out your app development process,
    you ought to reexamine your market niche and
    determine the pain points of your customers
    within your niche. you would like to form sure
    that your app relieves your customers from those
    pain points.

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  • User Expectations
  • This mistake is formed more often while planning
    and developing a mobile app. It's often forgotten
    that ever since mobile apps were introduced into
    the digital world, their capabilities have only
    been evolving. As a result, the users are wont to
    certain quality and standards for mobile apps.
  • Because of this, the user expectation becomes
    extremely high because the app stores are crammed
    with many mobile apps almost like yours, and
    therefore the user can switch to a different app
    at any given time.

  • 2. Incompetent technology utilization
  • Poor Back-End Infrastructure
  • You might have encountered some very terrible
    apps that crash every few seconds and are filled
    with glitches, such a lot so, that they dont
    seem to be getting anything done. These glitches
    can sometimes cause total non-functioning of
    certain features or maybe end in the app not
    starting in the least.

  • Over-Complicating App Features
  • Indeed, apps that lack necessary features arent
    alleged to impress users, but apps that have
    features that are over-complicated in functions
    also are less likely to retain users. Apps
    shouldnt be overloaded with features, it should
    be simple to work while having the required
  • Companies got to attempt to make their app stand
    out and be preferable over the competitors. And
    to try to do so, they often over-complicate the
    app by stuffing features in it,

  • 3. Leaving Development up to wrong Developers
  • Developing from just Anyone
  • As custom mobile app development is more common
    than ever, there are a high number of mobile app
    developers available within the market. More and
    more IT outsourcing companies are becoming into
    developing custom mobile apps which may be a
    great point for the businesses who want to create
    their app but dont have the technical expertise.

  • 3. Leaving Development up to wrong Developers
  • Put least efforts into maintenance
  • Yes, there are several challenges in building the
    app and putting it on app stores, but the
    foremost crucial challenge comes after the app is
    released. Many companies think that launching the
    app and getting positive reviews from the users
    is enough which once this is often done, they
    will shift their focus from the app to different
    aspects of their business.

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