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Top 6 Benefits of Salesforce WordPress Integration


This article provides insights into the benefits of integrating Salesforce and WordPress and getting the best out of it. Read more to understand what all you can do with it... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 6 Benefits of Salesforce WordPress Integration

Top 6 Benefits of Salesforce WordPress
WordPress is used by every third website across
the world as a Content Management System. And
Salesforce is one of the leading customer
relationship management (CRM) platforms.
Combined, these two can drastically improve your
With Salesforces tools, you can store and
organize your company's leads and customer data.
However, this data could be even more valuable
when integrated with your
  • WordPress website. Below are the six useful ways
    to synchronize your Salesforce and WordPress
  • Easy User Management
  • To maintain a cohesive user data across your
    backend tools, it is necessary to sync them in
    real-time and the same goes for WordPress as
    well as Salesforce CRM. You can develop core
    WordPress functions, like site registration to
    create new leads in your Salesforce database.
    You can even sync fields between two
    applications so that your company departments
    can have access to the same data set.
  • With the help of Salesforce WordPress
    integration, you can keep your users account
    status sync. You can tag your leads as customers
    in Salesforce and then they automatically get
    updated with customer tags. In turn, you can
    provide customer only access to your website.
    Automated prospect to customer updates reduces
    your sales teams workload.
  • Form Submissions to Leads
  • Planning to convert your WordPress form
    submissions into leads any time soon? Then you
    will need to integrate your website with CRM
    which in this case is Salesforce.
  • WordPress hooks and filters allow you to send
    form data to Salesforce and track your forms
    performance in CRM. Once you know the forms
    which convert better will help in your crafting
    a more effective inbound marketing funnel.
  • Track logged in user data
  • Understanding and identifying the most valuable
    corners of your website becomes necessary if you
    want to provide better service than your
    competitors. To achieve that, you can track your
    logged in users and their actions and history by
    building a custom Salesforce Object. If you are
    hosting your WordPress site, then remember that
    tracking users at micro level requires a good
    deal of computing resources. Based on how and
    what your web hosting provider charges, it can
    turn into an expensive proposition. A better and
    cost-effective way would be to track customer
    activity through using different third party
    tools like opting for a Salesforce WordPress
    portal that offers this desirable integration.
  • Build a Product Catalog
  • There are multiple ways to import your product
    database in your Salesforce CRM. But, there are
    few ways to keep the data synced with an
    external eCommerce store. For this,
  • there are some solutions that work with different
    Salesforce setups. These solutions will require
    you to make customizations to your eCommerce
  • A custom integration solution will include a
    product catalog. It can even include a full
    eCommerce solution which records all stock
    quantities, and other sales data in your
    Salesforce database. This will save the
    previously purchased data in Salesforce. This in
    turn will help you to target customers for new
    products, promotions, or marketing campaigns.
  • Track on Campaign IDs
  • Integrating WordPress with Salesforce lets you
    associate users who register on your WordPress
    site with a sales campaign. You can add anyone
    who submits a specific form to a given
    Salesforce campaign ID. You can even target
    particular website activities you want to track.
  • E.g. using WordPress action, you can track the
    number of blog posts a user views in each
    product or service category. If they hit the
    specific metric, you can associate them with the
    campaign ID which corresponds to that category.
    With the number of custom actions, you can
    create and track various actions of your
    visitors. This will help you achieve specific
    marketing or sales goals and execute them
Having a Salesforce self service portal or
Salesforce partner portal and integrating it
with WordPress brings the best out of both the
worlds. It makes the task of your team easy and
helps you streamline your business operations.
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