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Bad Habits That Give You Belly Fat


You should avoid drink after meals in a few hours. This is a very bad habit and must be avoided if you are serious about your health especially while losing weight, then you should follow tips for fitness. Dr Chetna Khanchi is Best Dietitian in Malviya Nagar For Weight Loss. If you have any query, then you can call@ 9215710777. For More Information, then you can visit: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Bad Habits That Give You Belly Fat

DOs And DON'TS Eating Before After Meals To
Reduce Belly Fat
  • Reducing belly fat is one of the toughest
    personal goal to achieve. If you are having an
    excess of belly fat, then you must be finding
    ways to eliminate it irrespective of age sex and
    virtually rest everything. The best way to tackle
    belly fat is to maintain a proper diet and light
    exercise. In fact, you may be doing all, but
    still worried because you are not yet able to
    remove the belly fat. Then you must read this
    perfect piece of knowledge in the article
    prepared by Online Dietitian For Weight Loss in
    Greater Kailash where they fondly discuss the way
    of eating, and where people go wrong. Lets now
    look ahead at.

  • Habits to follow Pre-Meal To Do List

  • Prior to meal eat raw food
  • It is highly suggested to consume raw food such
    as fruit, seed, nuts before taking breakfast,
    whereas eating raw cucumber, tomato, carrot,
    beetroot as salads before lunch and dinner.
  • This habit helps you to limit the portion of the
    actual meal. Taking raw fruits and vegetables can
    lead to a healthy digestive tract. If your
    digestion is good then you will not have the
    problems of bloating, gas, and other
    stomach-related ailments.

  • Drink Water
  • Best Dietician For Weight Loss in Malviya
    Nagar says that a person trying to reduce belly
    fat should take a glass of water 30-60 mins prior
    to meals. Try to have normal or warm water, as
    they can wash away the harmful bacteria from the
    body. Drinking some amount of water can fill up
    your tummy and check you from overeating.

  • Habits to follow Post-Meal Don't Do List

  • Try not to drink water just after a meal.
  • The most common mistake people do post-meal is to
    drink a glass of water immediately as the taking
    food is over. This is a very bad habit and must
    be avoided, if you are serious about your health
    especially while losing weight, since, water just
    after a meal can interfere with the digestion
    process by diluting digestive juices.

  • Move Your Body A Bit
  • After having a meal, never rest, instead move
    your body a bit, participate in simple physical
    activities like a normal walking, or gentle body
    movement. Because movement aids in digestion and
    helps you consume your food completely. Best
    Dietitian in Malviya Nagar For Weight Loss says
    that you must do a light yoga post-meal, just sit
    in Vajrasana for 10 to 15 minutes. Because
    vajrasan is the best position of yoga which can
    help in reducing belly fat.

  • Dont crave too much for sugar
  • Most people have a habit to eat some sweetener
    just after a meal. This craving must stop if you
    crave for a slim tummy, instead of sweetening
    agents use sauf. 

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