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Blockchain app development_ Skywave Info Solutions


Skywave Info Solutions is one of the topmost web development and mobile development company and blockchain app development. Also having expertise in digital marketing and SEO services. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Blockchain app development_ Skywave Info Solutions

What is Blockchain ?
  • A blockchain is where information is stored
    across network of different computers which is
    distributed and decentralized network.

Blockchain things beyond bitcoin smart
  • Blocks are called pieces, which are stored on
    individual machines and group of transaction is
    stored in blocks
  • Block data is secured
  • Block chain thats open and available anywhere
    around the world
  • Connecting with a single peer to multiple
    industry networks easily

About Blockchain
  • Blockchain is a simple yet smart way of passing
    information from X to Y in a completely automated
    and safe manner. Transaction is initiated by one
    party and this process creating a block. This
    block is verified by thousands and millions of
    computers which is divided around the net. This
    verified block is added to a chain, which is
    stored across/over the net and creating not just
    a unique record, but also unique record with a
    unique history. Falsifying a single or unique
    record would mean falsifying the entire chain in
    millions of instances. That is practically
    impossible. Bitcoin uses this model for monetary

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  • Changing process from development to test to
    production in a single environment with
    simplified DevOps
  • Write down smart contracts in JavaScript, Java,
    and Go languages
  • Use maximum advanced Visual Studio (VS) Code
    extension for smooth integration between smart
    contract development and network management

  • All Network components manage in one place, no
    matter where they are deployed
  • No vendor lock-in maintain complete control of
    your identities, smart contracts and ledger
  •  Deploy only the blockchain parts you need
    (Service order, Peer, Certificate Authority)

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  • First Start small and then pay as your business
    grow for what you use no upfront investment and
    upgrade easily through Kubernetes
  • Connecting with a single peer to multiple
    industry networks easily
  • Connecting to run nodes in any environment
    (public, on-premises, hybrid clouds)

About us
  • We Skywave Info Solutions has been working in IT
    industry since 2017. We higher best web
    developers and designers to get a quick result.
    We provide web development such as PHP, dot net ,
    Word press, Full stack, Python and Java web
    development. We also develop Mobile application
    development including iOS app development,
    Android App Development, Blockchain application
    development Hybrid app development and Flutter
    App Development.

See it work
  • Taking guide tour of the leading open source
    blockchain for different business platform which
    is led by technical experts.
  • Its complete overview of everything needed to
    get started, including an in-depth look at VS
    Code Extension.

What is Blockchain good for?
6. File Storage
1. Smart contracts
7. Prediction markets
2. The sharing economy
8. Internet of Things (IoT)
3. Crowdfunding
9. Identity management
4. Governance
10. Data management
5. Supply chain auditing
  • Agent neutrality in signing deals
  • Automation in signing deals, time saving
    excludes human participation in transactions,
    everything is done by the prescribed program
  • safety data in the decentralized registry cannot
    be lost and cyber attacked
  • precision no mistakes can be made due to the
    absence of hand-filled forms

  • The consumers are quite suspicious because it is
    a new technology and they do not understand it
  • One can keep and save data in smart contracts
    safely and it is void of any distortions, only if
    the code is written perfectly and precisely.
    Humans can be tired or make clerical errors and
    thus the whole system is endangered.
  • The third party agents do not disappear but start
    playing a different role. The need for lawyers
    experienced in IT increases in the future because
    the programmers of smart contracts will need
    consultations for making new kinds of contracts

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