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Common ICO Marketing Blunders to Prevent


Though ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) have become infamous methods for cost-effective fundraising, improper communication and mistargeting advertisements affect the brand’s name. Let us have a more deep look into the marketing mistakes made by firms while interacting with their users. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Common ICO Marketing Blunders to Prevent

Common ICO Marketing Blunders to Prevent
Not Having a Proper Vision nor Any Concrete Idea
About the Product Future
  • The investor will definitely skip investing in an
    ICO if he is unclear about why they have launched
    their project on the blockchain network. 
  • It needs a convincing whitepaper to get a
    favourable decision from the investor. 
  • Lack of a proper roadmap for the product to be
    launched in the market will lead to ambiguity in
    the minds of the prospective investors. 
  • Their skepticism of investing in the project
    would ultimately lead to a point of no return.

Having a Poorly Designed Promotional Video
  • If the promotional video is shoddy, investors
    will lose the interest to participate and invest
    money in the project. 
  • There is a need to team up with a reliable
    marketing agency to create an effective and
    impactful video. 
  • The video should disclose the long-term vision of
    the project and give a clear picture of how the
    project will work. 
  • The investors should be instantly hooked by the
    content shared in the video and this would lead
    to positive results.

Not Possessing a Solid Team of Advisors
  • A reliable team needs to be hired by the firm for
    working in the ICO project. 
  • They must have relevant industry experience and
    understand the different applications of
    blockchain technology. 
  • Every firm must do a rigorous check of each team
    members background by following their respective
    social media profiles and asking them serious
  • Most of the ICOs fail miserably or turn out to
    be outright scams due to the evil intentions of
    bad and non-committed team members.

Non-Availability of a Rock-Solid Marketing Plan
  • Multiple channels of communication need to be
    activated simultaneously to reach the minds of
    the target audience. 
  • Investors queries and doubts need to be sorted
    out swiftly. 
  • If remarketing and retargeting tools are not
    adequately used, it ends up affecting the entire
    marketing campaign. 
  • Hence, engaging content needs to be shared
    regularly for optimizing the performance of each

Lack of Focus on the Value of the Token
  • Not having a solid token distribution strategy
    would prove to be a huge disaster for the firm. 
  • The token should be used for a multitude of
    activities such as purchasing a product,
    exercising voting rights, running the smart
    contracts, and connecting with other users. 
  • It requires an in-depth understanding of
    tokenomics and how it integrates with the firms
  • A certain number of tokens would be reserved for
    the founders of the project and the team members.

No Personal Cap for Investors
  • If investors do not have a limit set on their
    amounts, it indicates that the money can be used
  • This can lead to a market collapse for the token
    where a whale will influence the token by dumping
    it after satisfying his interests. 
  • Hence, the investors need to check if a proper
    investment structure (hard cap) is put in place
    by the firm undertaking the execution of an ICO. 
  • This is needed to prevent their money from being
    swindled off.

Other Factors That Affect the ICO Marketing
  • Not interacting frequently with the
    cryptocurrency community can leave them
  • Not having an in-built referral system would lead
    to problems in adding new users to the platform
    in the long run. 
  • Not handling crisis situations such as hacking
    and scamming effectively leads to a huge loss of
    reputation and affects investors confidence. 
  • Displaying sub-standard forms designed for
    registration and KYC verification would instantly
    put off the investor.

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