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Jakarta Dedicated Server


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Title: Jakarta Dedicated Server

(/) Dedicated Server in Jakarta
ted ata Center Your Dedicated Server in
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Choose Dedicated Server f Server in Jakart Get
Lowest Latency Rate Whe Jakarta Customer Visit
Your We can provide Dedicated Server in our
Dedicated Server i
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ion Critical Application
arta Data Center. All conkgurations in this data
center are customized, which is why we kindly ask
you to kll the form below. One of our sales
will contact you within the same business day.
(tel0013234129457) es_at_hostingultraso.com)
Also, you can contact us at sales_at_hostingultraso.c
om (mailt
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Dedicated servers In Jakarta
Concept of Dedicated Servers
Dedicated servers are well-built servers with
enhanced mechanisms and technology that take care
of website speed and performance frequently. The
hardware resources, software tools everything is
dedicated and nothing
ost powerful and standard hosting plan of
shared at all. There is no share for IP address
as well. This is servers. Business and
Techno Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. The
largest city in Indon shopping cities all around
the world. Tourism and shopping c The business
culture revolves around tourism and shopping.
Jakarta. There is also an enhancement in
technology and ev
the m
lo esia a ente One
gy in Jakarta
nd renowned as one of the most popular
rs are the pillar of economic growth in the
city. of the largest shopping centers is found
in ing is so much up to date. (tel0013234129457)
most trusted service provider. Our dedicated
eryth be the
As a dedicated server provider, Hosting Ultraso
focuses to
servers in Jakarta are a technically sound and
smart performer. We have large data centers in
Asia and the dedicated servers are spread all
over the world more than 118 cities including
Jakarta. Why is a dedicated server needed in
Jakarta? Regardless of business size and
requirements. Our dedicated servers in Jakarta
providing the best web hosting solution. If there
is huge trafkc to your business website then it
is an indication that you need a dedicated server
for your business to sustain the current
performance and even experience higher business
growth. The dedicated servers in Jakarta that we
provide are having a huge set of hardware
resources and fully accessible by you and the
Cpanel with loaded software and tools provide
more efkciency and flexibility. The most
important thing is that everything you do not
need to share and fully customizable. Our
dedicated servers in Jakarta providing the lowest
latency rate with our assurance. The data centers
are well handling the balanced load in an
optimized way. The advanced security management
provides more trust and keeps your resources free
from attacks and with unshared IP address keeps
you safe from SEO issues. There is an expert
panel of technical persons and they are dedicated
to serving you all 24 hours a day. Different
Operating Systems we are providing in
Jakarta. CentOs A free platform compatible with
Red Hat Enterprise and it is one of popular Linux
distributions with a huge community. Ubuntu A
Linux distribution and compatible with Debian
that is open-source and free.
Debian It is known as Debian GNU also. It is one
of very popular Linux distribution that is free
and open-source. Fedora A Linux distribution and
powerful platform supported by the large Fedora
community. Free BSD A Unix based platform
originated from Berkeley Software Distribution
and it is also free. Windows Server All
Operating Systems provided by Windows Branded as
Windows server and no other products here
included except the OS.
a, se of some advanced business needs, we also
(chotntpksgu//rhaotisotninsg. Fuoltrruansmo.caonm
ag/ewdebseforrvmer/sc,oynotuact-form) e also
provide technical assistance for 24
Different Dedicated s We are providing. We
primarily provide the unmanaged dedicated servers
but provide the managed dedicated servers with
basic and adva have to manage the setting or
with the help of your IT team hours a day.
in ca nced and w
Our dedicated server o(tenl0f01i3g23u412r94a57t)
ion The dedicated servers in Jakarta come in a
variety of processing options with smart Intel
Core and Xeon processors. There are different
bandwidths as well and There are many types of
RAM conkgurations. The hard drives are HDD or
SSD based and comes in various conkgurations. We
are providing access to IPV4 and IPV6
addresses. You will be having full customization
support as per the business need of yours. An
extra IP is provided and there is no charge for
the setting of IP. We also provide the option for
the clustering of servers. What are the benefits
you get from us with our dedicated servers in
Jakarta? Dedicated servers in Jakarta are in
demand and we suggest pre-booking of servers.
There are some benekts to have our dedicated
servers that deknitely make you benekted in a
huge way. Option for Managed Dedicated Servers
In case your critical business needs, we also
provide the basic managed dedicated servers and
advanced dedicated servers too. Extra IP address
facility We provide a free IP address and IP
address is always unique that attached to every
active website and in a dedicated hosting plan
that is not shared. Bitcoin Payment option The
payment facility with Bitcoin is obtained from
us. Moneyback Guarantee We assure you that if
any dispute occurs we pay full money back. IPMI
Technology Intelligent Platform Monitoring
Interface or IPMI is a smart technology that
takes care of server health and we have this
option for our dedicated servers.
1 323 412 9457 (tel0013234129457) Give us a
Call sales_at_hostingultraso.com (mailtosales_at_hosti
ngultraso.com) Send us Message
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